Breakfast Done Right!

The American breakfast, consisting of bacon or eggs or pancakes or you name it, doesn’t stand a chance in antioxidant power compared to Dr. Michael Greger‘s breakfast smoothie. Just what does he pack into his smoothie that gives him more antioxidants in one serving than most people get in an entire week? Watch the video below and take note. You don’t need to use his same recipe, but take a few key ingredients and you could be packing in a week’s worth of antioxidants before you’re even fully awake.

So many herbs, so little time! Here’s another lovely herb post from Dr. Michael Greger of with some interesting information on the antioxidant power of some of the most healthy herbs out there. Add a pinch for a ton of antioxidants! And while you’re at it, take a look at our herb infographic to find the best herb for your current state of health.

You can add antibody production to the list of reasons why kale is good for you. Our latest video from Dr. Michael Greger explains why, so grab some kale, kick back, and learn more about one of our favorite leafy greens.


Add the vitamin C brothers (lime, grapefruit, and orange) to a handful of spinach and pineapple, and then add chlorella or spirulina for one of David’s favorite hydrating Blasts!

Is it better to eat an apple and an orange than it is to eat three apples or three oranges? Dr. Michael Greger of answers this question and talks a little about the importance of dietary diversity.