The Last Laugh

When I bought my NutriBullet, I guess you can say I was ahead of the curve. Most people had no idea what it was and I had to explain the concept of NutriBlasting to friends, family and colleagues. Not gonna lie, some folks frowned at it. Some waved it off as a passing fad and some folks laughed in my face. Many months later, those same folks are proud owners of their own NutriBullet!

My boss was probably the most skeptical about the concept of drinking fresh fruits and vegetables in a tasty drink. I’ve heard all of her jokes, watched her daily frowns, but her skepticism didn’t bother me. In fact, I laughed at her jokes as I sipped my NutriBlasts, responding simply with, “This is so good!” How she’d shake her head – you could feel her disbelief in the room!

And then she started noticing how much more energized I was feeling. My health was improving and I was loving life. Practically every morning she’d see me with my Blast, happily sipping my breakfast. I didn’t have to run to the store. I didn’t have to wait in line for the microwave. I could be anywhere in the building with my NutriBlast in hand, taking care of breakfast without skipping a beat.

Then the day I never expected came.

“What is it called again, a NutriBullet?  I need to get one…”

I’d done it! She asked me about my NutriBullet and finally crossed over to the healthy side. It caught me by surprise and all I could do was smile. I’ll admit, the thought crossed my mind: Who’s laughing now?

Now, with the snickering behind us, we can all Blast together and share in good health!

Delores McCarter

Pineapple Blast

Sometimes, I like to set my produce on the kitchen counter and look at it for a minute before I make my NutriBlast, especially when everything is beautiful and at its peak of freshness!

Honestly, I’m amazed I’m still into this. Years ago, I was one of the folks who frowned at the idea of blending fruits and vegetables together into a drink. I tried juicing and I didn’t like it. I just assumed NutriBlasting was the same until I found out for myself.

When I decided to purchase a NutriBullet, I was pretty skeptical about the idea, but I was trying to be open to natural ways of getting more nutrition. What could be more natural than consuming fresh fruits and vegetables? I was skeptical until I had my very first NutriBlast. As I blended it, I thought to myself, can I really do this? I took the first sip and thought, “Heck yeah!” That was the start of my journey and it has only gotten more interesting.

My morning NutriBlast is a great way to start my day off right. I’m usually running from the moment my feet hit the floor and the last thing I need is an upset stomach from something that I shouldn’t have eaten in the first place. I’ve learned the hard way that a bum tummy can shut down my personal production, but with good clean eating, my body is running at peak efficiency.

My work days are very unpredictable and when I walk out the door, I’m not sure what I’ll be faced with, but with a NutriBlast in my hand, I’m confident that I can handle anything that comes my way.

I have even reduced my daily coffee intake because my NutriBlast has become a great source of energy.

-Delores McCarter

smoothie copy


Dog’s Best Friend

Blasting for your Pooch

As the owner of a pet who has chronic digestive issues, I spend a lot of time and money (an average of $300 per month) at the vet. Since using the NutriBullet on a daily basis put my Ulcerative Colitis in remission, I wanted to explore the possibility of using it to improve my pet’s health, too. Of course, I am aware that there are many human foods that are toxic to animals, so knowing this, I wanted to make sure that I only used fresh, organic ingredients that would provide the best nutrition for my dog. Luckily, there are some fruits and vegetables that are very helpful in maintaining the health of your pet.

After discussing the benefits of whole fruit and vegetable juice with my vet and after a lot of research and discussion with those who are already on board with this idea, I decided to give it a try. With my list of “approved” ingredients, I began sharing a small portion of fresh extracted juice with my dog. While you do not want to substitute this as a meal, it is a nice compliment as either a small side dish or to use as gravy on dry dog food.

Animals require nutrients just like people and can experience digestive problems similar to us. It is just as important to keep inflammation from building up in their bodies as it is our own.

If you want to give this a shot, just make sure that you do not use any additives. Only whole, fresh and organic ingredients. Check with your vet for foods to avoid, for example, grapes, avocado and chocolate can be dangerous to your pet.


Here are a few ingredients that you can use in the NutriBullet and can share with your pet. My suggestion is no more than a ½ cup once a day depending upon the size of your pet. You can drink the rest:

Recommended ½ cup serving – Any combination of the ingredients below

  • 1 carrot
  • ½ apple
  • 1 tablespoon organic pumpkin puree (Great for older pets with digestive issues)
  • Green beans
  • Spinach

-Shari Pack

As long as I have been NutriBlasting, sometimes I run into trouble with my meals.

The biggest issue for me has been letting my taste buds dictate my daily diet. I’m a foodie and sometimes I get caught up, craving rich and fattening food. Sometimes, the food is too heavy and I end up not feeling great after eating it. Although, it doesn’t happen often, it’s something that I am steadily working on overcoming.

Thankfully, whenever I drink my NutriBlasts, I don’t have this problem. My taste buds are in harmony with the rest of my body.  I know I cannot eat the way that I used to, even in moderation and my stomach is grateful.

My body loves it when I make delicious NutriBlasts and I never have to worry about any tummy issues. However, I’m a foodie and I enjoy eating a nice, well-prepared meal.  The objective is clean eating and I’ve discovered that it is not that easy, especially since I live in “Land of the Fried Everything,” where a good majority of food is smothered, covered, and slathered in butter and gravy or dunked in a vat of grease.

Ironically, as I overcome my own culinary issues, I fell into a mission of creating healthy, tasty food that the masses would enjoy. I can prepare clean food that satisfies my taste buds and keeps my tummy happy.

The NutriBullet makes learning about clean eating a fun journey. I enjoy trying out different recipes each week. Being a veteran NutriBlaster, I can whip up a tasty drink in seconds. That experience helps me create delicious meals.

It has taken me a long time to realize that despite the perceived power of taste buds, food only lasts a very short time on the tongue. After that short time chewing and swallowing, food is basically used for energy and waste. That helps put things into a better perspective for me.

Although, I still slip up from time to time, I am determined to keep my taste buds in check and not let them dominate what I eat every day.

-Delores McCarter


Happy early Father’s Day, Dads!

Fmly mks NutriBlst 001

In honor of your special day, we’re giving away 4 amazing Bullet Brand products, including a NutriBullet, a NutriBullet PRO 900 Series, a Dessert Bullet and a Magic Bullet, too!

Four lucky winners will each be receiving one of these prizes, perfect for any Sunday Fun Day in the kitchen with smoothies, desserts, and more! Sign up for a chance to win below. Winners will be announced Monday, June 16, 2014.

Good luck to all you Dads out there!

-NutriBullet Team

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