I introduced the Nutribullet into my life last October. No one can deny how much fun and how easy it is to use the Nutribullet, nor the tastiness of the Nutriblasts. I have dropped a lot of weight, 3 inches around my waistline, my cholesterol and triglycerides have declined and I am no longer on any medications. My energy levels are good, and I feel all around great.


So, what happens when you come off the system after 6 months? I am currently putting that to the test, having just completed a trip east. For the past week, I was in Atlanta and NYC, and now I am in Boston. Soon, I will be leaving for Spain. Besides Madrid and Barcelona, I will head north to San Sebastian. San Sebastian is the culinary capital of the country, if not the world. So, in my left hand, I have my Nutribullet. In my right hand, I have a round trip ticket on Iberia Airlines. Who wins out? Let’s talk about Atlanta and NYC first.


While there are no TSA restrictions prohibiting travel with a Nutribullet in your carry-on, I have opted to leave it on the kitchen counter. Clean, but alone and unplugged. Was this a good decision? Would I do it again? In the past 10 days, I have had no noticeable change in weight. Everything fits the same. I think my body has been cleansed for so long that all my organs are working great. I have been eating fresh fruits for breakfast, wraps for lunch. Dinners have been a problem. Dinners with wine…a bigger problem.


Plus, I have experienced the return of an old friend…more like an old ugly ogre. I have noticed symptoms of acid reflux. What is acid reflux? Acid reflux occurs when the acids from your stomach “flow back” into your esophagus, causing discomfort and a foul taste in your mouth. When we leave a lot of food in our stomach, the stomach acids do their best to break it down and pass it on for digestion. However, those acids can rise above your stomach and pass into your esophagus and leave a foul taste in your mouth. The same acids can also result in heartburn…a sensation I do not have, but many do. Many times, you notice the foul taste of stomach acids in your mouth when you wake up.


There is medication you can take for acid reflux. They sell Prilosec at Costco and CVS…an over-the-counter remedy. But why take pills if you can attack and solve the problem with diet using the Nutribullet program? The Nutribuillet had solved this specific problem for me, and now the issue has returned. Maybe the question is not whether I should be taking the Nutribullet with me on board the airplane. Maybe the real question is whether I should take it as a carry-on, or buy it its own seat…..



Hi, my name is Howard Giller. I am 55 years old, live in Southern California, and I am going to share a little bit of myself with you.

I have always been driven and competitive in all aspects of my life. I am one of those late baby boomers that worked extremely hard, and played even harder. I was an over-achiever and my fear of failure lead me to succeed early on. But, little did I know that I was failing myself.

While I drowned myself in drive and success and “never had time to be lonely,” I lost touch with others and myself. I ate what I wanted to eat, I drank what I wanted to drink. I was invincible and had the energy to work off all consumption at the gym. I would go to bed on a full distended stomach, and pray that it would be gone by morning. And I could drink as much alcohol as I desired at night, as long as I could make it to the bathroom shower head in the morning, woken up by the alarm and motivated by the fear of being late for work.

My personal achievements: high cholesterol, constant weight challenges, triglyceride readings in the danger zone, gastric acid reflux, and occasional back pain as a result of my fluctuating weight. Add this to my family health history of heart attacks, multiple quadruple bypass operations, colon and esophageal cancer, and Scoliosis. In time, I came to realize that I was on a bad pill-popping track, taking Synvistatin for cholesterol, Prilosec for reflux, daily aspirin for my heart, and the temporary adoption of every new diet opportunity (which lasted about 30 days maximum!) My weight went up and down, and my muscles ached from the statins. I really felt my life was beyond my control, I was destined to duplicate my family history and I was helpless to change.

Then came the opportunity to participate in the Nutribullet program. I was skeptical and doubtful. The concept of giving up my multiple cafe lattes each day was unlikely and in addition, I really enjoyed the finer commercial coffee bars. I was constantly “feeding the beast” throughout the day. I would never pay the premium for organic food. The idea of survival on nutriblast shakes, modest healthy snacks, and salads, with 4 oz of protein meats per day was not conceivable and could not pass through my over-sized belly to register in the remote reaches of my small brain.

But, I made the commitment. I made a commitment to the program and to myself. I was committed for a change, but it had to be significant or I would never consider it worthwhile or sustainable. As part of this change, I also decided to simply terminate all my medications- no more Synvistatin due to the muscle aches, Prilosec, or aspirin. After all, it is a free country, right?

Here are my results over a 6 week initial period from Mid November 2011 to the end of December 2011:


My weight declined from 184 lbs to 160 lbs.

The good cholesterol (HDL )improved from 55 to 60  (standard range >40)

The bad cholesterol (LDL) declined from 151 to 112  (standard range <100)

My total cholesterol declined from 263 to 208             (standard range <200)

Triglycerides declined from 285 to 178                        (standard range <150)


As of March 9th, 2012

My Triglycerides are now at 82 (well within standard range),  my good cholesterol has further improved to 70, and I now weigh 158 lbs. I also have no acid reflux and take no medications.

I look forward to continuing this journey. I view it as the challenge of “personal best.”

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have always been driven and competitive. Now, the competition is with myself, to achieve the best results possible and balance this with life’s enjoyments.

