Frequently Asked Questions

Having some trouble? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Be sure to look here first as a quick reference guide for any questions you may have.

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1. How does each NutriBullet differ? 

The NutriBullet has a larger capacity, over twice the power and a completely different blade design than our original Magic Bullet. The NutriBullet is specifically designed to pulverize and emulsify foods including fruit skins, seeds, stems, vegetables, nuts and tough root vegetables (like ginger and beets), while retaining all of the fiber and nutrients.

The Magic Bullet, on the other hand, is a smaller, less powerful blending solution for making iced coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, sorbets or milk shakes as well as chopping onion or mincing garlic and other day-to-day kitchen uses.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 Series pulverizes and emulsifies fruits and tough vegetables in a similar way as the NutriBullet, but with 50 percent more power, a larger capacity cup, a flip-top to-go lid and the NutriBullet Life Changing Recipes book, a book compiled with tons of user-submitted recipes and ailment-based information to get you Blasting your way toward better health.

The NutriBullet Rx is our most powerful machine yet. With 1700 watts of power, pre-programmed, hands-free extraction, and a soup-heating feature, you can take your nutrition to a whole new level. The NutriBullet Rx has no on/off switch, no plungers, no speed adjustment and no time settings. It’s been pre-programmed to turn at exactly the right RPM, to stop at exactly the right intervals, for exactly the right amount of time – it does the thinking for you!

2. My NutriBlast always turns out really thick. How can I make it thinner?

First, be sure to loosely load your ingredients to the MAX LINE and then add liquid to the MAX LINE to ensure you are getting the thinnest result. Never fill fruits, vegetables, OR liquids passed the MAX LINE. The types of ingredients used can also affect the thickness of your NutriBlast – flax and chia seeds will give your NutriBlast a bit of a gelatinous texture that will continue to thicken as it sits. Nuts and protein powders will also thicken the consistency of your Blast. But consider this: the thicker your NutriBlast is, the more filling it will be. So if you’re looking for your NutriBlast to satisfy your hunger for a few hours – the thicker the better!

3. Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. Also avoid avocado pits due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

Nutritious seeds include:

  • blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)
  • cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
  • grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
  • kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
  • lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)
  • orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
  • strawberry (fiber)
  • watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

4. Doesn’t a NutriBlast go against the “food combining rules”?

Sometimes certain food-combing can be bad because of the competing enzymes and digestive energy that is spent on various food components (in whole form). When the NutriBullet pulverizes foods, it’s reverting food to it’s pre-digested state, reducing the load on the GI system and making them more easily absorbable. By consuming fruits, veggies and boosts in this manner, many find it less taxing on their digestion as compared to ingesting food in its whole food.

5. Has anyone lost weight from the program?

Although the NutriBullet program was not designed to be a weight loss program, we have seen some great weight-loss results from people following it. A lot of the success depends on your metabolism and lifestyle habits. If you are interested in using the NutriBullet for weight loss, modify your NutriBlasts with lower calorie ingredients. Consider using more leafy greens and less high sugar fruits, then adding in smaller portions of nuts and denser fruits like avocado. Also, be sure to make your meals more plant-based so you can fill up on fiber, keeping you full while you consume less calories.

We also suggest exploring for forums, articles and recipes with great info on how to achieve the weight loss you have always desired without starving yourself or feeling deprived. Click here to get started!

6. How many NutriBlasts can I have in a day?

You are more than welcome to Blast away; it’s a great way to get a large amount of nutritious foods into your diet! Two NutriBlasts are recommended in our 6-week transformation plan only as a suggestion for meal replacements at breakfast and lunch. NutriBlasts may also make a great addition to your current meal plan. If you are planning on only drinking NutriBlasts, be sure your Blasts contain all of the essential nutrients – carbs, proteins and fats – to meet your daily nutrient requirements. Be sure to speak to your doctor or nutrition professional before starting on a NutriBlast-only plan. Enjoy!

7. Should I peel my fruit first?

Our Extraction Preparation Chart can be found and downloaded here. This will guide you on how to prepare several varieties of produce for maximum health and help preserve the life of your NutriBullet.

8. Does the NutriBullet generate heat that kills the enzymes in fruits and vegetables?

Unlike larger heavy-duty blenders that heat up when running for an extended period of time, the NutriBullet emulsifies foods in just seconds. The system never heats up to 118 degrees Farenheit, the point at which enzymes are denatured. Heat, light and air are the main elements that kill enzymes. The NutriBullet does not heat up the ingredients and when consumed just after Blasting, the fruits and vegetables retain the most nutrients possible. If storing, keep in a dark, airtight container filled as much as possible to minimize exposure to air.

9. Can I add ice to my NutriBlast?

Absolutely! It will give it a slightly thicker consistency and a nice chill. Another option is to use frozen fruit or vegetables. Root vegetables like carrots and beets are also great to add in the NutriBullet.

10. I’m finding that my berry seeds do not grind up well. What am I doing wrong?

Larger seeds, like those from oranges or grapes, will end up more processed due to their size. Smaller seeds, such as strawberry seeds or blackberry seeds, are harder to break down into smaller pieces. We suggest using the pulse method a few times to help break down these tougher-to-get bits and then allowing the NutriBullet to run for 30-40 seconds, if needed.

11. Can I freeze a NutriBlast and, if so, for how long will it keep and still retain its nutrients and enzymes?

You can freeze a NutriBlast and thaw it the night before. Enzymes hold up pretty well in the cold freezer (just not in the heat), so freezing is an option. Depending on the ingredients in your NutriBlast, it may keep in the freezer for a few weeks if sealed in an airtight container. When freezing your NutriBlast, do not store it in the NutriBullet cup. Your NutriBlast should be transferred from the cup to an to appropriate freezer-safe container prior to freezing.

12. Can I make NutriBlasts ahead of time? 

We recommend making your NutriBlast right before you plan on consuming it. Heat, light, and air degrade nutrients and enzymes so the longer they are exposed, the less nutritious your NutriBlast might be. If you must make them in advance, don’t prepare more than one day’s worth in advance. Some options: You can prep your ingredients in the cup, top it with the stay-fresh lid (not the blade assembly). Then when you are ready to drink it, simply twist on the Extractor Blade and blast it right before you’d like to enjoy. Or you could blast and freeze them for future use (NutriBlasts keep for about a week depending on ingredients). When storing, keep in the refrigerator in a dark container and filled as close to the top as possible to minimize exposure to these elements.  When freezing your NutriBlast, do not store it in the NutriBullet cup. Your NutriBlast should be transferred from the cup to an to appropriate freezer-safe container prior to freezing.

13. What are the NutriBullet Superfood Boosts and where can I purchase them?

Looking for a way to charge up your Blasts? Try one of our superfood boosts!

If you’re trying to lose weight, super boost your fat-burning results with our NutriBullet Superfood Fat Burning Boost, our unique blend of superfoods. Superfood Fat Burning Boost’s premium quality, pure, organic ingredients have been shown to assist your body’s natural ability to burn fat. This mix includes organic green tea, cacao, cinnamon, chia seeds and ginger.

Click here for our Fat Burning Boost!

Lacking energy? Super boost your energy with our NutriBullet Superfood Energy Boost, which includes guayusa, hemp, chia, green tea, beet root and maca. The SuperFood Energy Boost provides all-natural, long-lasting, sustainable energy, so whether you are prepping for a workout, recovering from a sleepless night or simply hitting an afternoon slump – this is the formula for you!

Click here for our Energy Boost!

  1. Shailesh Patel says:

    Can i use full fat milk instead of water in 600 series?

  2. First of all, The Nutribullet is life changing. I can’t say enough of positive things about it.I have the 600 and it has never given me a problem , only pleasure. My husband who has sarcoidosis, and high blood pressure, and as a result kidney disease. Unfortunately his fruit and vegetable consumption used to be orange juice and corn. No amount of my preparation skills would entice him to change his eating habits.Our nutritionist said, If you don’t introduce more fruits and vegetable to your diet, you will be on dialysis in a few years.I purchased one for my home, and one to prepare smoothies for my foundation, Mondays at Racine. See website.
    Joe started craving the blueberry /kale based smoothies I was creating, and as a result he has improved kidney function, and down to 1 blood pressure med.I also noticed I wasn’t using my inhaler a quarter of the time.. I have asthma.There is no way that this introduction hasn’t made a difference to our health.. I understand the need to let your doctor know about your diet changes, especially if you are on meds, but as Hippocrates quoted, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.Big big fan, you go NutriBullet. I will be hosting a fundraising symposium in NY shortly where we will be screening the movie, Forks over Knives with 250 in attendance , and a panel chat about Diet and Disease. There will be nutritionists, hospital dietitians, and farm to table chefs on that panel. I would love to talk about NB and perhaps give out some promotional material,Any idea how I could speak to someone about it

  3. Casey says:

    I have a hard time removing the lid/blade. Does anyone know of a good gripper/helper/lid remover that is large enough to help with this?

    • Philip says:

      Nothing special. You may be over-tightening the blade unit on the cup. When I do that, I just use a soft circle of rubberized material I got for opening jars. They’re often given away free as promotions. Mine says ‘Maple the Cow’ and ‘100% Canadian Milk’. But you know the kind of thing. It’s about 5 inches in diameter and works perfectly without causing any damage to the unit.

      !!! Hint to Magic Bullet !!! ——– You could give these away as promotions.

  4. Karen R says:

    Can you chop an onion in the Nutribullet?

  5. Nicky says:

    Can I put wheatgrass powder into my nutri bullet and if so how much would u recommend??? Thanks.

    • Maureen says:

      No Our digestive system can not process the grass fibre only the juice. You need a special wheatgrass juicer

      • Maureen says:

        Sorry didn’t see the powder in the previous question. Powder should be ok but need to visit a wheatgrass juice site to see what should and should not be mixed with it.

        • NutriBullet says:

          Wheatgrass is perfectly okay to add to your NutriBullet, the blades extract them fully and it is digested without issues.

    • Ellen Sweeney says:

      , You certainly can. I use 2 tablespoons per large Nutribullet containe ,but you can start off with 1 tablespoon. I sometimes blend vanilla flavored almond milk and 2 tables spoons of wheat grass powder.

  6. JACQUI says:

    I question this information

    Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. Also avoid avocado pits due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    I think you will find that this is either incorrect or old researched information.


    • Ellen Sweeney says:

      Actually the benefit of amygdalin those seeds from the apple, peach, apricot is what is benefical against cancer cells. Laetril is a medicine derived from apricot kernels. Keep in mind that studies involving humans are limited or not existant for what ever reason. I can tell you I regularly blend apple seed and apricot seed for that reason. I have a cancer that had metastizied to all the lymph nodes in my chest and neck. Nodules in lungs. Never could find primary site. I am a beliver in Jesus and his healing promises written in the Holy Bible. I also had chemo and the cancer is now isolated to one lymph node on left side of my neck. I am still receiving chemo for a second time, because i couldn’t complete first time because WBC were too low. I believe that using whatever arsenal is available, including herbs, for this scourge, you need to research and try. We are not going to get the studies needed in mainstream research, but the Bible says Ezekiel 47:12

      And on the banks, on both sides of the river, there will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not wither, nor their fruit fail, but they will bear fresh fruit every month, because the water for them flows from the sanctuary. Their fruit will be for food, and their leaves for healing.”

