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It’s our 1 year anniversary!

The NutriBullet infomercial aired exactly a year ago, so it’s been one whole year of Blasting our way to better health. What a momentous celebration! We hope that in this year, you’ve been eating healthier and living a much healthier lifestyle, incorporating more whole foods and delicious green drinks into your everyday diet.

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Happy Blasting!



Comfort Food

Feed a cold, starve a fever. What advice do you use when you’re not feeling well?

When we’re sick, we turn to so many things to help us feel better, but what about when we’re faced with a sickness that soup or over-the-counter medicines can’t help us with? My recent diagnosis of breast cancer has forced me to use that age old form of self medication: comfort food.

While I’m doing my best to eat as well as I can and do everything in my power to take care of my body while awaiting this big-time surgery, I find myself constantly eating things I probably shouldn’t be eating to make me feel better.


Do I want to feel that I am invincible?

Do I want to feel that no matter what I eat, I’ll be fine because my doctors are responsible for getting the bad out?

Do I want to eat the foods of my youth to remind myself of the time when I had no worries?

Do I want to be “bad” because I simply can’t deal with the stress?

comfort food

Do I want to feel “normal” again?

It’s a little of all the above, but now that I’ve recognized it, how do I make my health instead of my inner insecurity the priority? Well, it starts with mornings and literally forcing myself to confront any desire to succumb to the comfort of food over the comfort of life.

It’s little things like making sure to not have cash on me for that stupid, horrible snack machine at work with only three reasonable choices for me: pretzels, Fritos and Oreos. Yep, those are my vegan choices in our machine and guess which one I choose least? Yep, those boring, not-comforting pretzels. A friend once said, “How bad can Fritos be with only THREE ingredients?” Oreos are vegan, so they’re practically health food, right?

I’m also making sure to not eat out for a while because I was also using that as an excuse to let myself indulge. I’ve asked The Man Who Walks Beside Me to help me tighten up and keep the cupboards “safe” until I’m feeling less vulnerable and, that when I come home from my surgery, not to supplicate me with comfort foods, even if I whine.

In the meantime, I’m Blasting each morning with a renewed vigor. MORE INGREDIENTS, MORE GOODNESS, MORE HEALTH! I even reorganized my cupboard to have a special ingredient area for Blasts.

Tell me, friends, what’s your favorite way to distract yourself from falling into that terrible trap of comfort over health?

-Suzanne Hetrick

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Happy Blasting!

-NutriBullet Team

How a harsh diagnosis can change the way we look at life.

I’d been without health insurance for two years and working independently when I got a new job with benefits. Hurrah! No more worrying about accidents in my daily life and, of course, routine health tests were included. The insurance provider was kind enough to pester me with reminders that it was time to get a flu shot or that, at my age (51), I should really check my poop and have a colonoscopy. But the one reminder that will always stand out is the one for a mammogram. I’ve always had them (when I had insurance) because they weren’t too inconvenient and now that I was covered, I made the appointment thinking that I’d be cleared as I always had in the past.

You know where this is going, right?

Sometimes you just know. Why did I Instagram photos of “my first pasties”—you know, those little metal dot stickers they put on you when you’re being squished? How could I tell by the way the radiologist said “Have a nice Christmas” that something was up?

Well, something WAS up and now I’m faced with decisions that sometimes overwhelm me and sometimes make me want to laugh out loud. I’m diagnosed with what is called a very early case of breast cancer with a terrific rate of survival, except I have it in two places in one breast and a “high” rating, thus necessitating a mastectomy and one “sentinel node” removed which, due to my luck with genetics and a larger set of “girls,” also necessitates some serious reconstruction surgery. The cancer should be out in one operation with no radiation likely, but the reconstruction will make the plastic surgeon my buddy for the next year.

And now, please allow me to be human for a just a paragraph or two.

While acknowledging my great fortune at having SO much: home, food, job, insurance, The Man Who Walks Beside Me, and early detection, I’m more than just a bit anxious about my new breasts. New breasts that I’m going to have to live with, even though they will not be the same breasts that took me forever to embrace after my teenage years, that nursed three children and that I was completely happy to grow old with.

I know I will learn to love them for the fact that they’re a symbol that I took care of myself and got the mammogram that possibly saved my life. I’m thankful that I have health insurance, a job that gave me said insurance and a good man who has told me (and I believe him) that he just wants me healthy. The issue on my mind is, how do I “realign the headlights;” with so many possibilities and configurations, it’s become overwhelming. DIEP flap versus Latissimus Dorsi Flap versus implants? Saline or silicone, expanders, immediate reconstruction versus later? Ugh, it overwhelms me.

While writing this, a good friend dropped by. I had finally decided to tell her of my diagnosis and although she is currently going through chemo, has lost her hair and faces at least a few more months of treatment, she came by less than 24 hours after I told her. Her diagnosis trumps mine, yet she called us “sisters” and it made me happy to have someone to share my thoughts with. She talked me into a better frame of mind, one that helped me put it all back into perspective. The main issue here is HEALTH, has always been health and nothing more.

-Suzanne Hetrick