Food is fascinating. I love the art of preparing and eating good food, something I’ve recently embraced as a new hobby.

One of the great benefits of cooking is feeling the connection I have with my parents and grandparents. I was raised by my grandmother and my parents and each had a different cooking style. They are no longer living, but I still have those memorable moments and think about them often while I cook.

One of my favorite memories is being in the kitchen watching my dad prepare a large batch of macaroni and cheese. My dad was a master when it came to making mac ‘n cheese! It was beautiful, flavorful, and filled with love. It was my ultimate comfort food. I remember standing beside him; sometimes, he’d let me help him. I have a similar delicious memory of him making banana pudding.

I hold on to another unforgettable memory, the time a family friend offered to make us a fried turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. My dad usually cooked the Thanksgiving Day turkey and since this was our first Thanksgiving without him, it was a nice gesture. The house was somber without my dad and everything seemed to break or just go wrong, leading right up to Thanksgiving Day.

When our friend pulled the turkey out of the bag, I doubled over with laughter. The turkey was beyond burned! This turkey was charcoal black and burnt to a crisp! The only things holding the ashes together were the bones. My mom was stunned and totally in shock, saying over and over again, “You murdered that bird!”

Thanks to a well-stocked freezer, we were able to put something else together in time for dinner before the rest of the family arrived. That incident gave us a much-needed laugh during a rough time.

Just before purchasing the NutriBullet, I remember trying to make a smoothie with my Magic Bullet. I had made them several times before, so I knew what to do, but this time, something was in the air and it all went wrong! The next thing I knew, chunks of peanut butter went flying across the kitchen, on the counter, kitchen cabinets, fridge, and floor. It was such a mess, I couldn’t believe it!

Needless to say, lots of memories are made in the kitchen – good and bad! Through it all, I’m glad to have these and hold on to them and treasure them dearly. Now, with one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, I continue to make memories and invite you to do the same.

What are some of your favorite kitchen memories?

-Delores McCarter

nutribullet main

Recently, my hair stylist was having a moment. It was well after 12 o’clock noon and she walked over to me after my dryer cut off and asked if it was ok for her to get something to eat. That was fine with me, but it was strange that she even asked. She usually ate something while I was sitting underneath the dryer, but this time, she had other clients and later confessed that she had waited too long to eat.

It was no surprise, she didn’t have a NutriBlast that morning; instead, she had a biscuit and a cup of coffee. That was many hours before my appointment. She was a NutriBlaster, so she knew the importance of drinking her NutriBlasts, especially in her busy line of work, and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to remind her.

I gently scolded her about the biscuit and coffee she had many hours before and told her that the food she ate was not giving her enough nutrients to get through a hectic day, especially after describing how she actually felt. Feeding your body the right nutrition is important and starting off with a delicious, filling NutriBlast is easy to do. She explained that whenever she had her Blast, she could go a long time without lunch. Unfortunately, without drinking a filling NutriBlast that day, she found out that she couldn’t continue to push back her lunch hour, at least not without feeling faint and having to fight off a headache.

My hair stylist and I are more than just client and stylist. We are also friends and communicate on a personal level. She knows that I care about her wellbeing as a friend. Now, I text message her before I head to work to make sure she has had her daily NutriBlast. If she happens to forget it, I make an extra one and take it to her before heading to work.

I know how it feels to miss my NutriBlasts and it can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. As her busy salon gears up for the next few months with the wedding-prom-graduation season fast approaching, she has to stay on top of her game! We already worry about the brides and grooms fainting, we don’t need to worry about the hair stylist feeling weak, too!

I think she learned her lesson, but I’ll still be nearby enough to make sure she is having her power breakfast every day!

-Delores McCarter


I am getting a NutriBullet Rx soon and I am beyond excited about it! I have been making up soup recipes for about a year now and I will absolutely make full use of that machine. I wanted something to help my soup-making process along since I’m just starting this healthy eating and home cooking journey.

