The Greener Blast!

Like most people, my life consists of not enough time, too little energy, too much work and a general feeling of being overwhelmed – sound familiar? If you’re struggling with a similar juggling act, it’s easy to forget to eat until you are famished and heading to the closest drive-thru. Well, I have discovered something that has changed my life,  the ultimate green NutriBlast. Not only am I getting my daily dose of fruits, veggies and fiber, but it has taken the term “fast food” to a whole new level!

About two years ago, I began a daily routine of starting my mornings with a Blast made of dark leafy greens. It gave me energy and it transformed my body from the inside out. Leafy green Blasts are great way to get your vitamins and detox your body at the same time. Did you know you could use them as a complete meal replacement too? By adding an extra boost of nuts, oats or other healthy proteins to your Blast, it will fill you up and keep you energized all morning. In this simple way, any Blast can be turned into a fast food meal!

A few tips for the newbies: don’t just throw things into the NutriBullet. Chances are it’ll taste nasty and end up in the sink. Start with a simple formula of 60% fruit to 40% leafy greens. Add in your favorite protein boost and some liquid – voilà!

I hope you are hungry – this breakfast Blast will keep you full and energized until lunch.

The Greener Blast

The Ultimate Green Blast

  • 1 banana
  • ½ cup blueberries
  • ¾ cup mango
  • ¼ cup oatmeal
  • 1 stalk of celery, chopped
  • large handful of spinach
  • 2 tsp chia seeds
  • 3 ice cubes
  • water to the line

Add all ingredients to the tall NutriBullet cup and extract.

This Blast provides plenty of calories, protein, vitamins and fiber. It’s perfect for an on-the-go breakfast or lunch.  The fruit combination is a wonderful blend to mask the celery and leafy greens. Feel free to substitute any other leafy greens you desire. To save time, I make my Blast the night before and in the morning add ice and extract – “fast food” without the drive-thru!


Kim Pontius

The questions I get asked the most are usually about recipes. How do I create recipes so easily? Well, it is very easy – I just combine my love for food with a bit of creativity!

Sometimes I look to the past for a new recipe. A picture, an aroma, a flavor, or an event with family and friends could easily inspire a new recipe. I recently thumbed through some old Christmas magazines and when I saw pictures of eggnog, it brought back some great Christmas memories. Though I don’t drink it anymore, I still like the flavor. So one day, I made an eggnog NutriBlast with vanilla almond milk, frozen banana, cinnamon and a dash of vanilla extract. Just playing around in the kitchen resulted in a pretty good replica of this classic Christmas drink.

I had another flash from the past when I remembered an outing with friends – and the lovely strawberry daiquiri I ordered. One hot summer day, I tried to make this popular drink with the NutriBullet with frozen strawberries, lemon and lime juice and a few ice cubes. It hit the spot.

I don’t drink orange juice often, but every now and then I like a cold glass of OJ. Instead of buying it, I peel a juicy, sweet orange or tangerine, add a few carrot chunks and Blast. A natural energy drink that is great as a workout pick me up.

Then, there is the classic chocolate shake. After buying my NutriBullet, making a good chocolate shake was one of my first goals. I started using chocolate syrup, but soon replaced that with some cacao powder, a few walnuts, a little peanut butter, a dash of cinnamon, some almond milk, and just a drop of raw honey. I had a great chocolate shake that I could drink anywhere.

My mom and grandmother have prepared great tasting soups, but I have never been successful in getting those recipes down right. I am starting a soup recipe collection, though, and I am really enjoying this tasty project.

Using inspirations from the past really works for me. How do you come up with great new recipes?

Delores McCarter

NB Testimoinal

The journey toward a healthier lifestyle is a road that I didn’t see myself taking a few years ago. In fact, I thought I would be stuck yo-yo dieting; I was desperate for a better way to lose weight.

I used to be quite active as a child. I ran, was in gymnastics and dance, but as I grew older, those activities slowly stopped. I starting feeling too uncomfortable to participate. I found myself buying bigger sizes and feeling more frustrated.

After a while, I started justifying my weight gain to myself and everyone around me. I was simply a big girl, after all, despite my petite frame. A petite frame wouldn’t break chairs and burst through items of clothing. I even broke one of my favorite belts completely in half. How do you break a belt? That’s when I realized I needed to make a change.

The road toward fitness is not smoothly paved. In fact, it can be quite ugly, with jagged rocks and steep inclines. However, when I was ready to take the first step, I found that it was not that bad. Once I started, there was support all around me. Of course there are the skeptics and naysayers, but overwhelmingly, I found tons of support.

When the blinders of denial were finally removed, the reality was raw, disappointing, heartbreaking, and most of all, overwhelming. I remember thinking to myself, “how in the world did I let myself get to this point?” I didn’t have an answer, but I was determined to find something that would work for me so I could stop living a life of quiet desperation and actually start living.

I took some time to think things over and create an action plan. There would be no more games and no more fad diets. This change would mean a lot to me and I needed to take it seriously.

Little did I know that years later, I would love drinking fruit and vegetable smoothies every day, working out five to six days a week and living a healthier lifestyle. And this is just the beginning. I still have more weight to lose, but I am thankful to see the progress that I’ve made thus far.

Delores McCarter

diet and exercise

Here at NutriBullet, we’ve been working hard to make better health more accessible to the masses. Over the last two years, our fan base has grown and people everywhere are reclaiming their health!

Now, we’re excited to announce our latest contest commemorating our 1 million Facebook fans: The #MyNutriSelfie Contest!

To enter, show us what’s in your NutriBlast! Post photos below to enter! One grand prize winner (and a friend) will be flown to Los Angeles to join Team NutriBullet on set for an upcoming show. The grand prize winner will also receive personal nutrition sessions with David Wolfe and our own Registered Dietitians Krista Haynes and Sarah Lefkowitz. Twenty winners will receive a NutriBullet PRO 900 Series.

Apply today for your chance to win!

Happy Blasting!

Learning From My Mistakes

I still make my share of mistakes on my quest to eat healthier. I think I do pretty well with my NutriBlasts and what I eat during the week, but there’s always that one weekday that trips me up.

I used to have a big problem with my cheat day, a day during the week where I rewarded myself by eating regular food that I didn’t usually eat during the week. It took me a long time to start using this day wisely. My free day used to be a a day where I’d pig out, meaning nothing was off limits. The restriction was lifted, the barriers were gone and I gave myself the official green light. Finally, I could have all the fat-laden, fried goodies that I’d been craving for so long! (Six days felt so long!) Pancakes, ice cream, you name it. It was my “free day,” so I had it all.

Three meals later and, like clockwork, I would be miserable and reaching for a glass of ginger ale by the end of the day. It was a cycle that I repeated over and over again. Once I became a regular NutriBlaster, my tummy became used to clean eating and my “pig-out day” soon became a night of misery. Something had to change.

After some contemplation and a LOT of ginger ale, I finally came to my senses. Thankfully, my cheat day is now in the past. It’s turned into a singular free meal for the week. I can still have that bacon cheeseburger if I really want to, but these days, I’d rather have seafood. I’ve learned to make better choices. I finally found out that the key to feeling good is fueling my body with good, healthy food all the time. I can duplicate some full-fat foods with light, healthy versions that I can eat during the week or as a part of my free day – my new and improved free day, that is! My tummy is happy, I’m losing weight and I feel great.

I’m still learning, but I’m moving in the right direction!

NutriBullet 5-20-14 0014

-Delores McCarter