  7. Nadine says:

    I bought my nutribullet 2 days ago and LOVE it but as I don’t have much time to go shopping on a regular basis I have started putting fresh fruits and greens in freezer bags so they last longer. I will also try buying frozen ingredients and see how I get on with those. But do I have to defrost my freezer bags before blasting them in the morning or can I put the ingredients straight from the freezer in my bullet? Sorry if this question has been asked before.

    • Linda Imbriale says:

      I have been freezing greens, fruits and using frozen fruits and have had great success. It also eliminates the need to add ice. I also just discovered Farmivore, a juicing delivery service that even packs the ingrients for different recipes. I used the promo code NEWYEAR and got first delivery for just $9.99. It’s at least $50 worth of fruits and veggies!! I may have to pick up different fruits and veggies at my convience, but I found the options in the service makes juicing with my NutriBullet so much easier!! Check out Farmivore and see if they are available in your area. & no, I do not have any affiliate with this company, I’m just a happy customer that uses this service since I was having the same problem you described. My NutiBullet is going every day at least 3-4 times a day including the smoothies I make for my kids!!

  8. Kathy says:

    There are differences between what was said on the infomercial for the NB Rx and what the manual says: Peel garlic vs. throwing it in with the skins on; throw in a whole tumeric root vs. tumeric powder in the book recipes; cut up tomatoes and remove stems from strawberries vs the book showing photos of strawberries with stems and whole tomatoes. The infomercial also said nothing about having to precook anything prior to making soup. The contradictory and misleading information has left me confused and disappointed with my purchase.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Kathy! Sorry about this, it was never our intention! Keep in mind that there are various preparation methods for foods and you should use whichever you feel most comfortable using. The informercial shows convenient prep options that may be less conventional, but were aimed at educating. Be sure to visit the Recipes section on for more soup and Blast recipes, including recipes that do not require prior cooking; there should be many of these in the hardcover book that came with your purchase.

      Hope this helps!

  9. web site says:

    At home I have a simple blender. I use it almost every day but the truth is that the fruits which I blend there cannot be blended very well. The juices I make usually contain big pieces and it is not very pleasant for drinking. So, if I want to live and to eat clean I should buy one of these NutriBullets!

  10. June says:

    Can Nutriblast be used for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Are there receipes to use for this specific problem?

  11. Susan R. says:

    I purchased the Nutribullet Rx a couple of weeks ago and have made a couple of delicious smoothies. Yesterday, I decided to make the soup but the machine would not go into the Souperblaster mode. No matter when or how long I pressed the green light after extracting the contents, the red light did not come on. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Kathy says:

      I’ve had my Nutribullet Rx for a couple of weeks & just tried the soup feature. I had the same problem of the button not turning red and the soup feature not going on. Was hoping to find some answers here.

  12. Jennie says:

    HELP! URGENT! I have just made a fruit smoothie in the Nutribullet (did one the other day without any problems). Today it has overflowed and the cup will not turn to come off the base unit. I don’t want to force the cup off but even when I tried to twist fairly hard it doesn’t move a bit. What do I do?

    • bella says:

      Hi Jennie. Same thing happened with mine. I soaked the base in hot water for a few minutes, and then put on a pair of rubber gloves to get a good grip, and it came off. Hope yours does too!

      • Jennie says:

        Thanks Bella! I eventually got it off by very gently using a screw driver to ‘release’ the little bits that push down when you twist the cup into the unit (not sure how else to describe them!). It’s working fine again now thankfully

        • Philip says:

          Hi, Jennie:
          You did the right thing, Bella was referring to releasing the blade unit from the cup, not the motor unit itself. You obviously should not soak the motor unit in hot water! It would be a very dangerous and foolish thing to do.
          You will see that the three little tabs in the motor unit run in tracks that are not possible to clean. But blended liquid can overflow down them if you don’t screw the blade unit onto the cup tightly, or if you blend a second cupful without rinsing (some liquid can squeeze out round the threads). This leakage will eventually cause the tabs to stick.
          If the tabs continue to stick you can drip a little water down the three tracks with an eye dropper – WITH THE UNIT UNPLUGGED. Then, with the unit still unplugged, push the blade/cup unit down and then off several times to free up the tracks. You may need to do this for several days until the tracks free up properly and stop sticking.
          BE CAREFUL! Don’t drip much water down inside the unit. If you do overdo it, leave the unit dry out properly before use to avoid running the motor with wet contacts.
          To avoid this problem altogether, make sure the blade unit is screwed tightly onto the cup and always check to make sure no liquid is leaking out round the threads. I always wipe the junction with a paper towel if I’m blending a second cup.
          You’ll know if you’re getting leakage because there will be wet or dried gunk accumulating in the top of the motor unit. There shouldn’t really be any if you’re doing things properly.

          • Jennie says:

            Thanks so much for all that helpful information Philip. Very much appreciated

          • Donna says:

            OK I’ve done it again and don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I cannot get the lid off to come off the cup – it is soooo tight it’s crazy! I tried my can opener but it wouldn’t budge. What else can I do to get it off? Is this something that happens quite frequently? UGH :(

          • Pam says:

            My tall cup with blade unit is “stuck” on the motor. It will not budge. It has fruit and yogurt blended inside. I have done all that you recommended above. This is only the 2nd time I have used the machine and am so worried that I have destroyed it.

        • Shelley-Anne says:

          Just push in THEN twist. Kind of like opening an aspirin bottle! I thought something was wrong with my unit the first time this happened to me, almost broke my hand trying to twist the thing off but then the lightbulb in my head went ON!

  13. Lauren says:

    Can the NutriBullet crush ice?

  14. JILL says:

    hi do you have to add liquids when using the nutribullet? i bought it to make carrot and orange smoothies and when i made these before with a juicer i didnt need to add liquid. wont the juice from the orange be enough? thanks

  15. Nicola says:

    Hi there I can’t wait to get started on phase one – but can someone please tell me what a vegetarian can eat for dinner? Only fish & lean meat choices seem to exist and I know dairy is meant to be avoided … don’t want to spoil the diet can I have nuts/quorn/eggs or not?

  16. Jennie says:

    I’m wondering if I can use the Nutribullet to make my breakfast smoothie – I use soy milk, yoghurt, eggs, LSA & various fruits (bananas, blueberries, strawberries usually). I only just received the Nutribullet yesterday, so I don’t feel game to use it for this until I hear from you!

  17. Mellanie says:

    Hello! I want to use this to mainly make smoothies… with fruit, yogurt and ice typically. Is the NutriBullet okay for that or could I have just bought the Magic Bullet? Thank you!

  18. Heather Carson says:

    I have had my Nutri Bullet for a few months now and just today started using it. There is what seems to be a seal ring that came off this morning when I was taking the blade cap off to replace with the drink cap. I put it back on and blended again, and it did it again. Is this going to keep happening? Can it be fixed? I am very frustrated about this.

  19. Patti says:

    What are the nutribullet rx containers made of? If they a plastic, are they BPA free?

  20. Leslie says:

    Just wondering if I can make the soup recipes in the 900 watt nutri bullet using the soup mixes or just garden vegetables and then heat the soup up in microwave or would it just not taste the same?

  21. Joe says:

    Is it okay to add in yogurt??

  22. Beverly says:

    I just used my new nutribullet rx. After extracting the Turmeric (inflammatory drink) the mixture was on the warm side
    when i tried drinking it. Is this normal? I put the extracting lid on, put small container on base and it automatically came on and then auto stop. I put the mixture in the refrigerator to let it chill just a bit.

  23. Eria says:

    Can the nutribullet be used to grind up an avocado pit?

  24. barbara cline says:

    Can you blend kiwi fruit with skin on in nutribullet?

  25. NV says:

    I’ve started using the fat burning booster. 2 teaspoons in every nutribullet. But I’m finding the taste overpowering. Kind of gritty/chalkie and definitely detracts from the sweetness of the fruits. Have others experienced that and what do you recomend I do (beside omitting the boost altogether)? Thanks.

  26. joanne elliott says:

    hi I have just bought a nutribullet and as sometimes it is a little difficult to put the cup on the base I decided to put the cup on and then switch the plug on so that the base was not “live” as it was before I put the cup on. can someone tell me if this is ok or whether it will cause a problem. as the motor is quite powerful I didn’t feel comfortable with trying to fit a cup and blade onto the base and it suddenly start up!

  27. Leesa says:

    I was making a smoothie the other morning with frozen fruit and ice and it just would not chop it up. Why is this?

    • fellow nutribullet user says:

      It may have been because the combination of ices made it too thick – just add a little liquid like water or coconut milk to let the ices be able to move around.
      Another thing to remember is not to fill up past the max line as that disables movement of ices too.

  28. Pauline says:

    I am interested in purchasing a Nutribullet Pro 900 – base only. Accessories are not needed. Is this possible?

  29. tess says:

    what is the electrical standard of nutribullet

  30. Aliza says:

    Does the NutriBullet Pro 900 watt series grind nuts into nut butters? Does it grind seeds into powder?
    Thank you!

  31. Sylv says:

    Any idea of when this product will be available in the UK (i.e.: with european electrical standards – 240V)


  32. Sylv says:

    Nutribullet RX heats up the mix,


    There is nothing about this, which I think it’s a big flaw really…

    Please do clarify


    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Sylv! Our soups heat up to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit, though temperatures vary!

      • Sylv says:


        Do you know the maximum temperature that it could heat up then?

        Also, any idea of when this product will be available in the UK (i.e.: with european electrical standards – 240V)


  33. Jasmin says:

    My Nutribullet arrived on Friday and it only works sporadically. I just wanted to check to see if I’m doing anything wrong? It worked yesterday evening fine, but this morning it took 15 minutes of trying (twisting it on and off) to get the motor to work. It clicks into place fine and when it does work it works without issue. Has anyone else had this problem?

  34. Ed says:

    My jar is stuck to base motor and is filled with juice. What do I do?

  35. pauli says:

    I have been diagnosed with acute diverticulosis , which causes constipation, &. Iwas advised to eat more veggies. I do, but get lazy about it, so bought the Nutribullet. However, wondering if when you blast them are you losing the fiber effect? That’s important as I am trying to add fiber and wondering if I am doing the wrong thing. Please advise. Also, I made a quick veggie soup this am with veg stock,nion, zucchini and celery. Not realizing you could not put hot liquids into the machine,I did so and it was fine. Is that truly a bad thing to do and will Iruin the machine? Appreciate responses as early as possible.. Is it better to make the soup first, cool it, and then put it in NB and reheat later. I have original model, not new one with soup feature. Thanks.

    Also, need to remove the seal, but don’t know how…please advise as don’t want to ruin the machine. Thank you.

    • CJD2010 says:

      To blend hot food can cause the container to explode much in the same way as carbonated drinks. It will act like a pressure cooker.

