A Lighter NutriBlaster


I’ve wanted to write this article for a long time now.

After many years of struggling to lose weight, I have finally lost my first twenty pounds. For a while now, people have asked me for “the secret” to losing weight. I have learned a few things along the way, but I’m certainly no expert!

The key for me is that there’s no secret; but there are some basic fundamentals to losing weight. These are the same bits of advice that have been given over and over again: eat right and exercise. While this advice rings true, it’s also vague. The diet industry has become so complicated and confusing that it’s frustrating, and no matter what you do, you eventually return to your bad eating habits.

Despite all the experts and diet books out there, I had to learn how to eat for me and nobody else. It was not just about eating tasty food or satisfying hunger. It was about fueling my body.

Today, I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, I’ll start with my delicious NutriBlast and for lunch, I’ll have a delicious salad or meat with vegetables. For dinner, I usually have another NutriBlast.


Not long ago, carbohydrates were my favorite things to snack on. Carbs were placed on an elevated pedestal in the culinary mantle at my house. But I finally realized that eating so much rice, pasta, potatoes, and all types of junk food on a daily basis just was not working for me. I was getting bigger and bigger.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t hate carbs. Now, I just choose to eat them differently. I save my favorite carbs for special days, like pancakes during a weekend brunch. The increase of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats in my daily diet has helped me stay fuller longer and stick with a good eating plan.

I have also increased my level of activity. My exercise routines have changed from a blah, lame workout where I watched the clock until my thirty minutes were up to something much more intense and captivating than that. I enjoy giving it my all and working up a sweat.

I still have more weight to lose and more things to accomplish, but now I feel encouraged and I know that I have what it takes to get lean and fit.

-Delores McCarter