I’ve been entertaining the idea of taking my NutriBullet to work for a while now and, after a few missed lunch breaks with nothing available to me other than the vending machines, I decided it was finally time to do it.

I was going to purchase a new one, anyway, so it was just a matter of time before I brought my original Bullet into the office. In case I’m snowed in, I’ve prepared with a change of clothes and toiletries, but I never considered what would happen if I didn’t have anything to eat.

We have two large refrigerators at work, so I can easily store fresh and frozen produce. My frozen spinach, strawberries and beets can be stored right beside the mountain of frozen dinners that my co-worker eat every day. My almond milk can be stored right beside the leftover lunch that resembles a science experiment. (Well, maybe not right beside it…)

If I’m lucky to get in a lunch-time workout, I usually end up eating a salad or a sandwich at my desk.  That is not always practical, especially if I am called into a meeting or have a series of phone calls.  With my NutriBlast, no one would know that I’m consuming my lunch in the form of a smoothie unless I tell them.

With the increase of produce in my office, I may help encourage others to consume more produce.  Maybe one day, those bowls of chocolates and mints can be replaced with bowls of fresh apples and oranges. Well, that may be years in the making, but in the meantime, I can relax and jump into my day without worrying about whether I will get to eat lunch or not.

With my NutriBullet, I’ll know that I can have a filling meal within arm’s reach.

NB greens

-Delores McCarter

I was in the market to buy a new NutriBullet for a few months now. I wanted to buy one of those cute blue ones, but couldn’t find one. When I finally saw the advertisement for the new NutriBullet 900, I’m glad that I waited.

A larger cup, increased power and a flip-top lid. It certainly caught my attention. I ordered one at a local retail store and, using my coupon, I was able to get it at a good discount, with free shipping to my doorstep. A week later, it was at my door.

The speed of the 900 series was immediately noticeable. I only need to Blast for a few seconds. The additional cups certainly come in handy when I share my Blasts with friends and I was instantly drawn to two things: the extra-large cup and the flip-top lid. I used those two items from the moment I unpacked the box. I don’t even have to drink my NutriBlasts with a straw anymore if I don’t want to. Just Blast, switch the blade with the lid, rinse the blade and roll out the door, saving even more time than before.

The recipe book is a great bonus. It is packed with recipes, tips and inspirational stories. I especially enjoyed the explanation of the superfoods.  However, what can a recipe book be without recipes? There are so many recipes that I want to try:  Black Lentil Soup, Curried Carrot Soup, Red Pepper Puree, and Walnut, Cherry & Apple Crisp, Rawberry Tart. I couldn’t believe that I saw a recipe for truffles. Truffles?! The Blast recipes also sound great, including Blood Sugar Daddy, Cacao-ulator, Dreamy Creamy Berry Tini, Broc-Party, and Girl’s Best Friend.  That doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s in the book!

As for my original NutriBullet, it is going to my office. I already have breakfast squared away, but sometimes lunch time can be unpredictable. At least with my NutriBullet at the office with me, I don’t have to go hungry during a busy lunch time anymore. With the little time it takes to make a NutriBlast, I can prepare a filling one and still be available to take a series of phone calls, be in a long meeting, or handle whatever the afternoon throws at me. I can have my NutriBlast right beside me and I don’t have to stare at my watch wondering when I can finally get something to eat.

The NutriBullet 900 gets two thumbs up from me!

NB 900 Pro Series copy

-Delores McCarter

Jasmin joined Team NutriBullet hoping to better her health and what has happened since changed her life.

Check out Jasmin’s story below and let us know: why do you NutriBlast?

Whenever I’m vacationing with friends, there is at least a day or two when I won’t have a NutriBlast for breakfast. They know how much I enjoy drinking them that a regular sit-down breakfast place has to be spot on. Well, at least that’s the theory.

Being a foodie, I appreciate great food cooked well, especially food that was locally grown. My palate likes a range of diverse flavors enhanced by skilled seasoning and nice presentation. I think drinking my NutriBlast every day has really enhanced my daily dining experience, especially when I am on vacation. My body has been conditioned to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, nut milks, flavored teas and raw honey. I am fortunate to get produce at the peak of freshness and I don’t take it for granted. My vegetables are vibrant and green and the fruit is slightly sweet and full of flavor. Just the thought of it makes me want to make a NutriBlast right now! My stomach absolutely loves them.

So, whenever I go out to eat with friends, I want to eat a meal that is incredible. It is not being a picky eater, it’s having a well-defined appreciation for good, fresh, local food that has been prepared simply, but with a lot of flavor and a little pizzazz.

Dining on vacation is exciting, especially when I’m trying new things. It reminds me of when I try new produce in my NutriBlasts.  I am willing to experiment, but I still want the end result to be delicious.

Sometimes I’ll rely on the restaurant staff to guide my new culinary experience. I often ask for their recommendations and it’s fun to watch as their entire demeanor relaxes and they tell me their favorite items on the menu. As I’m eating, they follow up to make sure I am enjoying their selection.

On vacation, I don’t have to eat in a rush. I can relax and enjoy the company of great friends and family while eating wonderfully prepared food.

I love my NutriBlasts and I even drink them on vacation and, whenever I go out to eat, I want to make sure that I eat something that will awaken and excite my palate. The next morning, I usually go right back to my NutriBlast. Luckily, the transition is seamless for me.

smoothieColorful copy 2

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