      • DAVID says:

        My daughter just purchased a Nutribullet from Walmart. She was making hot soup and the container blew up. she was sent to the hospital with 2nd degree burns on her face. is there any recourse?

    • Joe says:

      Not only does it not remove the fiber, it makes it easier to digest. I also have diverticulitis and the Nutribullet is how I get 90% of my fiber.

  36. Renee J says:

    After being away for 10 days, my NutriBullet will not turn on. I’ve tried different cups with the same result. This unit is less than 6 months old. Please advise.

  37. Leslie says:

    I just received and started using nutriblast today. I tried the toxin cleansing blast. When I loaded the cup, all that would fit was 1/2 the recipe (1 handful spinach, 1/2 pear. 1/2 banana, 1/2 apple and 1/2 c pineapple). Would I use that as my morning drink or do you make two cups worth and use the other half of the ingredients? I made the two cups today but that was quite a lot for me to get down. Thanks. I think that I will really enjoy this system when I get it down.

    • Rosie-May says:

      Hello Leslie,

      I’m new to nutri bullet and am having the same problem one nutri blast recipe doesn’t fit in my tall cup. I’m also finding I have to blast in stages as it doesn’t all fit in?! I was just wondering how you overcome this, whether you made the recipe smaller or froze the rest for the next day.
      Hope you can help.

      Thank you xx

  38. Joyce says:

    When operating the nutri bullet after you screw it on. Do you press down a little on the plastic cup to turn it slightly to lock it in place? Once it is in the 3 notches? I do cachews nuts in it for this lady because she has false teeth. I wouldn’t turn slightly and she told me you down press down at all just twist. I talked to a friend and he said he presses down slightly to to slightly turn it it locks in place and comes on.
    If this how you operate it.? I believe it is an older one.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Joyce! Operation is simple, once the three tabs on the cup have aligned with the three notches on your base, press down and turn clockwise to operate. After about 30 seconds or so, you can turn the cup counter-clockwise to turn it off and lift the cup gently off the base.

  39. Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell says:

    Bummer……………my nutibullet began to leak when I discovered adding coconut oil to my coffee. Is it not advised to use your product for hot liquids or foods?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Margaret – No, please do not use your NutriBullet with hot or carbonated liquids. Be sure to read your NutriBullet user manual for more information.

  40. Renee says:


    I purchased my Nutribullet and it worked fine yesterday. Today I couldn’t get the motor to run. I juice fruits and vegetables each time with no issue. Any clue why it won’t run?

  41. Grant Barnes says:

    My extractor blade of is stuck to a cup after blending hot soup in it. How can I remove the extractor blade?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Grant! Are you talking about the NutriBullet or the newest NutriBullet Rx? Please call our customer service department and they will be happy to help! 1-855-346-8874

  42. BERTHA F says:

    my daily medication. can it be added to my breakfast to be blended as well. i do not like to swallow medicine. therefore, i thought this was a good idea if i added my daily pills to what i blend in the morning for breakfast.

  43. Linda says:

    I have what I consider to be a serious issue and have never seen it addressed here or on any of the infomercials. I always “rinse and go” the blade really well after use and even use the sprayer because the undersides of the blades dont get clean just rinsing. Ive discovered that under the plastic seal, food collects and rots! That can’t be healthy! It made me sick thinking this was most certainly leaking back into my blasts. Now I take it out each time with the tip of a knife and am afraid it will loosen the seal enough to not work at all. Any comments on this???

    • Amma says:

      I wash mine with washing up liquid on a brush or bottle brush to get underneath the blade. Always unscrew the plastic seal and wash separately.

      • Linda says:

        Amma, What plastic seal are you “unscrewing”? The problem with the seal I am talking about is that each time you have to actually PRY it out, it loosens just a little. Secondly, I believe it should be mentioned in all the talk about how easy it is to clean. People hear the words “rinse and go” not realizing that seal can actually get food under and does need to be taken out. That could potentially make someone sick collecting bacteria underneath.

        • keke says:

          Yes, for this reason, I only use mines because everyone doesn’t clean it as well as I do. I remove the seal too. My friend has one and she offered to make me one. I started to let her do it until I thought about how clean do she keep it. Her seal underneath was nasty cause she didn’t think to remove it and clean it from all that trapped liquid that sips under the seal.

    • Gary says:

      I noticed the same thing. Im not doing the rinse and go anymore. Take out the seal and wash it all.

    • Linda says:

      TO NUTRIBULLET: I see on pg 3 CLEANING SAFEGUARDS, not to remove the gasket or it will cause damage to the blade and cause leakage. If loose, contact CS for a replacement blade holder. Can you please explain this to us? I dont understand what the gasket has to do with the blade holder. Wouldnt you just need a new gasket? Also how do you expect us to get the food out from under the gasket? I wash mine with warm soapy water and it does not get it out. Mine started to smell sour before I knew what the real problem was. Thanks!

  44. Meredith says:

    I have had small leaks before that weren’t a big deal but this morning my blast ended up leaking all over the place and right down through the machine. It’s frustrating normally but this morning I had overslept so was already running late so quickly wiped up the mess but I know I’ll need to do a better clean-up when I get home. My question is this: How do I make sure the inside of the machine itself is cleaned out? We can’t exactly run water through it to clean it, can we? I have the 900 and spent too much on it for it to burn out from the blast leaking into the motor! I tend not to tighten it too much b/c then I cannot get the cover off and when I’ve seen the presentation on HSN David makes a point to say you don’t need to over-tighten. If he’s wrong, he needs to stop saying that!

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Meredith! Please give our customer service department a call toll free at 1-855-346-8874. They will be more than happy to help you troubleshoot!

  45. Different Joe says:

    Have you tried used the two bladed milling blade? That is what
    I use to turn seeds into flour

    • Linda says:

      Yes! I used with almonds and it works beautifully. I also actually made some homemade laundry detergent (scrubbed it down of course!)

  46. Corine says:

    Please give me some hints on blasting pomegranate seeds. I did and there a so many small fragments of the seeds left in my drink. I used the extractor blade. I made it with 50% baby kale, a banana and a small handful of pomegranate seeds in the small cup. and spring water to the max line. It tasted very good.
    I use my NutriBullet twice a day. I am much healthier because of this. I always add and love your Super boost powders. I get complete nutrition in with every bit of my Blast.
    Thank GOD for David Wolfe and everyone at NuriBullet!
    From a much healthier,
    Corine Coyne-Chagolla

  47. MARY says:

    compre el nutri bullet pero me gustaría tener el libro en español donde puedo conseguirlo?

  48. Helen says:

    Please help !!

    I can’t get the blade with attached cup onto the base unit, it just won’t go down – I’ve tried everything, but can’t get it to go, any suggestions please?

  49. Margaret Carrington says:

    Thanks Nancy, I found HSN recipes on Youtube and I’ll spend time there as soon as I have time.

  50. steve says:

    I am in the UK and will be collecting a nutribullet from a store tomorrow, I am a bit concerned about the number of peoples speaking about not being able to release the cups, or insert the cups back in the unit. I dont want to be replacing the unit every 3 or 4 months. What warranty system is available in the UK?



    • Margaret Carrington says:

      I had the same problem. I could not take the cup off.
      This is what I did to fix the problem.
      Look closely at the three tabs on the cup that lock into place when you turn it clockwise a little.
      Because the cup was not level, one of them was locked tight, while there was a little bit of movement in the other two when pressed with a small object.
      I folded a tea towel into a pad (not too thick) and I placed it one the top of the cup and tapped sharply above the locked tab and it clicked undone and that fixed it.

  51. NV says:

    I’ve been using the NutriBullet since July. Most of my concoctions have been fine and I drink the whole large contIner for breakfast. But this weekend I watched the HSN NutriBullet one-hour offering during which they made juice after juice after juice. And I have to tell you I learned so much about recipes, techniques,shared experiences…that already this morning I made the best-tasting juice ever. If you can find it online it’s a really good hour to watch.

    • Margaret Carrington says:

      Sounds interesting,how do I find this program? I am in Australia.

      • Nancy says:

        I was trying to find a link for you on the HSN site and the Nutribullet site, as well as YouTube, but not finding it. It was a live one-hour show on Saturday. Do you get Home Shopping Network in Australia? Next time you see a scheduled NutriBullet show you should watch. Their early-on shows which are on YouTube are more about testimonials and introducing the NutriBullet, but not enough about recipes and techniques.

  52. Margaret Carrington says:

    Tap the top of the cup sharply with a hammer over the tab that is jammed.
    If the cup is not level this can happen

  53. Carol says:

    One of the three push down tabs in the base is frozen in the up position so I can’t use my Nutri-Bullet at all. This is pretty discouraging given what I paid for it and how little time I’ve owned it.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Carol! Sorry to hear this, please give our customer service department a call at 1-855-346-8874 so you can troubleshoot and get everything worked out.

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Carol:
      I had a similar issue early in the year and fixed it. I would not recommend using hammers and such, the tabs seem to be pretty robust but I think that’s going a bit far.
      Here is my reply to someone else who was having a similar problem:

      Might it be that you can’t push the cup/blade assembly down into the unit? I had a similar problem and found a little blended liquid had leaked from the seal down into the three slots on my unit. Once it dried it made it difficult/impossible to push the unit down and activate the motor. I used an eye dropper to drop a little clean water down into the three tracks. I left it for a minute or so for the water to soak down, then tried again.
      !! Note !! Be careful not to put a lot of water down the tracks. A few drops is enough! You don’t want to get the motor wet and get an electric shock – just put a drop or two of clean water in each track.
      I had to end up (carefully) bashing the unit down with the heal of my hand. I was worried that I’d break off the small prongs on the blade unit but I was careful and they seem pretty strong. I was then able to make my drink.
      From then on I was careful not to let any blended liquid leak down into the base (motor) unit. This can happen when you blend a second cup without rinsing out the cup (something I do all the time as I always make two large cups – for my wife and myself).
      We make a Nutribullet drink almost every day and I had to do this with the eye dropper for a week. But now the tracks are clear.
      !! Note !! I now always have a sheet of paper towel on hand. For the second and subsequent cups I wipe the seal line with it after screwing in the blade unit. This cleans away any residue that has squeezed out.

  54. Margaret Carrington says:

    This is how I fixed the problem of not being able to remove the cup.
    One of the three little tabs on the lip of the cup has jammed in place under the rim on top of the base unit.. Push each one with the end of a skewer and you will see there is no movement in one of them, it is stuck because the cup is not level.
    However, fold a tea towel into a pad (not too thick) and give a sharp tap with a hammer on the cup above the tab that is stuck. You will hear it click when it is released.
    I have found that sometimes it will leak when in action if the blades are not tightly screwed on or too much liquid. I just give an extra twist before starting to blast.
    I hope this helps.

  55. chris says:

    my cup wont come out of the machine I still have a mix in there leaking how do I get it out???????

  56. Elmo Glick says:

    Nutribullet is fun!

