Cheat Day No More!


Learning From My Mistakes

I still make my share of mistakes on my quest to eat healthier. I think I do pretty well with my NutriBlasts and what I eat during the week, but there’s always that one weekday that trips me up.

I used to have a big problem with my cheat day, a day during the week where I rewarded myself by eating regular food that I didn’t usually eat during the week. It took me a long time to start using this day wisely. My free day used to be a a day where I’d pig out, meaning nothing was off limits. The restriction was lifted, the barriers were gone and I gave myself the official green light. Finally, I could have all the fat-laden, fried goodies that I’d been craving for so long! (Six days felt so long!) Pancakes, ice cream, you name it. It was my “free day,” so I had it all.

Three meals later and, like clockwork, I would be miserable and reaching for a glass of ginger ale by the end of the day. It was a cycle that I repeated over and over again. Once I became a regular NutriBlaster, my tummy became used to clean eating and my “pig-out day” soon became a night of misery. Something had to change.

After some contemplation and a LOT of ginger ale, I finally came to my senses. Thankfully, my cheat day is now in the past. It’s turned into a singular free meal for the week. I can still have that bacon cheeseburger if I really want to, but these days, I’d rather have seafood. I’ve learned to make better choices. I finally found out that the key to feeling good is fueling my body with good, healthy food all the time. I can duplicate some full-fat foods with light, healthy versions that I can eat during the week or as a part of my free day – my new and improved free day, that is! My tummy is happy, I’m losing weight and I feel great.

I’m still learning, but I’m moving in the right direction!

NutriBullet 5-20-14 0014

-Delores McCarter