I love the NutriBullet Facebook page and the NutriLiving website for a variety of reasons, but mainly for the helpful hints and encouragement we as Blasters share! NutriBlasting is a new adventure for most of us and it’s great to see people helping each other out with helpful hints.

One of the biggest tips I learned was how to keep my produce fresh. As an avid foodie, I’m almost ashamed to admit that I didn’t know much about maintaining my produce. I could cut it up and season it before cooking, but I used to think the crisper was the place where produce went to rot. You see, I had a lot to learn.

Now I know processing food is more than just prepping it for cooking; it’s handling produce in general, including prepping it for cooking, storing in the fridge or the freezer, or decorating your home or plate with it. Instead of placing food in those produce bags until they rotted inside, I immediately took them out of those bags and washed them.

I learned about freezing bananas from the NutriBullet Facebook page. Before, I equated freezing bananas to something like smoking bananas, the concept was just that strange! But actually, this is quite simple. Take a ripe banana (or a bunch or bananas) and remove the peel. Place the banana on a plate, cut it into pieces and store the plate in the freezer. After a few hours, or a day, place the banana chunks in a plastic freezer bag and put them back in the freezer to use whenever you want.

You can then make frozen banana “ice cream,” (check out the recipe in the NutriBullet Natural Healing Foods Book, page 150).  I am shocked that I missed this recipe the first eight months that I had the book! Sometimes, I add some milled almond pieces or a dash of vanilla extract. This little treat is incredible.

Those thin produce bags I’d get from the grocery store are now used for my peelings, seeds, pits, and other produce garbage because that stuff can smell worse than anything!

I still have a lot to learn but I think I’ve learned a lot along the way and I’m glad to share these tips with my NutriBullet community. What NutriBlasting tips have you learned along the way?

-Delores McCarter


We hope you and your loved ones all had a wonderful Mother’s Day this Sunday!

To congratulate our die hard fans, we’re announcing the winners of our “Mom Always Told Me…” Mother’s Day Contest!

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Our winner is..


1. Tiffany says:

My mom always made sure I had breakfast in the morning. She always said you can’t start your day off starving, you will never be able to learn anything in school or function throughout your day. To this day I always eat breakfast and consider it the most important meal of the day. When I don’t have time, I just make a nutriblast with protein power and chia seeds. It’s filling and quick and I never go hungry in the mornings. Thanks mom for teaching me good eating habits.

And our two runners up, who will both receive a superfood prize pack, including our Superfood SuperBoost, Superfood Fat Burning Boost, Superfood Energy Boost, and our all new Superfood SuperGreens are…


2. Tammy says:

My family had a big vegetable garden when I was young that we all worked together in year after year. My mom knew the importance of eating fresh grown veggies, as well as not wasting any food that we were so fortunate to have. When she was young, her family went through some very rough times financially, and she often went to bed so hungry that she would cry. To this day she says she still can’t handle it when she sees anyone wasting food, “Why would anyone throw food away for no reason? It makes no sense – we are blessed to have this food!” Needless to say, all seven of her children finished our plates at every meal! Thanks Mom!

3. Teresa Miller says:

If your dinner plate has a variety of colors and you finish everything on it,
you really don’t need those cartoon character vitamins. All your vitamins are
in front of you!

Congratulations to all of our winners! Check your email for further instructions.

Check back every day for new content and future giveaways!

-NutriBullet Team


A Running Start

Lately, I’ve been drawn to the idea of walking and running outside. Well, dragged to the idea is probably more accurate. Some of my friends have fallen in love with running; they’ve even completed a few 5K runs. As for me, there isn’t much of a love affair when it comes to exercise. I just hate it a lot less than I used to.

I have become open to the idea of exercising outside, however; especially on a nice day. Walking is a cheap form of exercise. All I need to do is put on some exercise clothes and walking shoes, grab my music and I’m all set. There are some great added benefits to exercising outside that encourages me to choose the park instead of the gym.