  57. Megan says:

    I just received mine as a gift and it worked fine yesterday with frozen and non frozen fruit but I tried to make one today for my husband and I and had trouble. I filled the frozen fruit, yogurt, and water to the fill line and it got jammed up on the frozen fruit. I opened it and tried to crush it manually a bit to start it again. It worked but it shouldn’t be this difficult because I know it’s meant to be used with frozen items. What am I missing? I assume it’s some type of user error but right now I’m just super bummed with this. Any help?

    • Ruthdob says:

      Frozen foods should go in first, then softer foods and finally liquids. If you put the frozen foods or ice in first, they jam the blade when you turn the container upside down on the motor sure to add enough water or other liquid.

    • Philip says:

      Myself, I avoid putting hard-frozen fruit into the Nutribullet, even though the instructions indicate it’s OK. I also never put in ice cubes directly!
      I use frozen fruit and veggies a lot, but I put them in a jug, add some liquid, usually just water, and leave them a while to defrost/soften a bit. This just seems easier on the machine, especially on the blades and the bearings in the blade unit.
      I don’t throw the water away, of course! I always add liquid, usually water, to my mixes anyway, so I just add it to the frozen stuff and let it thaw a bit before I make my drink.
      I use my Nutribullet every day, often more than once a day. It’s well made but ice cubes and frozen stuff are bound to take their toll if you use them continuously. Why take the risk?.

  58. Different Joe says:

    I haven’t done that before. I don’t see why you couldn’t. I imagine it would be less sweet.

  59. Marianne says:

    I live my Nutribullet and use it every morning. I received it as a gift and have only had it for 6 months or so. Lately I’ve been smelling like an electrical smll, like a motor that is too warm and I don’t know what to do. I have to say I take the shake off quickly and don’t leave it going on too long. Anyone have the same issue?

  60. Lily says:

    Can you crush ice without adding it to a nutri-blast

    • Albert Reed says:

      No. It is not an ice crusher. Using ice without water and other ingredients is misuse and dangerous. It should be used for its intended purpose, according to the manual, demonstrations, and recipes.

  61. Sarah says:

    why doesn’t the milling blade doesn’t come with the pro version?

  62. Ashton says:

    Can I make my NutriBullet in the morning then keep it in the refrigerator until lunch?
    Do I have to freeze it until lunch or can I just refrigerate it? I keep it in a cup with a lid..

  63. Different Joe says:

    I do sometimes. Or a flavored yogurt. If my mixture is already very sweet, I add green tea as my liquid.

  64. Carina says:

    Can you add juice instead of water to help sweeten the drinks a bit?

    • Joe says:

      I’ve been using juice instead of water since day one.

      • Philip says:

        Hi, Joe (& Carina)
        I take it that when you mention juice you mean fruit juice.
        Fruit juice will sweeten the drink but remember, fruit juice isn’t a whole food. Even if it’s pure, it’s just the liquid from the fruit. So it’s very high in sugar. That’s why nutritionists are now warning parents. Fruit juice is better than soda, but it’s still basically a sugar drink. Plus, the sugar in fruit juice is mainly fructose, which the body doesn’t handle very well. The body needs glucose to run, not fructose.
        Whole fruit is very healthy. The other nutrients in the fruit more than balance out the negative effects of the fructose. But fruit juice alone is problematic.
        There’s been quite a lot of research on this recently. The food industry is also fighting back and trying to discredit the independent researchers, though. So don’t just rely on one source for your information, especially if it’s funded by the food industry.

        • I sometimes use Coconut milk or store bought carrot juice . The carrot juice because I’m not satisfied how the Nutribullit works with carrots.

          • Margaret Carrington says:

            I finely slice carrots to include in my NBlast

          • Philip says:

            I always add carrots to my drink and I’ve rarely had a problem.
            I have to admit, however, that I don’t consider the occasional little bit of crunchy carrot a problem. I do believe fresh carrots are far superior to store bought carrot juice. So I’m prepared to put up with a tiny bit of unblended carrot in my drink occasionally. But that’s just me.

      • Tanika says:

        I also had fat free milk, almond milk or soy milk

  65. Cristy Rawks says:

    OR call customer service and get it replaced. Do you know how awesome they were in replacing MY unit when I had a problem? Find out. ;-)

  66. Lorne says:

    I love my Nutrbullet and use it just about every day for a kale/spinach/protein powder smoothie. However, I find that even after I run the Nutribullet for a long time (i.e. 30 seconds, two or three times), the kale is still “clumpy” and my smoothie is well….not smooth. Any advice? Thanks.

    • Joe says:

      Call customer service and request a new blade. Even if the machine is no longer under warranty, the blades are inexpensive, around 10 bucks plus shipping. I use kale all the time and never have I had it come out clumpy.

  67. Stace says:

    hi, can i buy the superfood fat burning boost in australia? thanks.

  68. Leslea says:

    Hi Phillip,

    The oil is from the motor along with the noise.

    As I have expressed to you before I live in another country other than USA. The costs are too high to return to California regardless of the warranty. It must be nice to only pay a couple of dollars to return the product. Would you pay $ 30 – $ 50 to return the machine to the USA when it cost $ 79.00 ? Therefore I just throw out the machine and buy a new one. I have had the machine for over a year. I use it ever day like you.
    Hopefully Nutribullet will set up a warranty service program for Canadian customers in Canada, then it will be worth the shipping. Wolfgang Puck ( chef ) and other top kitchen product lines sold in Canada ALL have warranty service programs in Canada for their Canadian customers. It is all due to the economy of scale.
    You sound like a huge advocate for Nutribullet. Find out how many machines they sell in the Canada and that will explain my answer.

    Hi, Leslea:
    Is the ‘oil’ you refer to a black grunge on the base of the blade assembly rather than from the motor unit?
    If so, it is the blade bearings that are going. This was a problem with the original blades. I had the same problem a few months ago.
    Nutribullet replaced the blade unit. I did have to pay a couple of dollars for shipping but that was all. The new blade unit is great. The person I spoke to at customer service was very understanding and helpful. I was pleased with their service and with the quality of the product. My wife and I use the unit every day and when it finally dies I will buy another one immediately.

    Kathy says:
    July 9, 2014 at 7:32 pm
    Have purchased and return Nutri Bullet twice. Now on #3. They last 4-6 weeks before it becomes hard to mount into the base and when removed makes a clicking sound. Ours is used twice a day every day. I love the results but not the returning and re-purchasing routine every month.

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Leslea:
      I only just read your July note to me,. Actually, I live in Canada too. Nutribullet’s customer service is in the US but they ship from inside Canada to Canadian customers. It really only cost a few dollars shipping for my replacement blade unit. I live close to Toronto and the replacement part arrived by courier in a couple of days.

    • Norie says:

      I have purchased and returned Nutri Bullet twice. Now on #3 too! I made myself a a fruit drink this morning and I smelled like rubber burning; is that very common?

      • NutriBullet says:

        Norie, please call our customer service department before returning your unit – they can help you troubleshoot and replace any malfunctioning parts if need be. That’ll save you effort and money and you’ll love your machine! Call toll free: 1-855-346-8874.

      • NV says:

        Mine had that rubber burning smell in the beginning as well. But it’s gone away. It’s know the overall experience is better since I’m more mindful of the fill line. It also hasn’t spilled in weeks because of this.

  69. Leslea says:


    I returned my machines 2 X to the retail store I bought mine at in Toronto Canada. The 3rd machine has worked for a year. Now I am having problems with the noise of the motor & the leaking of oil from the machine. So I will just throw it out and buy a new one at the store again. It is far too costly to ship from Canada to the USA and deal with the paperwork, customs, insurance. We have no warranty centre in Canada unlike the USA.

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Leslea:
      Is the ‘oil’ you refer to a black grunge on the base of the blade assembly rather than from the motor unit?
      If so, it is the blade bearings that are going. This was a problem with the original blades. I had the same problem a few months ago.
      Nutribullet replaced the blade unit. I did have to pay a couple of dollars for shipping but that was all. The new blade unit is great. The person I spoke to at customer service was very understanding and helpful. I was pleased with their service and with the quality of the product. My wife and I use the unit every day and when it finally dies I will buy another one immediately.

  70. Kathy says:

    Have purchased and return Nutri Bullet twice. Now on #3. They last 4-6 weeks before it becomes hard to mount into the base and when removed makes a clicking sound. Ours is used twice a day every day. I love the results but not the returning and re-purchasing routine every month.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hey Kathy! Sorry to hear about your troubles! Make sure you fill out your warranty card and then call us next time you have trouble. Each NutriBullet is covered automatically by a 1 year warranty, which is then extended 3 more months when you register the warranty. Call our Customer Service line and they can troubleshoot with you! 1-855-346-8874

  71. Victoria Walter says:

    Hi :) How long does the nutribullet last? 2 years? 1?

    • KJ says:

      I got mine April 27, 2013 and just today replaced the blade. I knew it was going to need replacing eventually when it started getting loud, so had one on hand. This machine has been used 2-3 times per day for almost 15 months. The motor is going strong.

  72. Nicole says:

    Probably has been answered previously. Sorry but to many to go through. Question. Can you make soup in nutribullet by adding vegatables and hot water? Or are you better of blending then heating on stove top?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Nicole! Do not put any hot liquids into the NutriBullet. We would recommend extracting and then heating over the stovetop.

    • Joe says:

      FYI, you can make a very fresh tasting tomato soup with the Nutribullet. Tastes like it just came out of the garden. Like the moderator said, just extract first then heat in a sauce pan.

  73. Schatzie says:

    What parts of the Nutribullet are most likely to break or in need of replacement? I find the rubber ring on the inside of the Extractor blade keeps falling out. I am worried it will be blended up with the mix one day. Also how often do the blade parts need to be replaced, if using the Bullet every day? Do people find it is safe to wash the plastic cups in the top shelf of the dishwasher?

    • cheryl says:

      I wash my plastic cups on the top shelf. My rubber ring fell out once, I think it was how I was washing it, I place it back in – no problem.

  74. Cristy Rawks says:

    Just put more fruit in or use raw honey or natural sugar to sweeten it. At times I put too much of the greens in and it does taste too “greenie” lol so I drink a bit down and add more fruit and spin it again and it does become tastier. Try it before you give it up. ;) Oh and try other fruits so that you can get an idea what makes your Blasts palatable. The big thing is be persistent with the seeds and nuts. They are soooo good for you! Good luck!!!

    • carol says:

      Hi Cristy
      Thanks for the suggestions, much appreciated. I’m trying to lose weight as well as feel more healthy, so I’m not giving up. I’m a woman on a mission now.
      I like the sound of the honey to use as a flavouring/sweetener.

      I know what you mean about the drinks tasting “greenie”, maybe that’s where I need to do some adjustment.
      Now onto plan B then. Thanks once again from the UK.

    • Joe says:

      And for those of you who cannot have nuts and seeds and are leary that the bullet won’t pulverize them completely, health food stores carry nut oils and ground seeds. I was able to add chia seeds to my Blast by buying seeds that are ground into a powder.

      • Patricia says:

        I soak my Chia seeds in water first and then add them to my drink. This way they are much less hard and less gelatinous, for a much smoother texture. I use about 1/4 c of seeds to 3/4 c water put in a sealed container, keep in fridge and just use the amount I want each day. Can keep refrigerated like that for days.

