High blood pressure, or hypertension, is not only a chronic condition, but can be a risk factor for stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and much, much more. Take charge of your health by eating better and reducing your chances of developing hypertension.


Have you gone nuts, yet? Nuts are an excellent boost to any NutriBlast and contain more vitamins and minerals than you probably thought. Not convinced? Check out this infographic with all the info you need on some of the world’s most popular seeds.

guide to nuts1 guide to nuts2


Fructose Overload

High fructose corn syrup is in just about every fruit drink on supermarket shelves – so if you’re trying to cut sugar from your diet, be sure to read your food labels! It’s in breakfast cereals, breads, drinks, you name it. If you really want to avoid HFCS, try a Blast instead! All natural vegetable and fruit goodness, without the processed junk.


You’ve probably had quinoa on its own or in salad, but did you know it’s great in your NutriBlasts, too? It’s got a myriad of health benefits, so start adding a little cooked quinoa to your Blasts and see if you notice a difference. It goes great with banana, almonds, and a little cacao.


Real, natural and unprocessed food is a lot harder to find than you think! This isn’t meant to turn every single person into a raw vegetarian foodie, but it is meant to help you think a little about the food you consume before you consume it. When you can, opt for foods that are free of chemical treatments, genetic modifications, or other forms of heavy processing. The more natural, the better! Think about it: the food that can’t go bad is likely more harmful to your body than the food that can go bad. (Twinkies? How about a juicy orange instead?)

Infographic-Real-Food-ecomom1(Click on the image to enlarge.)