I wish all competitions were this easy! When you feel you are stuck in the path you have taken, you can still make positive, significant, life changing adjustments at age 55 and benefit from the results! After all, how hard is it to go from milk chocolate to cacao chocolate?  You tell me….


Taking On Menopause

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom lived a 48-year-old woman named Kim.  She lived in a small suburban town in Southern California with her husband, two children, dog, and cat.  She always prided herself on her ability to multi-task; getting the kids ready for school, making breakfasts and lunches for day, throwing in a load of laundry—all while tuning into a corporate conference call.  All was well in “Multi-Tasking Land” until one day, about three years ago, things started to go awry.  She began to slow down and loose her pep.  From hot flashes to fatigue, to sleepless nights, she figured this was the hand mortality had dealt her.  Just when she thought all was lost, she found her champion – the NutriBullet.


Hi, I’m Kim. My fairytale story is actually a reality and the NutriBullet really did save the day.   I was a middle-aged working mother of two with an incredibly busy lifestyle.   My stamina started to wean.  I was worn out by mid-afternoon and was in desperate need of a late day cup of java.  This got me through the second half of the day but rarely through the evening.  After dishes were done and the kids were in bed, I was utterly exhausted.  To add salt to my wounds, my doctor told me I was at the premenopausal age, hormonally imbalanced, and needed go on hormone replacements to counteract the hot flashes.  (FYI – there are not enough hormones in the world that could stop my body from microwaving at night.)  So, to put it bluntly – I was miserable.


My journey began when I answered an ad for an infomercial.  I thought it would be a lot fun and I would potentially get free stuff.  Little did I know how much of a life changer it would be.   The adviser from NutriBullet started explaining how an influx of raw produce, vegan protein and reduced intake of breads and starches could change the way you feel.  It could help you lose weight, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, AND make you a happier person. Sure… It sounded like a lot of hogwash and too good to be true.  What did she know? I thought. I did not have any of these issues, but hey, I had nothing to lose.  And besides, I would get a free NutriBullet.


When it comes to breakfast, I am not the biggest fan.  However, it was surprisingly easy to put together a morning NutriBlast.  I used a variety of different fruits and veggies daily.  Plus, I included a handful of protein boosters, such as hemp seed and raw nuts.  I turned on the NutriBullet for about 30 seconds and Voila! instant NutriBlast.  It was love at first taste.


After about a week of my morning NutriBlasts I started to notice some big changes.  First, I had more energy in me to take on the daily grind.  I figured this was because of the influx of the natural vitamins, not to mention all the extra fiber.  Secondly, I stopped getting hot flashes.  As a result, I started sleeping better.  Within two weeks I felt more rested and energized than I have in years.  The best part, I checked with my doctor and stopped taking my hormone replacement pills.


Turns out the advisor was right. Since I started drinking NutriBlasts, not only do I feel better and more balanced, but my disposition is sunnier – just ask my kids. Moreover, I have started paying closer attention to my daily diet.  NutriBullet was my savior, my light in the darkness.  NutriBullet has turned me into a NutriBeliever!


Getting Started

Let David Wolfe teach you how to get started with your NutriBullet!




Check in soon for more great recipes, information about the NutriBullet!

My quest for more energy, a strong immune system, and a healthy weight ended here…

I always thought that if I worked out, did not eat a lot of red meat and took vitamins that it meant that I was being proactive about my health. The problem was that I did not feel healthy. Like many people I got wrapped up in a hectic lifestyle and didn’t pay attention to nutrition. The result was a slow metabolism, a lack of energy and a compromised immune system.

It never occurred to me that by making simple changes in how I consumed food, I could strengthen my immune system, lose weight, increase energy and improve my overall appearance.

It took a cancer diagnosis to make me realize that changes needed to be made in my diet.  While I had the most amazing doctors who saved my life, none of them provided guidance as to what or how I should be eating in order to have enough energy to get through the treatment process, or how to build my immune system to prevent the cancer from returning.

Every bit of my research brought me back to something so basic: juicing whole fruits and vegetables was the best way to meet my goals.

I decided to purchase a juicer, but none of the juicers on the market appeared to be the right fit for my busy lifestyle and health goals. They were either too large, too time consuming to clean or too expensive. I wanted something that was simple to use and easy to clean so that I would make it a part of my daily routine and not have it end up in my cupboard after a week.

I came upon an opportunity to try the NutriBullet program. I was intrigued by the fact that the NutriBullet actually extracts the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, making them easier to digest so the nutrients would be better absorbed in the body.

Within one day of using my NutriBullet, changes were apparent. I had an infusion of energy and felt better than I had in years. After a week my face began to glow and my hair began to grow back from the chemotherapy at an extraordinary rate.

My goal now is to share my NutriBullet success story with others so that people can join me in my journey of recovery and good health.  I am excited to share all of the wonderful things the NutriBullet and the program have to offer.  I hope that you will visit the site each week as I share more amazing results, discuss future goals and my favorite recipes. I also want to hear from you. If you have a NutriBullet success story that you would like to share, please contact me. Congratulations! You are now on your way to better health!

-Shari Pack