  75. carol says:

    I am really trying to like the drinks I’m making with my NutriBullet but I have to admit that they taste disgusting. I’m not going to give up, but I would love to hear from anyone who has any suggestions for a more palatable drink.

    • Joe says:

      What are you putting in your drinks? I find that adding fruit helps if you are not already doing that

      • carol says:

        Thanks Joe

        I’m adding fruit but I will try adding a little bit more. I guess, as with everything, it’s trial and error.

        • KJ says:

          Adding half a banana makes all the difference for me. Without the banana, I can’t get it down, with it, it’s really good.

    • Different Joe says:

      I started out with fruit, yogurt and a little kale. If the yogurt is flavored I make sure it compliments the fruit. As time progressed I altered my ratios of fruits to vegis and even started adding weird things like garlic and turmeric. I am just getting back into blending and am starting over with fruit, yogurt and kale.
      Try blending honey dew, vanilla bean yogurt and a little cinnamon. Work what vegis you can into the mix. I would recommend a little kale or spinach.

      • carol says:

        Hi different Joe.
        I’m nothing if not persistent lol, so I will be trying all suggestions. I’m not sure about the garlic and turmeric though, but I do possess adventure spirit by bucket-load lol, so I will try them.

      • Regina says:

        @Different Joe – what if I added Vanilla extract to plain yogurt? Will it be the same?

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Carol:
      Adding sweeteners does help the taste, but is not a good idea in the long run. I do not recommend using honey or other sweeteners on a regular basis.
      As others have said, fruit is a good sweetener, but don’t go overboard. Currently we’re putting a banana in our mix, which takes around two of the large standard container to blend. That gives my wife and I one and a half 12 oz glasses each.
      We also put in a mix of blueberries, strawberries (and sometimes mango). Fruit usually comprises a quarter of the total, the rest being vegetables. We always include a green leafy veg like kale or spinach, carrot (which is sweet if you choose good carrots), then cauliflower and broccoli, and then other stuff in season.
      I loved this mix from the start, but many find it too different for their taste.
      I encourage you to put together a mix something along these lines, really healthy and not over sweetened (even with fruit).
      Then whether you like it or not, stick to the basic mix once a day for about two weeks. You will find that once your taste adapts it will become something you look forward to drinking every day.
      The Nutribullet is a great addition to a healthy diet, but it is only a part.
      Good diet requires a lifelong commitment to healthy, natural foods – Avoid processed foods wherever possible. They are designed to make money for the shareholders, not to improve your health.

      • carol says:

        Hi Philip.

        thank you so much for your suggestions.
        Because I have an incredibly sweet tooth I think that’s that’s main reason I found the drinks a little unpleasant to take. However, I am gradually trying to reduce the amount of fruit and increasing the veg quota.
        I have discovered that almonds and sesame seeds improve the flavour enormously.
        I am going to persevere with the NutriBullet because I really want it to be a permanent part of my diet and not just a ‘flash in the pan’.
        Once again thank you .

    • Darren says:

      Carol, to make things taste better, put a tablespoon of ground cinnamon in your drink. If you like cinnamon that is. It will make your drink taste better. Cinnamon is also a metabolism booster. Hope this helps.

    • MoniMoni says:

      Hi Carol,
      I’m in the same boat. In my brief experience I’ve found that grapes pack a lot of sweetness for their size. I’m still trying to reduce my amount of fruit though.

    • MichelleT says:

      I sometimes add a spoonful of honey.
      Also, I use either almond milk, Coconut Milk or Coconut Water to sweeten it up!

    • NV says:

      I’ve been using the NutriBullet since July. Most of my concoctions have been fine and I drink the whole large contIner for breakfast. But this weekend I watched the HSN NutriBullet one-hour offering during which they made juice after juice after juice. And I have to tell you I learned so much about recipes, techniques,shared experiences…that already this morning I made the best-tasting juice ever. If you can find it online it’s a really good hour to watch.

  76. Christina says:

    My question is: I started use my nitribullet about 10 days ago. I have my fruits and veggies after my work out around 11:00 (made on the nutribullet 900). I would like to know why Since I start drinking the mixing, my taste buds changed completely (use to love salami for example, but now I cannot stand the smell of it any longer , the same happen with chocolate bars) Another question is why I have to force myself to eat around 8 pm? I do not feel hungry ever.

  77. Josh says:

    Good question. Others may think this is too much calories but I make one large drinks that replaces both my breakfast and lunch most days. I try to make my drinks 50% minim of leafy greens, root vegetables, and other seasonal green vegatables. 25% fruit and berries, then I will do a rounded quarter cup of mixed unsalted, un roasted nuts made up of walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachio. Then a quarter cup of mixed seeds including chia, flax, seseme, and sunflower. Then some spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and raw organic cacao a thickener and protien additive such as half a small avocado, or 3 oz of unsweetened palin Greek yogurt(stick with Faye or chobani, they typically have the best ratio of protein vs sugar, and a protein powder.

    This is about 1100 nutrition packed calories that covers me all day till dinner.

    • paul says:

      If use the milling blade to mill my seeds such as chia , flax , and pumpkin seeds do you loose any of the nutriants out of them and should i make a heep of it at once.

  78. cliff ward says:

    Why do you actively warn against usage if you are on blood pressure medication? The main reason for my purchase was to aid my goal of finally kicking the BP habit?

  79. Rick says:

    Has anyone noticed not feeling very well right after drinkingone of these drinks? I feel really sluggish and just plain blaàaa! ……anyone know why I feel this way ?
    Ingredients: strawberries. Blue berry. Spinach. Water. Pineapple. Blackberries.ect.
    Thanks. Carol

    • Joe says:

      Carol: Actually I have the opposite problem. If I don’t Nutriblast I feel blah. That being said, are you on any medications? For example,,pineapple contains bromelaine (sp?) which can have an anti-clotting effect so you would want to be careful if you were taking a drug like plavix. If you are new to Nutriblasting, it might take your body a little while to get used to the sudden introduction of nutrients in a more digestible form. Check with your doctor, especially if you are taking any medications.

    • Josh says:

      Too much sugar causing an insulin rush. Will make you sleepily, unfocused. If you notice weak or racing heartbeat go to your doctor. This could be a specific kind of diabetic reaction. Use more greens, seeds, nuts, proteins, etc.

      Check out the blood sugar support section of the recipe book.

      • David says:

        Can I mix 5 nut like walnut peanut and and 3 different seed and berry or will that be too much nutrition

        • Josh says:

          Good question. Others may think this is too much calories but I make one large drinks that replaces both my breakfast and lunch most days. I try to make my drinks 50% minim of leafy greens, root vegetables, and other seasonal green vegatables. 25% fruit and berries, then I will do a rounded quarter cup of mixed unsalted, un roasted nuts made up of walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachio. Then a quarter cup of mixed seeds including chia, flax, seseme, and sunflower. Then some spices like turmeric, cinnamon, and raw organic cacao a thickener and protien additive such as half a small avocado, or 3 oz of unsweetened palin Greek yogurt(stick with Faye or chobani, they typically have the best ratio of protein vs sugar, and a protein powder.

          This is about 1100 nutrition packed calories that covers me all day till dinner.

  80. Brian says:

    The best way to avoid issues with your nutribullet is to not over fill it. Do not pack ingredients in too tight. The max line on the cup is not just a suggestion. I love my nutribullet but it’s not designed to be filled past the max line.

    • cheryl says:

      I just realize that it was not a suggestion – it was making my drink thick and blah. I came to this blog to find out why it was sooooo thick and now I know.

  81. Josh says:

    I just bought the Nutribullet and although I am AMAZED at how fast it works, I am EXTREMELY disappointed and confused as to why it gets so foamy and frothy on the top. I know that some say its the protein powder but I made a smoothie for my nephew with just berries and bananas and it was still very frothy on top. Are they always going to be like this or is their a trick I dont know. If its always going to be like this, then I am returning mine ASAP and going with a Ninja or Vitamix. I appreciate anyones help. Thank you.

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Josh:
      My wife and I do a Nutribullet drink almost every day. They’re sometimes frothy on top, more often not. I like it either way. So I’ve never bothered to notice what kind of mixture causes the froth.
      I guess having a frothy top is an issue for you. Though, for the life of me, I can’t imagine why. Most people like the froth, I think.
      Next time I get a frothy one I’ll make a note of why and get back to you. But I guess you’ll likely have already returned the unit by then.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Josh!

      We see this a lot. We usually recommend adding a creamy ingredient to reduce foam, something like avocado or banana, but since you say you’re already using banana, our second suggestion is to use a tad less liquid. The froth is usually created from extracting very high-liquid ingredients (such as watermelon, oranges/citrus, melon, etc.) but can also be caused by too much base liquid, such as water or coconut water. Try using a bit less and don’t worry! The more you experiment with different ingredients and proportions, the more you’ll love your NutriBullet!

    • PepNYC says:

      Protein powder is notorious for “frothing”. It has even caused mine to leak even if it was only filled to the max line. Bananas will do it too. I just made a shake with Bananas and protein powder and it was all the way to the top with froth when it was done. Certain ingredients are worse than others but in my experience, protein powder is the worst of all. It seems the less dense the item is, the more froth you get. Only thing I’ve found to avoid this is to do the protein powder last. Put your greens in, fruits, nuts, ice, etc… Blend it all up and then add the protein and just pulse it about 3 times for 1 or 2 seconds at a time. It won’t be half as bad as if you put it in from the beginning. Good luck.

  82. mary says:

    Help. The Nutri Bullet I have, the top is SO hard to remove after blending, and now I cannot even get it off. It is stuck. I am not so strong that I twisted it on too tight, but it won’t budge. The rubber seal was on correctly, and I use it normally. I just stuck it in the fridge and now its useless because the blades are stuck on the cup. Anyone else have this problem. I have tried everything to twist it off but it won’t budge.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Mary! Sorry to hear about this! Please call our customer service department and they’ll be happy to help troubleshoot this issue with you! 1-855-346-8874.

      • Margaret Carrington says:

        I had the same problem. I could not take the cup off. The hot water thing didn’t work.
        This is what I did to fix the problem.
        Look closely at the three tabs on the cup that lock into place when you turn it clockwise a little.
        One of them was locked tight, while there was a little movement in the other two when pressed with a small object.
        I folded a tea towel into a pad, placed it one the top of the cup and tapped sharply above the locked tab and it clicked undone and that fixed it.

    • Run it under hot water and it will loosen. Heat makes things expand – the cup will expand, the blade assembly will expand but the space between them will expand also, allowing you to unscrew it. This works with anything you can’t open or unscrew – warm it up. Putting in the fridge only made it harder to open.

  83. Anne Phobes says:

    I travel very often and would like to take my Nutri Bullet with me to Europe, Middle East and Africa, do I need to worry about the different voltages?

    • NutriBullet says:

      We do not recommend using your NutriBullet outside of the US and Canada, as other countries sell their own wattage-specific versions and doing so can lead to voiding your warranty.

