A Natural Source of Energy


Sometimes, I like to set my produce on the kitchen counter and look at it for a minute before I make my NutriBlast, especially when everything is beautiful and at its peak of freshness!

Honestly, I’m amazed I’m still into this. Years ago, I was one of the folks who frowned at the idea of blending fruits and vegetables together into a drink. I tried juicing and I didn’t like it. I just assumed NutriBlasting was the same until I found out for myself.

When I decided to purchase a NutriBullet, I was pretty skeptical about the idea, but I was trying to be open to natural ways of getting more nutrition. What could be more natural than consuming fresh fruits and vegetables? I was skeptical until I had my very first NutriBlast. As I blended it, I thought to myself, can I really do this? I took the first sip and thought, “Heck yeah!” That was the start of my journey and it has only gotten more interesting.

My morning NutriBlast is a great way to start my day off right. I’m usually running from the moment my feet hit the floor and the last thing I need is an upset stomach from something that I shouldn’t have eaten in the first place. I’ve learned the hard way that a bum tummy can shut down my personal production, but with good clean eating, my body is running at peak efficiency.

My work days are very unpredictable and when I walk out the door, I’m not sure what I’ll be faced with, but with a NutriBlast in my hand, I’m confident that I can handle anything that comes my way.

I have even reduced my daily coffee intake because my NutriBlast has become a great source of energy.

-Delores McCarter

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