21 Days to Make a Habit Stick


I admit that I get bored very easily. I can put down a book before I finish the first paragraph and start surfing the net and TV channels within seconds. So, I thought that making green juices everyday could possibly get boring and tiresome and that I’d very soon lose interest in it. I valued the health benefits of green juices, but I wasn’t sure if I would stick it out and continue making them over a long period of time.

Some experts state that it takes 21 days to form a habit. It sounded like a good timeline for me to test my use of the NutriBullet. It was an interesting machine and I was more than willing to give it a try. Since I wanted to make this work, I decided that I’d give the process a minimum of 21 days before I would even think of quitting. I just hoped that I wouldn’t get bored with it soon after the 21 days were up and move on to something else. I wanted to stick with it. I was tired of moving on to other things.

When I made my first NutriBlast, it was out of sheer curiosity; soon after I finished my first glass, I was hooked. The NutriBlasts were so full of flavor that I enjoyed drinking them and always looked forward to the next one. I soon discovered that I had more energy. As the days passed, I slept more soundly and woke up refreshed.

I was becoming more and more intrigued with my little culinary toy. It became my answer to a nutritious breakfast. Morning after morning, I entered the kitchen with positive expectations and exited with a delicious, nutritious NutriBlast smoothie.

Soon, I passed the 21 day mark and I didn’t miss a beat. I took my Blasting full steam ahead and didn’t seem to give boredom another thought. Those first 21 days were seven months ago, and it has been a fun experience.

-Delores McCarter

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