  84. Leslea says:

    Has anyone had issues with turning on the NutriBullet machine after owning it over 2 year ? I haven’t used my NutriBullet in a month and I tried to make a smoothie today and the machine Wouldn’t Turn ON. It doesn’t matter which blade or cup size I use. I purchased my machine in a retail store in Toronto, Canada so the warranty is Over, Over……….. after 2 years. I now have to go back to using my blender which of course doesn’t do the job of the NuriBullet.

    • Philip says:

      Reply to Leslea:
      Might it be that you can’t push the cup/blade assembly down into the unit? A little blended liquid leaked from the seal down into the three slots on my unit. Once it dried it made it difficult/impossible to push the unit down and activate the motor. I used an eye dropper to drop a little clean water down into the three tracks, then tried again. I had to end up bashing the unit down with the heal of my hand. I was worried that I’d break off the small prongs on the blade unit but I was careful and they seem pretty strong. I was then able to make my drink.
      From then on I was careful not to let any blended liquid leak down into the base (motor) unit. This can happen when you blend a second cup without rinsing out the cup (something I do all the time as I always make two large cups – for my wife and myself).
      We make a Nutribullet drink almost every day and I had to do this for a week but now the tracks are clear.
      !! Note !! Be careful not to put a lot of water down the tracks, though. You don’t want to get the motor wet and get an electric shock – just put a drop or two of clean water in each track.

      • Leslea says:

        Reply to Phillip –

        Thank you for the advice. I will try your suggestion and go by your instructions. I thought I was going to have
        to throw the machine out. Machines that are made cheaply don’t stand the test of time. All I ever read on the
        Blog is how so many people have problems with their machines, much to due with the product being made cheaply and in China.

        Thanks again !

        • Philip says:

          I am surprised at some people in this forum who complain about the quality of the Nutribullet, Leslea. I purchased our Nutribullet December 2012 and, although their have been some minor issues, it is a sturdy, well-built piece of equipment that is pretty well-designed, too.
          The company has addressed the early concerns with the product promptly. There are always some teething troubles with a new product, and the measure of a company is how well they respond to the issues.
          We have used the Nutribullet almost every day since we purchased it, and blend two to three large cups every day. So I can attest to it’s sturdy, robust manufacturing.
          Please bear in mind that Internet forums like have a tendency to shows the products or services in a bad light. The few people who have problems voice them (often loudly), which is understandable. Whereas the vast majority who have no issues say nothing.
          I did have a problem with one of the blade units. The company responded promptly and with politeness and concern. I was impressed.

      • Leslea says:

        Phillip –

        I tried you suggestion immediately and your steps worked. Very much appreciated.

        As for complaining about the manufacturing of the product. There is a difference in buy at a Retail store verses buying online in the USA. Being from another country the costs are considerable to purchase and to return the machine to California, especially the cross border process & costs from Canada to the USA . I had to return 3 Nutribullets over a 2 month period in Canada, under store warranty thankfully, due to issues with each machine. The online support team of Nutribullet is set up for USA market. There is no system like that in Canada.

  85. Ginger says:

    Can I put frozen, shelled edamame (soybeans) in my mix?

    • Joe says:

      Can’t see why not. I use frozen fruit when I can’t get fresh at the supermarket. I don’t bother to thaw it first.

  86. Matt B. says:

    Why don’t some of the recipes actually fit in the cup? Is there an even TALLER cup I can purchase? The only time I can get a smooth drink is when I add less ingredients, so far not too impressed.

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Matt. About a smooth drink. I see this quite a lot in the comments. People are upset because occasionally there are unblended bits in the drink. I was at first. Then I realized – why do I care?
      It doesn’t happen too often, and the bits are usually pretty small. When I weigh the advantages, being able to drink vast amounts of healthy, uncooked veggies and fruit in a tasty drink, it’s really not an issue.
      I do realize that some people have to have all the little (healthy) bits strained from their fruit juice and can only eat their tinned salmon with the most healthy parts, the skin and bones, removed. These people will have a problem.
      But I don’t. So, for me, the benefits far outweigh this rather minor issue.
      Think about it. It takes just a few minutes to blend and drink a whole days’ worth of fruit and veggies – all in their uncooked freshness. What’s not to love?
      Even if it tasted dreadful, it would absolutely still be worth it. The fact that the drinks taste fabulous is just an added bonus.

  87. IndyRose says:

    Saw that you can extract some legumes. Caution on raw garbanzo beans: they contain a chemical that can build up in your system over time and cause some people problems such as nerves tingling. Cooking always kills those particular enzymes in garbanzo beans. Note that this is for garbanzo beans only.

  88. Joe N says:

    I have developed my own cardiac friendly Nutriblast. I want to add Goji berries to the mix but I do have one question. Most bulk Goji berries come in a dehydrated state. Nutritionally does it make any difference if I soak them first? I can’t see how since you are simply adding water to the berry but thought I would ask. I can’t have seeds (or nuts) and I have found that the Nutribullet 900 tends to totally obliterate the tiny Goji berry seeds easier when I add the berries in their dehydrated state. FYI, the 900 kicks serious butt!

  89. Cristy says:

    I do, I use stems from all my greens, including beets.

    • Cristy says:

      You know what you need to add to your comment box? A delete so that we can delete sthg we didn’t mean to post. just sayin…. ;-)

    • Joe N says:

      Just an FYI Cristy. I have read that the beet greens are as good for you as the beets themselves!

      • Cristy says:

        Oh yeah, for sure, I use the greens too. But I was answering someone who mentioned just stems. But yeah any greens are great! I freeze all of the parts of beets. ;)

      • cheryl says:

        wow, I just throw out my beet green, next time I’ll know. I’m glad I came to this blog.

  90. tom cameron says:

    when using kale do you use the stem too. thanks

    • Delores McCarter says:

      Sure you can. It is up to you.

    • Cristy says:

      I do, I use stems from all my greens, including beets.

      • Philip says:

        I use the centres and stems of vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli, too. Not the hard, woody parts, but everything else. I do the same when I steam them for a meal, too. We throw away so much that is healthy and nutritious – such a wasteful society.

  91. Les says:

    Just bought the Nutri bullet great machine and love the juices, my wife has been using it and her weight has dropped and blood pressure is down .I would like to know if using coconut water instead of water is ok.

    • Delores McCarter says:

      Coconut water is fine. You don’t have to limit yourself to just water. I use nut milks (soymilk, almond is my favorite). Chilled, flavored teas are great as well.

      • Cristy says:

        Coconut water has been found to hydrate far better than water, I am not sure why. But since I can’t afford to use all coconut water, I do half and half. AND I use the chocolate coconut water to add some flavor.

        • Nurse Cynthia says:

          Coconut water provides electrolytes potassium and magnesium. These are lost during sweating. My Cocohydro Sport also adds some sodium. All coconut waters are not created equal. Some have 12 – 22 grams of sugar! Yikes! Cocohydro only has 5 grams and the pineapple flavor is yummy.

    • Joe says:

      I use pomegranate juice. People I know use all kinds of juices, milks and waters in their Nutribullets. You are only limited by your imagination.

  92. Chris says:

    Do cups from the 600 series fit the 900series?

  93. Mike says:

    Received my Nutribullet 600 as a gift. I just used it for the first time and I’m already very happy with it! Just what I was looking for! Didn’t want to waste some of the best parts by jucing. The Extraction process is perfect for this! I did notice the “Foamy” layer on top but I wasn’t expecting a water like consistency. I figured that much of the nutrition was in that portion as well. Tasted good too! I didn’t find any chunks or large pieces of leafy greens. All in all very satisfied with this product! I cannot wait to see the positive improvements in my health and my life as I know I will be using this on a daily basis. Thank you!

  94. Jennifer says:

    My Nutribullet no longer crushes ice. Does the strength of the nutribullet weaken after use?

  95. jenna says: here goes…

    1) Can’t make any nut butters in it unless you add oils which I don’t.
    2) Can’t make the hummus bean dip recipe in booklet unless you add water which ruins the texture
    3) Doesn’t grind up raspberry seeds so they stay like little rocks in your smoothie
    4)I only bought this to make raw nut butters and green/ fruit smoothies so really disappointed so far
    OH AND……
    5)The worst, I mean the WORST customer service ever. No one answers phone. They call you back in their own sweet time so you never get to speak with anyone unless you sit home all day. I work 3 jobs so this doesn’t work.

    6) Forget email. They never read your personal email to them They respond with a generic answer. I tried for months over and over with email and total disconnect from their emails and mine. Never got a response to my ongoing problems with their new blades they sent me.

    7) Check out complaints against their customer service online…

    Back to work.

    • Philip says:

      Hi, Jenna: Interesting how we can use the same service with vastly different results. I had a problem with the blade unit and customer service was fast, polite and extremely helpful. Even though it was between the U.S. and Canada.
      I had a perfectly working new blade unit within days.
      From my experience I would award full marks and a gold star to the company for customer service.
      We have used our 600 watt unit to make 40 to 50 oz of nutritious drink almost every day since the end of 2012. It is still roaring away.
      There were few minor issues with the first NutriBullets and the company extended the warranty to 18 months on those to make sure everyone was taken care of. Nowadays it’s unusual to deal with a company with such exemplary ethics.
      When (eventually) my unit is close to expiring, I will most definitely buy another one right away.

  96. George says:

    Hi, I recently bought a Nurtribullet in the UK and was going to purchash the extened 4 year warranty until I checked out the price, my question is, why for the the exact same warranty the price in the States is $14.94, yet in the UK it is $49.94?

  97. David says:

    I just started using my Nutribullet withing the last couple of weeks even though I purchased it months ago. I love the smoothies that come out. I am working hard to reduce my cholesterol and improve my overall general health as well as my mother’s. Is the Nutribullet really designed to help lower cholesterol as wll as boost sex drive?

  98. Niamh says:

    My juices are coming out hot and an odour of the bullrt after use . Only got it yesterday . Is tihis normal ??

    • Carolyn says:

      you are probably running it to long. if you do 30 seconds and stop for few seconds and another 30, if needed. i only had the issue once when i first got min and let it go longer than the book recommended. Since then I have only gone 30 to 45 seconds at a shot. ususally 30 seconds is good enough.

      • Nancy says:

        Yup. That’s what happened to me this morning. Which is why I’m on this page. I thought maybe I stumbled upon a soup setting. This was very helpful!

  99. mitsi says:

    I plan on putting ingredients into individual freezer bags like a months supply and wondered if making a smoothie from frozen daily in the nutribullet would be ok or would this be to heavy duty for the bullet daily?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Sure! Great idea to be prepared. Depending on the ingredients that are frozen, you may want to let it thaw a bit before including (or run the bag under some warm running water for a second). And just note that some foods change texture once frozen so it may end up a bit different vs. using fresh produce.

  100. Christene says:

    Is there a difference in the NurtiBullet drink using the 600 watt vs the 900 watt?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      With more power, the Blast turns out to be a bit more smooth! In addition the unit comes with two extraction blades vs. the milling blade along with a colossal cup and a to-go lid.

