If you’ve ever chastised yourself for not being able to say no to an extra cookie or sugar-ladden dessert, don’t feel too down; you’re not alone. Refined sugar is addictive and weaning yourself off of deadly sweets takes a lot of work. Have a look at these insane sugar stats and let us know what you’re doing to get off the stuff.


Time for Tea!

You can add a number of drinks as the base of your NutriBlast, but have you ever tried tea? With so many different tea varieties, the taste combinations are endless (as are the health benefits!)

Click to enlarge this image and learn about just some of the amazingness you can get out of a cup of tea.

It’s Fall, despite it feeling like Winter in some places, and that means new Fall Superfoods! Pomegranates are delicious right now, and there are a few other goodies that are especially nutritious this time of season. Here’s a handy guide to Fall Superfoods.

Kale vs. Spinach

Are you on Team Spinach or Team Kale?

Happy Halloween! We hope you’re dressed up and ready for this ghoulish holiday! A holiday celebrated with …tons of candy, sugar, and processed goods? Well, we hope you celebrate, but celebrate it a little differently with healthy (and candy-free!) options. Here are some interesting figures, facts, and fun tidbits about this sometimes too-sweet holiday.

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