Yes, in fact, my tomato soup has been a three-time failure. Each recipe has been a bit closer to the delectable soup I’ve been craving than the soup before, but, in the end, they all end up tasking more like pasta sauce than soup. The great thing is that I have become a quick pasta sauce master, but I still want to learn how to make a good tomato basil soup.

When I saw the NutriBullet Rx infomercial, I couldn’t help but laugh. The video features a tomato soup! How long had I been trying to perfect this simple tomato basil soup recipe? It was like they knew all along! I could have easily called the NutriBullet number to order myself a machine right on the spot, but since I was still on vacation and away from home, I decided to wait. After all, there wasn’t any room to store it where I was staying and the holiday leftovers in the fridge made soup-making near impossible.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve got my Rx in hand! I cannot wait to get started, delicious homemade soup and all the fixin’s – healthy, that is! All at the mix of quick 7 minutes. I can hardly wait!

Delores McCarter


The moment I finished my very first NutriBlast, I felt great. My energy level increased and I started feeling and sleeping better. I had a feeling that if I continued drinking NutriBlasts, I could possibly increase that great feeling over a longer period of time. I wanted to sustain the good, empowering feeling that my body experienced after drinking a cool NutriBlast. That was how I started my journey as a Blaster!

Slowly, but surely, I changed how I lived my life by eating clean and exercising regularly. I noticed that my body was responding in a positive way. Since my medical symptoms were dissipating, I did not have to rely on so much medication anymore. My doctors noticed the improvement and after a short time, I didn’t have to take all of those medications anymore. My medical issues are being monitored, but things have improved tremendously over the last couple of years.

I am pleased to state that for the first time in a very long time, I am exciting about getting in some exercise. I love having increased energy and having sustained energy throughout the day is awesome. For someone serious about working out, it really helps to have additional energy to make it to the gym and through a tough workout. I went from exercising every now and then to exercising three, four and even up to six times a week.

I still have a ways to go on my fitness journey, but I’m glad that I’m making important steps in the right direction. To me, being a NutriBlaster makes the entire process that much easier.

-Delores McCarter

Young woman running

Last month, when I dropped off my car for an oil change, the manager was very curious about what I was drinking. In fact, he stopped what he was doing and asked me about my NutriBlast.

When I told him what it was and what was in there, he frowned. He stiffened up and didn’t seem convinced that it could actually taste good. One of his employees, familiar with NutriBullet and the benefits of fruit and veggie intake, walked in and echoed my comments, but the manager still looked doubtful. He was curious, and I was definitely glad about that, even though he didn’t seem quite ready to take the next step.

I can talk to anyone about what it’s like to drink fresh produce in a cool, smooth delicious drink. The fear factor is definitely gone and I like to encourage people to try it for themselves. Now, when people come up to me to ask about my green drink, I’m overjoyed!


Recently, a co-worker approached me about the NutriBullet. For the past couple of years, he’s been calling my scrumptious breakfasts “green goo” and he just couldn’t understand why I would happily drink them every morning. When he joked about my “pond scum,” I laughed and offered to bring him a sample the next day. I knew that I was drinking something beneficial to my body and his humor only fueled me more.

Well, a few weeks ago, this same gentleman walked up and asked me more details about my NutriBlasts. I told him that I have been drinking them for two years now and still love drinking them every single morning. I’m just as excited as I was the first day I started Blasting and I don’t suffer as much from the skin and respiratory allergies that used to plague me. I think that impressed him the most. He said he might buy a NutriBullet for himself.

It can be hard trying to convince others about the health benefits  of green drinks, but once I finished drinking my very first Blast, I knew I had stumbled on something that I could keep up on a long-term basis. I’m excited that more people are finally on the healthy eating (and drinking!) bandwagon and I’m glad I can help them discover the benefits that NutriBlasting can have on their health.

-Delores McCarter