Swap This for That!

Becoming healthier doesn’t have to be a pain! Here are some healthy – and tasty! – alternatives to some of the most common arbiters of the Standard American Diet. What other swaps have you tried?



Goitrogenic Foods

We get a lot of questions from people with hypothyroidism about the foods they can and can’t eat. It’s important to ask your doctor about which foods specifically increase uncomfortable symptoms, but here are good general rules to abide by if goitrogenic foods are a problem for you.

Goitrogenic foods

If you’re worried about consuming produce cultivated with the use of pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, or other unnatural substances, be sure to go organic! Remain aware of what you put into your body by reading the labels on the food you buy – and by learning the difference between what those labels mean!


Superfoods are incredibly nutritious for our bodies, but do you know which reap the best benefits? This infographic lays it all out, along with telling you which superfoods are best for heart health, weight loss, energy, immune function, and more.

top 10 Superfoods

Have you ever had kefir? This fermented milk product uses milk grains and microflora to create an insanely healthy drink perfect on its own or in a tasty Blast. Not into dairy? You can always use coconut milk, rice milk, or soy milk to make kefir, reaping all of the positive health benefits and none of the bad.