Herbs that Heal

There are tons of medications out there for everything from achy joints to depression, but there are also a ton of herbs that help in the prevention of these same conditions. Check out the graphic below and eat to your health!


The organic industry has grown tremendously in recent years, and with good reason. Check out some of these staggering statistics on the benefits of going organic. Have you made the change yet?


Soda’s a hard habit to break, but when you stop to think about all the negative health impacts soda has on your body, you might think again before taking another sip.

Take a look at the info in this week’s infographic: A Sip of Soda.



Did you know the oldest person in the world was born in 1896? Did you know a glass of wine a day may help keep the doctor away?

Check out this fun infographic and learn a little more about some of the healthiest people (and healthiest habits) in the world.