Becoming Bikini-Ready by October!


Whatever is on sale this week, that’s the name of my favourite recipe!

What I love is you don’t really need a recipe, you can just go to the store and buy whatever fruits and veggies are on sale and throw them in the NutriBullet. Have fun with it! The important part is all the good stuff that comes with drinking them.

After a horrible car accident in 2007, and then another one in 2010, I lost the ability to workout, garden, shovel the snow, etc. I look normal, but if I try to do any of these things, I pay for it with very painful migraines, sometimes lasting for weeks. I’ve always prided myself on being able to stay in shape, but since the second accident I’ve gained 30 pounds. Since I started making my NutriBullet Blasts, I’ve successfully lost a pound a week. I plan to be bikini-ready by October, just in time to celebrate my 50th birthday!

Thanks, NutriBullet, for helping me reach this goal!

-Sian M.

sian m