  101. Cristy says:

    It angers me that a doctor would just say RETURN IT without even giving the consideration that this could possibly get you off some of those meds!! Granted, certain, and that is so minimal, foods are contradictory to meds, but all you have to do is research what those are or have your doc tell you what foods those are. I would bet you that list would be very very short!!!
    How can natural greens and fruits, seeds and berries be so harmful to you? This is how we are MEANT to eat! Do NOT return it until you ask your doctor, and yes we do have the right to be outspoken to our doctor about our own health, what is so bad about your Nutribullet.
    Ask him, put him on the spot as to which of these healthy ingredients that go into the Blasts, are so harmful and then post that list here. I sure would love to know. Sorry, I am angry at these medical “professionals”: that want to keep us on meds instead of, oh maybe getting us off of them? grrrr haha

  102. Mary says:

    I just purchased a nutribullet. Are there recipes primarily with vegetables (like a V8) combo that can be used with the nutribullet.

  103. Mandy says:

    Cherries have been shown to reduce inflammation and ease arthritis. Cherries are not listed in the fruit choices for the nutribullet. Is there any reason why I should not use cherries?

  104. Manovich says:

    Hi everyone,
    I just purchased the nutribullet pro 900 series, used it for 4 days in US, and now I’m back in DUBAI.
    I tried to use it tonight but worked for 2 seconds than stopped, tried again and an odor of burning came out of it :(
    I do understand know that I need to buy a transformer or somethg, can you please tell me which one is more suitable.
    And if my machine is still operating or not. I unplugged it and the Oder disappeared in seconds. I don’t know how to know if everything is ok until I buy a transformer, my husband is still in US so he still can get me one before he comeback.
    I love my nutribullet and I need to continue my program.

    Thank you so much for your help

    • Manovich says:

      “The nutri bullet has an internal thermal breaker, that shuts off the unit when it overheats, the power base will reset when the unit is unplugged and the thermal breaker cools down”

      Does this means that my nutri bullet is still ok? After the mistake of using it with an other voltage?

      I feel so sad!!

    • melissa says:

      i just bought mine 4 days ago , i get the same smell but i live here in the U.S.A., california, but mine runs fine, i would try to write or have your husband call their customer service and see what you need. Good luck. and i hope you can find an answer.

  105. ChristyH says:

    I want to do the blasts to lower my cholesterol. How long do I have to do these types of blasts before I notice a difference? Also, what if I want to try other blasts, will that affect me trying to lower the cholesterol?

    • judy blanken says:

      I have the same question on cholesterol plus diabetes. Is there a 1 blast that will work for both and low in potassium? I am working for a very picky eater who needs to lower both plus has kidney and heart disease. I know this is a lot to ask of one product but your infomercial the other morning that I woke up to caught my ears/’mind. Please please I need help! Bought your bullet with high hopes to get him to start eating/feeling better.

  106. Johnny says:

    I’m curious about the max line on the cups. Is the max line just for liquid or is it for everything? I see pictures with the cup filled to the top but on the directions, it says not to go past the line. Can you please clarify this? Many thanks!!

    • Larry says:

      I have the same question.

    • Cristy says:

      I do not go over even with the fruits and veggies cuz when ya do then it burps stuff all over. I don’t know why the photo shows that cuz it’s deceptive. Do not go over the MAX LINE at all with anything. Then you are good to go. ;-)

  107. Malarie says:

    I just had weight loss surgery and bought a magic bullet. I was very excited but from the very first use there is a gray liquid leaking from the bottom. I am very concerned especially since I just had surgery and do not want to put anything in my body that can cause me to get sick. Does this happen to anyone else?

  108. Jan says:

    Why is my nutriblast have become too frothy/foamy/bubbly like drink whenever I make one? I just followed the recipes in phase 1 of the nutribullet recipe book. What has gone wrong? Has anyone here got the same issue?

    • Kim says:

      I have the same problem and I can’t even strain the foam. I am considering going back to a regular juicer.

    • laurie says:

      yes I am having the same problem, I end up drinking juiced part and dumping rest its air,foam, sludge, yuck, never did it before been using daily 6. mo not sure it works like the first time……

  109. john says:

    Can the NB900 ground whole raw flax seed?

  110. Linda says:

    I found a loose clear seal that I think may belong in my lid? I got a replacement lid awhile back and my husband usually does dishes so i think he may have separated the two? There was not one of these in my old nutribullet and this one does NOT fit tightly. Is there supposed to even be one? Im at a loss. thanks

  111. Cathy says:

    I’ve had my nutribullet two months. Today, making a smoothie, it made a terrible noise, didn’t seem to be ‘turning’ and then I unplugged it, and saw it was smoking. It doesn’t look like there was damage, but concerned to use it again. I will wait at least an hour as instructions say.

    There were ice cubes at the top of the shake, but normally there’s still no problem….today was a big concern.

    I don’t see any guidelines about use of ice or layering of ice vs. thick vegies/liquid, etc. I’ve been okay until now.

    • Cathy says:

      happy to report that after a couple of hours it worked again,
      I will go lighter on the ice next time or put something else
      near the blade.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Cathy, be sure to call customer service so they can help you troubleshoot the noise issue: 1-855-346-8874.

  112. michael young says:

    Oorganic or not does it matter?

  113. Suzanne says:

    I have had my NutriBullet since November and I really love it. However, lately it doesn’t chop/grind the almonds I put in my shake. I tried letting go for longer, about a minute, but that usually makes it leak. I use whole, natural almonds. Should I be grinding up the almonds before I put them in the shake?

    • NutriBullet says:

      You don’t have to grind almonds before using them; using them whole should work just fine. Please call our customer service department for any blade or leaking issues at 1-855-346-8874.

  114. Margo says:

    What salad dressings can I use on the raw salads?

  115. Leslea says:

    Does anyone have a smoothie recipe for the fresh Tropical Fruit called – Mangosteen ? Excellent for memory loss ! The fruit isn’t available in USA, but we can buy it in Canada.

  116. Robert Garcia says:

    Could I use wheat grass on my nutribullet?

  117. Sylvia says:

    I’m really sorry that I misspelled your name on my last email. Have a good night!


  118. Sylvia says:


    I am so moved with your story. You’re an inspiration. Thank you so much for all your tips and advice. I’m gonna save your message so I can see step by step things that have worked for you and to see if they’re good for me too. I’m a 50 year old woman and going through menopause. I was thin all my life and these past 3 years I’ve gained 30 pounds. May god bless you, and keep up the good work. Once again, thank you!


    • Cristy says:

      Gosh Sylvia, thank you. I can only hope and pray that sthg works for you too. I don’t have any explanation other than I finally figured that I needed to do SOMETHING, and if I was going to spend a part of my disability check on this and buy expensive foods, that I had better take this seriously!! And that included changing my DIET, not DIETING! So, I have started working out with power bands and it feels good to stretch those muscles. Low impact, you don’t overwork them, you do them in moderation. A P.T. or doctor can tell you how many or give you sheets of exercises. So now I am adding to my food intake by exercising and that will increase my weight loss as I have always believed in that. I also used to be a HARD BODY. For real, worked out and I was solid as a rock at one time and very nicely shaped I was told. LOL I will never be that way again, as too much damage in my legs and such but I can at least get down to where I am not so big and I can help with my walking a bit more. yay!
      I am looking forward to hearing that first jean size going down Sylvia. Just keep rawkin it and believe that it can be done. The cliche, “if I can do it, you can too”? truly goes for me. I am shocked right now that I am wearing a Size 14 right now. ^_^


      Oh I still cheat! Yesterday I went to a Cafe and had a large Lunch and took the rest home and had a large Dinner. Food I don’t normally eat anymore. BUT today I am substituting two meals with Blasts. It’s not KILLING me. I am feeling that stuffy ugh feeling still today. But I have felt that that show Americas Biggest Loser is a game show and no you don’t have to starve yourself of treats or of cheating and that doing the cheating and treating, is what jumpstarts you back when the next day AFTER the cheating like I did, you go back to your Blasts and your salads and lean meats again. And then not cheat again for another week. ha But I won’t cheat that big again for maybe another month! That was extreme, but I was treating myself for some personal issues I was going thru. So, that’s that. :-D

  119. Roy E. Grimm says:

    Sad that a physician would recommend against making healthy smoothies with the NutriBullet. (Of course, if more people ate healthier, people would have less need for physicians and their prescription drugs…)

  120. Erin says:

    Is it okay to put a mixture of seeds and nuts in the nutriblasts?

  121. Steph says:

    What is the difference in blades for nitribullet abd baby bullet? Can I get same results using baby bullet to blend?

  122. Kelly says:

    The blade attachment will not fit into the nutribullet base. Any ideas why and has anyone else had this problem!? Frustrated.

    • LL says:

      You might have the blade upside down.

      • Kelly says:

        Haha no, I know how to work the machine. Have used it a bunch of times. But this time I went to use it, and it’s not securely connecting with the set of teeth on the base portion.

    • Jordan says:

      I’m having the same problem after not using it for a week. I tried to make one today and I could not get the grinder to fit in the base (the rubber thingy underneath won’t sit properly onto the motor). I am afraid to push too hard and break it. Any suggestions would be helpful.

      • Philip says:

        This is a copy of the reply I gave to Leslea – May 5th
        Might it be that you can’t push the cup/blade assembly down into the unit? A little blended liquid leaked from the seal down into the three slots on my unit. Once it dried it made it difficult/impossible to push the unit down and activate the motor. I used an eye dropper to drop a little clean water down into the three tracks, then tried again. I had to end up bashing the unit down with the heal of my hand. I was worried that I’d break off the small prongs on the blade unit but I was careful and they seem pretty strong. I was then able to make my drink.
        From then on I was careful not to let any blended liquid leak down into the base (motor) unit. This can happen when you blend a second cup without rinsing out the cup (something I do all the time as I always make two large cups – for my wife and myself).
        We make a Nutribullet drink almost every day and I had to do this for a week but now the tracks are clear.
        !! Note !! Be careful not to put a lot of water down the tracks, though. You don’t want to get the motor wet and get an electric shock – just put a drop or two of clean water in each track.

      • Philip says:

        Continuing my reply –
        So, if you’re blending a second cup, have a paper towel on hand and wipe the junction after screwing the cup and blade unit together. This will stop any blended liquid running down into the three slots.

  123. Lyds says:

    When will the 900 Series be available fin the UK?

  124. Antoinette says:

    Thanks for the response. Tried the link and they only deliver to the UK. Plans for coming to other parts of the EU/France?

  125. Cristy says:

    Okay, so I am trying to do a V8-type Blast with fruit. So I use several mini carrots, 3 cherry tomatoes, stalk of celery and a myriad of greens and berries with my regular addition of flax seed, hemp seed, and coconut water. While it wasn’t too terrible, it wasn’t sthg I want to make a habit of, if you know what I mean. Can anyone please tell me what recipe is a good V8 substitute with fruit? Oh I forget what they are called when they have fruit. Thanks all!

    • Lindsay says:

      PS it’s called a V8 fusion. I’ve seen several posts when searching Google for similar recipes, but they will need to be “downsized” to fit in the NutriBullet.

  126. David says:

    I was wondering, I want to take a blast to work and I’m wondering how long a blast can stay fresh. An hour maybe two?

