When you Blast, which do you prefer: chia or flax seeds? Both seeds are packed with loads of nutrition and good-for-you fats, but when it comes to reigning a champ, which seeds beats out the rest?

Take a look at this infographic and let us know, which do you use more often?


We always say, it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb! Your body should be absorbing the best vitamins and nutrients food has to offer – and we’re here to help! With the NutriBullet, you can rest assured your body is easily absorbing all the essential goodness it needs to be healthy, happy, and strong.

So read up a little on the anatomy of your digestive system and on some of the best foods to eat and avoid in order to maximize your body’s absorption.

Happy Blasting!


The NutriBullet is not a juicer, it’s a nutrition extractor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh juice, too! This amazing infographic from CrazySexy’s Kris Carr shows you how to make the perfect green juice, which you can enjoy as is, use as the base of your NutriBlast, or use as an outline to make your very own CrazySexy Green Blast. Now, that’s sexy!


Maca has been around for centuries, but has only recently become popular thanks, in part, to the superfoods and whole foods movement. It has some incredible health benefits and if you haven’t tried adding a bit to your Blast, you’re missing out! It’s even got a delicious nutty flavor that will make glad it’s actually good for you.



Shelf Life of Food

We often get questions about how long food can last before going bad – it’s actually necessary information for us Blasters; we have to know how much food to buy and when without it quickly going bad! Luckily, we found this helpful graphic that can help you plan out your grocery trips more efficiently.

Happy Blasting!

shelf life of food