Don’t think you can afford to eat healthy? You might be missing out on some major savings! Take a look at this infographic and see if you can get in a few more healthy habits easily and cheaply.


So many things affect heart health, but nothing is better for your heart than good food, consistent exercise, and clear lungs!

Stay healthy this year by being good to your body. Feed yourself hole, fresh, organic food, and get moving! Even 15 minutes of vigorous exercise a day can add years to your life.

Take a look at the facts below, and let us know, what are you doing to keep your heart healthy?


It’s cold and flu season! Instead of the cough and sniffles this winter season, bump up your fruit and veggie intake to strengthen your immune system and avoid sickness altogether.

Here are some lifestyle and diet practices you should start right away if you’re worried about cold season.

*Note: Vitamins are great to take when you lack a specific one, but avoid multivitamins – you can get all the multi-vitamin goodness you need from natural, whole food sources.


Team NutriBullet training has begun and we’re counting down the days to this year’s LA Marathon. As our team trains, slowly increasing their mileage and learning about the right nutrition to help fuel their┬ábodies, we want to share a little bit of that knowledge with you!

Thanks to Visually for outlining the most important marathon training basics in this neat and informative infographic.

Don’t think you can do it? Read Wally Bishop’s story and learn how to start turning your health around.

Remember, you can always start small. Train for a 5k and work your way up!