The NutriBullet: Delivering on a Promise


When I took part in the NutriBullet infomercial, I knew that I was part of something spectacular. I would never endorse a product unless I knew that it did everything it claims to do. When I did my little part for the infomercial, I had been using the NutriBullet twice a day for two months.

Little did I know that I had only just begun experiencing the benefits of this product. Yes, it worked great in helping me detox after cancer treatment and, yes, it accelerated my hair growth, but after the infomercial, so many more wonderful things began to change as far as my overall health.

If I were to take part in an infomercial now, I would need at least two hours to talk about my experiences with the product. Okay, I admit that I am probably one of NutriBullet’s greatest and most loyal fans and I sound like a broken record in my update blogs, but I’m passionate about spreading good news, especially when I know that it can help others.

I’m a consumer just like everyone else and go through customer service or to the stores for my NutriBullet purchases. It’s no surprise that stores cannot keep the NutriBullet on their shelves! After my first NutriBullet product, I purchased 5 more. Not because my original one worn out, but because I’ve purchased them for close family members and use an extra one for traveling. I cannot tell you how many people have commented to me that they would’ve never purchased something off of an infomercial until they observed my results and found their claims to be accurate.

So with all of this being said, here is just a sampling of what the NutriBullet has done for me:

  •  Helped cleanse my body of the harsh cancer treatment toxins
  •  Accelerated my hair growth after chemotherapy ate my hair
  •  Increased my energy  (always wanted to sleep)
  •  Changed my diet from processed to healthy
  •  Helped me achieve my goal weight
  •  Improved my skin tone
  •  Helped my Ulcerative Colitis go into remission
  •  Eliminated the need for a $235-a-month medication for the UC
  •  Reduced my hot flashes

Everyone has their goals with this product and I have no doubt that as long as a person is committed to seeing results, that they will be pleased with the outcome.

Here’s wishing you all reach your health goals in 2013.

-Shari Pack