A global food industry is bound to have some waste, but how much of this waste is preventable? From farm to table, produce gets wasted in shocking amounts. Do your part by ensuring you don’t waste any of the produce you buy (NutriBlast, anyone?). Thanks to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for these fascinating infographics.


It’s no secret that the food industry has some, well, hidden secrets. And while we may never know all the ins and outs of one of the biggest industries in our nation, there is something you can do about it – take your health into your own hands! Drink to your health with your NutriBullet! And as you drink your NutriBlast, take a look at our latest infographic from takepart.com/food and learn some shocking facts about the food you eat.

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Local vs. Fair Trade

What’s the difference between buying local and fair trade? If you’re conscientious about what you eat, going local or fair trade is already better than buying conventional. Here’s a handy guide that’ll help explain the difference.

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Coffee vs. Tea

Which do you drink?

If you drink coffee or tea, chances are you do it for the caffeine boost. There are other amazing energy boosting ingredients (that you can, of course, add to your NutriBlast), but here’s a little info on some of your morning’s favorite drinks. So tell us, do you drink coffee, tea, or do you NutriBlast instead?


Want to Live Longer?

Eat these seven superfoods everyday – easy to do extracted in your NutriBullet – everyday and live longer.