How the NutriBullet helped with NAFLD



The first doctor I talked to about weight loss recommended I join a popular weight loss program. I lost. I gained. I lost. I gained. The second doctor I talked to told me to write everything down. I did—for a week. The third doctor I talked to shrugged her shoulders and told me I wasn’t seriously overweight, despite my 33 BMI. Finally, the fourth doctor I talked to sent me to a nutritionist, who gave me two pieces of advice: stop drinking diet soda, and eat more vegetables.

That fourth doctor had also uncovered the source of some of my other issues. Blood tests revealed that I had early non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition in which fat deposits build up in the liver. It’s not inherently dangerous, but can be a precursor to more advanced liver disease and diabetes.

After talking to a couple of friends who recommended I try green smoothies to address both the soda craving and the veggie issues, I first tried some powdered smoothie mixes that looked and smelled promising, but tasted awful. Then I found a couple of commercial fresh smoothie lines that were OK enough to make me realize it might be a good fit for me, but I found those too tart due to their overreliance on citrus-y fruit, which I don’t much like. I thought, ok, I’ll start making my own; but the blenders my smoothie advocate friends recommended cost on the order of $400-$500, way more than I wanted to pay out for something I just wanted to try.

So once again, I’d been presented with a solution only to find too many barriers between success and me. Enter Nutribullet. I’d never seen one of their infomercials, and only had passing familiarity with the brand. I was wandering down the blender aisle in Target, and it caught my eye. I bought it on impulse, but it sat in my utility room, still in the box, for a week while I debated whether I even wanted to try this.

But I had found that quitting my diet soda habit was in many respects, harder than quitting smoking.  In an absolute fit of wanting something sweet to drink, I unpacked the Nutribullet and pulled out some strawberries I’d frozen.  Then I thought back to the concept of Nutriblasts I’d discovered when doing Internet research on the Nutribullet, and got out some baby spinach. “Here goes nothing,” I thought, as I tossed in a few grapes and blueberries and a dollop of yogurt and set the mixture awhirl in the Nutribullet.

Since that day almost three weeks ago, I’ve dropped about 10 pounds and noticed a marked improvement in my complexion. In a second round of blood tests, my liver enzyme levels had improved. I have not had a single soda, consumed more fruits and vegetables in a week than I usually do in a month and started researching how to incorporate more raw food techniques into my diet overall. I can’t wait to see what else I can make, and my whole family is getting on board.  Thanks, Nutribullet!

-Helen M.

My work hours are very long and often can extend to 20 hours per day. My stress level is high. I belong to a great gym here in Chicago, but my food intake was very arbitrary and my sleep and exercise regiment pretty uneven.

Fari H. bought a NutriBullet and it helped clear his head and his Psoriasis symptoms.

Bottom line:  I got severe psoriasis on my elbows and back.

I went through fairly extensive prescriptions: shampoos that cost over $400 per bottle, cream that cost $180 per tube, tanning salon treatments, and so on. Then I tried oriental medicine prescriptions: Himalayan Salt baths, special multi-vitamins, foot ion detox baths, and so on and so on.

Then about six weeks ago, I saw the NutriBullet on CNBC during a weekend – I bought it instantly.

Since then, my energy is up, my skin is clearing, and my head is SUPER CLEAR. No more morning headaches. And now I sleep like a baby, no matter how much trading I do.

By the way, I have bought 6 NutriBullets as gifts for friends and family. I think most likely I’ll need another dozen.

-Fari H.

The NutriBullet and Crohn's Disease

The NutriBullet has made such a huge difference in my life after only using it for two weeks. I have Crohn’s disease and have not been able to eat fruits, nuts and vegetables the “normal” way for more than 20 years.

After discovering the NutriBullet, Janine feels better than she has in years.

When I am having a stricture – inflammation of the inside walls of the intestines – I normally go down to liquids and very, very soft foods. I have had surgery that removed part of my intestines so I am unable to digest many foods and multivitamins. My nutrition, needless to say, has been terrible… until I found the NutriBullet. On a painful day when I cannot eat solids, I normally would only be able to eat chicken broth with some scrambled eggs swirled in, some juices, and water. Now I can juice vegetables and fruits that I truly haven’t eaten in almost 20 years because I was unable to digest them and also because of the pain they caused – especially anything raw. I can’t tell you how this machine has changed my life. I have “anti-inflammatory” smoothie recipes and have been making them in the NutriBullet and have really been feeling much better than I was and am truly grateful I have found it!

I am feeling so much better physically and I’m relieved to know that I am now getting the nutrition I have been unable to get for years. I have encouraged others who suffer from Crohn’s disease to try this fabulous machine to help in getting the nutrition we so desperately need. Thank you so much for improving the way I feel and making me able to get the nutrition I need, but was unable to get for so many years!


-Janine F.