SuperFood Berries

Berries keep us looking young, help us fight against free radicals, and improve blood circulation, among a myriad of other health benefits. Take a look at this infographic for some of our favorite berries and the health benefits they unleash!


Get Nuts!

Almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, they all make wonderful NutriBlast additions, but here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about some of your favorite nuts.

Great on their own, as a dip, as a topping, or extracted in a NutriBlast, avocados are an awesome source of protein and healthy fats. Next time you’re looking for a creamy alternative to a banana in your NutriBlast, try an avocado!


The Power of Goji

As goji week comes to a close, we’d like to remind you one last time of all the amazing healthful benefits of the goji berry. Whether you need a beauty vitality boost or a boost to your immune system, this little berry can do it all.

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Benefits of Cacao

We’ve said it, David Wolfe‘s said it, if you don’t believe that chocolate can be good for you, well, we just don’t know how else to tell you. We’ll try one last time with this infographic, which outlines some of the numerous benefits of cacao – chocolate in its raw form.

Don’t know where to get this amazing superfood? We’ve got you covered. We now sell cacao nibs, along with other amazing superfoods. And be sure to look at the delicious recipe at the bottom of this graphic; it calls for organic cacao powder, but our premium, organic cacao nibs are an equally delicious replacement.

Happy Blasting!