We’re all about plant-based, whole foods diets here at NutriBullet, but sometimes people need a little fat and oil!

…the healthy kind, that is! We know that not everyone wants or needs to sustain a completely vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, so here’s a little infographic that will help those of you you make smarter decisions when it comes to which fats and oils to cook with and consume.

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These 14 vegetables are packed with all sorts of nutrients that your body needs: fiber, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, you name it! Incorporate them into your diet today and don’t forget to check back in with this infographic to pinpoint the sources of goodness you’re putting into your body.

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In one corner, we have Apples. America’s favorite. Nutritious and delicious. Coyingly sweet and great for on-the-go.

In the other corner, we have Oranges. Messy and thick-skinned. No one likes Orange pie, if it even exists. And it shouldn’t.

Who’ll win? We’ll let this infographic of the week decide…

…or maybe not! There’s clearly a winner in the eyes of the infographic, but here at NutriBullet, we love all fruits (and veggies!) equally! So tell us, who do you think wins this showdown? Apples or oranges?

Obesity? Contagious? Well, not in the traditional sense, but turns out our eating habits are. We’re more likely to eat what our friends and family eat, so if they eat poorly we’re more likely to eat poorly, too. Makes sense when you consider how much time we spend with loved ones. Take a look at this infographic and then take a good look at your eating habits. Are you eating like those around you?

We’re all a pretty good judge of how healthy (or unhealthy) some food is, but when it comes to what’s on our own plates, we’re not so savvy.
This infographic gives us an idea of just how bad we are at it. Take a look at the numbers… What do you think?