Team NutriBullet training has begun and we’re counting down the days to this year’s LA Marathon. As our team trains, slowly increasing their mileage and learning about the right nutrition to help fuel theirĀ bodies, we want to share a little bit of that knowledge with you!

Thanks to Visually for outlining the most important marathon training basics in this neat and informative infographic.

Don’t think you can do it? Read Wally Bishop’s story and learn how to start turning your health around.

Remember, you can always start small. Train for a 5k and work your way up!


Apple picking season is just about ending, but there are still tons of apples and apple varieties at your local grocer!

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and that’s because the health benefits of apples are pretty astounding! The fiber they containĀ is vital in preventing cholesterol reabsorption. They’re also helpful in fighting heart disease, weight gain, and high cholesterol.

Become an apple expert by learning all about the different kinds and start experimenting with their flavors in a home-baked apple pie or apple Blast – to prepare, simply rinse, slice in half, and remove the core, seeds, and stem.

Thanks to Fix for this great infographic!



Superfoods are good for your body, inside and out! With lots of nutrients, but not a lot of calories, they pack a big punch into little bites – and that’s why we love them!

Take a look at the extraordinary goodness found within some of our favorite superfoods and tell us, what superfoods do you love Blasting with?

ultimate guide to superfoods

Want to know what to look for when you’re buying fresh produce? This awesome chart by Mind Body Green shows you all the tricks of the trade, and even lets you know what you should avoid so you don’t end up with spoiled greens.

What’s your favorite grocery store find?




Take a Stand

The Effects of Sitting at Work

How much of your workday is spent sitting down? For the average American, over 9 hours are spent sitting down, wreaking havoc on your lower back, your weight, your heart health, and a number of other health factors that are directly related to mortality rates.

Take a stand and make a change! Include five-minute long standing breaks every hour for more energy and a more focused mind.