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This contest is now closed! Thanks to everyone who posted a testimonial; We’re so glad you’re on your way to better health!


Calling all NutriBullet users!

Have you noticed extraordinary changes in your health? Whether you’ve had an impressive drop in your cholesterol levels, a significant weight loss number, or are sleeping better than you have in years, we want to hear your story!

We’re compiling an all new NutriBullet recipe book that will include particularly outstanding user testimonials, along with each person’s go-to NutriBlast recipe; share yours and you could be one of the chosen few who are featured in our book!

If you’re chosen to be featured in the recipe book, you’ll receive an additional NutriBullet system and an amazing NutriBullet goodie pack that includes a NutriBullet To Go Bag, a month’s supply of NutriLiving Superfood Superboost, Team NutriBullet marathon swag and more!

So what do you have to do? Share your story in the comments section below before April 26, 2013, and if you’re chosen, you’ll receive an email from us with further instructions!

Happy Blasting!

-NutriBullet Team

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