A Good Vegan


Since I began eating plant-based, people have asked me a lot of questions about my food, my budget, even my bowel movements (geesh!) and after one year of plant-based eating, I still answer this question almost weekly: “Are you still doing that eating thing?”


In the past year, I’ve lost 30 pounds as much to the amazement of friends as myself. Sometimes I think it’s funny that my physical appearance speaks for itself, but I doubt anyone would even want to discuss veganism if I hadn’t lost weight. My friends are interested for that one simple reason: weight loss.

I publicly declared with a New Year’s resolution that the decision to stop eating meat, dairy, oil and sugar was based on my dangerous cholesterol levels, my skin, my incredibly low “good” cholesterol levels and my low blood pressure. If bettering my health isn’t interesting, my waistline is.

I am not on a diet, I’m just healthier. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want to, and I’m happy. Friends think it’s some weird lifestyle, but it’s not; it’s easy with the right tools and fierce determination.

Those early months were challenging; grocery shopping was tedious until I learned tips and tricks for making healthy choices at home and while I was out, but I worried about getting the right combination of foods, if only to avoid the dreaded questions, “Are you getting enough iron? Protein? Calcium? Essential amino acids?”

I wanted to ask, “Are you?” but I didn’t, I just smiled.

Then I started a new job and co-workers quickly figured out that I ate differently and I learned that being a food ambassador is an interesting, yet time consuming, part of this lifestyle. I love giving advice that can help people eat their way out of a health issue, but I was explaining more than I was eating.

Enter the NutriBullet! After getting a NutriBullet, my answers shortened to, “I get more vegetables and fruit in my morning drink than you probably get all day!”

My co-workers and friends were intrigued and along with describing most of my lunch contents, I now share with them what’s in my morning Blast. I’m converting people almost every day.


Fill your fridge with lots of kale, spinach, bananas, any fruit imaginable fresh and frozen, alternative milks and fun things like ginger, cocoa powder, spirulina tablets, hemp/chia/flax seeds and then just chuck a good assortment in your NutriBullet each morning, bring it to work, and share with a friend. Friendship gets better and with each Blast you share, you’ll slowly convert your Morning Blast Buddy into a “Let’s have a healthy lunch” buddy, to one less person who will ask if you’re “still doing that eating thing.”

“A good vegan is like a good mother; she has infinite patience, answers a lot of questions and always has a snack in her purse.”

Quoted to me during my first week of plant based eating.

-Suzanne Hetrick