Sunlight provides a natural form of Vitamin D and since I work inside all day, it is nice to feel the sun on my face, as well as receive additional Vitamin D. Breathing in fresh air is also great for the lungs. I choose parks that are away from road traffic and the smelly fumes and pollution they produce.

It’s also a natural mood enhancer; I love taking in the scenery every time I go for a walk. My favorite park is only five minutes from my office. There’s a river, wildlife and plenty of great people around. I have a special playlist for exercise that keeps me going every step of the way. I  become so inspired by everything around me that sometimes my walks turn into jogs!

After every workout, those little endorphins kick in, making me feel incredibly empowered. Imagine feeling like your favorite superhero (for me, it’s Wonder Woman) standing there with your hands on your hips, ready to save the day. Those endorphins are quite magical!

After a workout, I’m usually ready to eat, but the last thing I want to do is cook. Instead, I reach for an ice cold NutriBlast.

Sadly, despite those superhero-empowering endorphins, I still haven’t fallen in love with exercise just yet. It is just something I push myself to do. Regardless, I’m becoming more consistent with getting in a good workout and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing.

-Delores McCarter

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Happy Mother’s Day, Blasters!

We’re hoping you impart your healthy eating wisdom every day on your young ones so they know all about the importance of a healthy diet.

In honor of this Mother’s Day, we want to remember what our mothers did for us. What eating wisdom do you remember growing up with? Did your mom tell you to eat your peas and carrots? Did she make you delicious fruit smoothies before school?

Let us know and you could win a NutriBullet Super Prize Pack, including our NutriBullet Pro 900 Series and a one month supply of SuperFood SuperBoost, SuperFood Fat Burning Boost, Superfood Energy Boost, and our newest Superfood SuperGreens!

Comment below for your chance to win. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, May 12, 2014.

Good luck!

-NutriBullet Team

teaching healthy eating

It’s the middle of the workday and I’m dragging. What is it about the midpoint of the afternoon and that makes me feel like I’ve just run out of gas? Honestly, I think I’m about to lapse into a coma from staring at my computer screen. I still have a 3:00 work meeting, I have to shuttle kids to events and then go home and whip up dinner. Sadly, that doesn’t include dishes, homework and lunches for the next day. Whew! Just reading this list is enough to drain me. In a quest to find more energy, I have discovered some simple fatigue-fighting strategies.  These are easy, common sense tactics people tend to overlook.

Eat Breakfast – Remember the old saying, “It’s the most important meal of the day”?  Well, guess what? It’s true! Start your day with a full tank of gas by indulging in your NUTRIBLAST. Studies have shown people who have a high carbohydrate, protein and fiber-enriched breakfast will have greater levels of energy and alertness.

Energy Snacks – I’m not talking about a bag of chips or candy bar. The sugar may give you an instant boost, but it will soon zap your energy resources and leave you lagging behind. Eat something healthy with protein and carbs, preferably something green that includes your favorite fruits and veggies – (did I mention, NUTRIBLAST?)

Take Breaks – Multitasking is is the only way to get a lot done quickly. Unfortunately, it can be both mentally and physically fatiguing. One short five-minute break can boost your energy immediately, helping you accomplish more tasks.

Exercise Regularly – Working out is the best way to energize your body. However, there are those hectic days where you just can’t squeeze in another thing. Exercise is usually the first to go on my list.  Those are the days I’ll take a 10 -15 minute walk on my lunch break. It helps rejuvenate both mind and body.

NutriBullet’s Superfood Supplements – Last but not least, are Superfood Supergreens and Superfood Energy Boost.  I just started adding both of them to my morning Blast and I can really feel the difference, despite the unusual color it turns the drink! It feels like natural vitality rather than caffeine-induced energy so I’m not dragging by noon.

Superfood Energy Blast

Try incorporating some of these suggestions into your daily routine.  You will notice the difference immediately and the benefits will stay throughout the rest of the day. Once you have mastered these skills, you will feel like you have just had a tune up.

-Kim Pontius