Beets – A Sweet Treat!


I admit: for years, I had a love-hate relationship with beets. I liked them in a tossed salad, but beyond that, I didn’t eat them much. I tried them in my Blasts a few times and they were hard to drink. Very hard.

I didn’t see why people raved about those weird looking things. They tasted way too earthy for me; eating them felt like I was eating dirt. However, I was curious enough to try and figure this thing out. Too many people loved beets for me to hate the taste so much. I was willing to give those purple bulbs another try.

Then, a fellow NutriBlaster gave me a tremendous tip about beets: wash them very well, cut them into chunks and freeze them. Then, I’d add a few chunks into my Blast and extract. Once I did that, it changed my view on beets forever.

I don’t fully understand the science behind the change in the taste of beet as they go from fresh to frozen; all I know is that they went from nearly inedible to delicious. No longer did I need to chase them down with a cup of blueberries or a bunch of raw honey. I’ve made many NutriBlasts now with those sweet beets, which also help give me energy, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Beets rock!

-Delores McCarter