  127. Mat says:

    For anyone that is on the fence about upgrading to the NutriBullet 900 S, I say DO IT.

    If you have a previous model of the NutriBullet, you are in for a great surprise. The NutriBullet 900 S comes with a 900 watt motor. This is far more powerful than anything NutriBullet has offered in the past. Compared to your results you got before, the new blending will be much smoother and far more liquified.

    I always had trouble making perfectly liquid green smoothies in the past with previous version of the NutriBullet. This is no longer a problem. Never do I find a chunk of leafy greens in the smoothie, it all goes down silky smooth.

    Compared to the Vitamix, I can not tell the difference in quality at times. Especially when it comes to fruit smoothies, they are literally the same. The Vitamix is cool for making soups and things that I absolutely need to be liquids or perfectly smooth (rice milks, dips for friend’s parties), but the NutriBullet is my most used blender.

    See, the value of the NutriBullet 900 S is that I can make a single serving of a green smoothie at a time. If I use the Vitamix, I am going to have to spend a whole hour drinking the 48 oz monster smoothie drink. With the NutriBullet, I can pick it up and go.

    My final recommendation is that anyone new to blenders or anyone with an older NutriBullet model, go with the 900 S. Read more about the NutriBullet 900 S at my blog, Vegan Kitchen Appliances

    • Cristy says:

      ONLY if they go on monthly payments! ;-)

    • Margaret says:

      I think I am going to return my new, unused Nutribullet to Costco after reading this and other comments/concerns. I purchased it because of its claim to completely pulverize all contents to a liquid, or as they say in their literature, “to squeeze every last drop of nutrition from foods by braking them down to their most digestible form”. Now it appears that unless I upgrade to the higher wattage 900 series, I may likely find chunks of leafy greens, seed pieces, yuck and foam, and whatever else in my drinks from using the regular machine. To me, false claims were made of the 600 horse power Nutribullet, and I really can’t trust using it.

      • Margaret says:

        I decided to keep my Nutribullet from Costco afterall because the accompanying user guide with recipes and the Natural Healing Foods book, with more recipes, were so excellent I didn’t want to return them. I’m glad for my decision. I made my normal morning fruit drink (ingredients today were apple, kiwi, and mango), and what a difference from my regular blender! My drink was completely emulsified, with all the flavors blended into a very pleasing vibrant and creamy drink. The machine was also much quieter than my normal blender, and much faster. I guess if I find pieces of remaining food, I’ll just have to blend a little longer. The 600 horse power will suit me just fine. Thank you!

      • NutriBullet says:

        Hi Margaret!
        The 600 is a wonderfully powerful machine that will be unlike any other blender you’ve used before! Give it a try and see how you like it, and if you don’t, feel free to return it. We’d hate to see you return it without actually testing it first and we’re confident you’ll love it. The NutriBullet Pro 900 series is stronger and more powerful, but there’s no need to upgrade if you have a 600. The 600 is still as awesome as always. :)

      • Hector says:

        I am so glad I got the Nutri Bullet. It works great just as advertized. My blood pressure has never been better and I get less Migrain. I used it twice a week for breakfast and fir lunch six days a week. I feel great.

      • Jeanette Krokus says:

        That’s not true. You might have to blast it a bit longer. I did a broccoli apple mango one and I had to run it a bit longer but it came nice and smooth.

      • Arleenes says:

        Oh Margaret, it does work if the person(dummy me) does it right. Will give you all a laugh here.

        We bought the 900 Pro and brought it home. Unpacked everything and spent two days reading the books and making sure I was reading everything correctly. Then I made my first blast drink with the pro. First off, I evidently didn’t get the lid on tight enough and actually had the blast flying around my kitchen counter. Okay, stop the machine, cleaned everything off and put the lid back on correctly.

        The first time I didn’t run it long enough and got larger than normal bits of veggies in it. Heard about this part from Hubby as he likes the smoothies made with our vitamix. The second day, I actually time the Pro 900 and the blast was very smooth and creamy. Hubby enjoyed the drink too.

        Pro for me is that I can make a drink for the two of us and there are no left overs with the pro 900. When we use the vitamix, we either don’t have enough for the both of us, or way too much. More on these later as I try the recipes from one in the other from time to time. Both do make the ingredients more digestible.

      • Philip says:

        Margaret – I see you posted some time ago and I have only just seen your post. It’s a pity you didn’t try the NutriBullet yourself. We purchased our standard (600w) model Dec 2012 and have used it almost every day since. Our daily drink remains pretty constant – kale, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, strawberry, blueberry and a small banana for sweetness.
        We fill the tall cup two, sometimes three times to make a total of between 40 and 50 oz.
        Occasionally a small lump of carrot may miss blending but that’s fairly rare. Happens perhaps once a week.
        The drink is smooth and tasty. The unit works as advertised and the claims are most definitely not false.
        Moreover, the videos appear to show people running the unit for up to a minute. I never run it more than twenty seconds and, as I say, I rarely have unblended bits. The few I do are almost always carrot. Though occasionally, surprisingly, I sometimes get a bit of soft strawberry – again, maybe once a week. I can’t explain that.
        FYI – A 600 horsepower motor would be equivalent to around ten Harley Davidson motorcycles. But it would be one hell of a blender!

  128. Antoinette says:

    Thank you for your response. Checked and they will only send to Uk. Hopefully it will be available in other Eu countries soon.

  129. Jenna says:

    So I have been juicing for about 2 months with my power juicer and LOVE IT! It tastes so good and so easy to make. But I HATE cleaning 5-6 parts of the juicer EVERYTIME I juice. So a few weeks ago I saw the nutri bullet infomercial and loved that there was just 2 things that had to b washed and u keep all of the nutrients and fiber n the drink. So I went out and bought one. 1st time I used it, I must had not let it run long enough cuz it was so pulpy I couldnt drink it without gagging. My fruits and veggies I used was a handful of spinach, an orange, and 1/2 apple, then the 2nd part I used the other 1/2 Apple and 3 carrots and then mixed the 2 2gether n a big cup of mine. Anyways I wasn’t good and didn’t taste good.
    2nd try I did the same thing, minus the carrots, and I ran it longer. That time it came out to a better consistency, but tasted horrible. And these r the same fruits and veggies I use when I juice and it tastes 10x better. I was planning on taking it back unless I can b convinced that im doing something wrong, cuz if it doesn’t taste good I’m not gunna stickwwith it. Pleez help.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Jenna! Sorry to hear this! Check out’s recipe section! There you will find a long list of Blast recipes perfect for beginners and customized to include your favorite ingredients. Just use the serial number on the bottom of your unit to register. Keep in mind that the NutriBullet is not a juicer – the consistency of your drinks will be different and the fiber means a different taste altogether – but stick with it! Hopefully looking through our recipe list will give you some inspiration.

      • Jenna says:

        Thanks, I will try this:)

      • Boop says:

        I received my [2] Nutribullet systems yesterday — as I opened my order — there were all kinds of warnings not given during the infomercial about meds and calling family physician first before using. I did that today, and my physician directed me to not use and return product. I’m on Plavix, Crestor, Blood pressure meds, etc.

        This warning should be given during the infomercial, and if it was, which I did not see, should be where it is noticed by the consumer before they place their order, not after. I now will be out the shipping expense to return, and who knows what other expense.

        I attempted to contact your Customer Service Department, however, they will not be available until tomorrow.

        Concerned and disappointed Consumer.

        • John says:

          It’s standard practice to warn against starting any change in diet with your physician, and the infomercial includes this warning in the fine print of every testimonial. Consuming certain foods are known to interact with meds, hence why you are warned against eating grapefruit while on certain medications etc.

        • Cristy says:

          It angers me that a doctor would just say RETURN IT without even giving the consideration that this could possibly get you off some of those meds!! Granted, certain, and that is so minimal, foods are contradictory to meds, but all you have to do is research what those are or have your doc tell you what foods those are. I would bet you that list would be very very short!!!
          How can natural greens and fruits, seeds and berries be so harmful to you? This is how we are MEANT to eat! Do NOT return it until you ask your doctor, and yes we do have the right to be outspoken to our doctor about our own health, what is so bad about your Nutribullet.
          Ask him, put him on the spot as to which of these healthy ingredients that go into the Blasts, are so harmful and then post that list here. I sure would love to know. Sorry, I am angry at these medical “professionals”: that want to keep us on meds instead of, oh maybe getting us off of them? grrrr haha

        • Joe says:

          Wish I had seen your post before this. Your med list looks almost identical to mine, yet my cardiologist encouraged me to Nutriblast. Here is the concern, I believe. Plavix is a blood thinner as you know. Some fruits and vegetables (pineapple, pomegranate, etc.) can also thin the blood. I’m guessing that your doctor was concerned about your receiving these nutrients in their most digestible form, as that tends to amplify the effect of said nutrients. I think you could have kept your Nutribullet if your doctor had done a little research and advised you what fruits and vegetables to stay away from and what ones would have been beneficial for you.

          As for me, I have an un-stentable, inoperable blockage so I am blasting for broke, hoping to load as much antioxidants into one drink as I can in order to reverse the process. It’s a long shot at best but really the only one I have.

        • Philip says:

          I wish I’d seen your post earlier, too.
          A number of years ago I was a 56 year-old, slightly overweight couch potato. My blood pressure was going up (around 150/95) and I was diagnosed with the beginnings of atherosclerosis.
          I was prescribed various medications but instead decided to make lifestyle changes.
          I now have great blood pressure (110/70) and no atherosclerosis. And I completed a 200 km bike ride for charity.
          Lifestyle changes – Body/Mind/Spirit:
          Body: I changed to a pure natural foods diet – fresh veg, little meat (no feedlot animals), low fat (good fats only), whole grains.
          I also started exercising. Two years later I managed the 200 km bike ride!
          Mind: Relaxation. Meditation. Deep self-exploration – As Socrates observed: “The unexamined life is not worth living”.
          Spirit: Developing spiritual connections – Realizing that we are not a lonely ego but are part of something much bigger than ourselves.
          The Nutribullet is now an integral part of my healing. But it is not enough all on it’s own. It needs to be part of a full lifestyle commitment for true healing.
          Everyone is looking for a magic bullet. But there isn’t one. You need to fully commit to a healthy lifestyle – body, mind and spirit.
          It’s hard work and it’s ongoing. But, believe me, the rewards are stupendous!

    • LL says:

      I alway add 1/2 frozen banana. It helps for sweetness and consistency. Sometimes I add 1/4 pack of stevia to taste. Keep trying different combinations. You will get hooked on it. I have had one everyday for about 6 months . I would buy another one in a second. Love it.

  130. Antoinette says:

    Is the nutribullet available in the eu/France? If not now – in the near future?

  131. sara says:

    Hi There I got my nutribullet pro for Xmas – LOVE IT!!! But I went to blend this morning(my 5th time using it) it was a lil hard to push down & when I turned it slightly to stop blending the prong stuck & my cup came out but the tabs were still pushed down & running, like they were stuck??? I had to unplug it to stop? Why are they sticking?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Sara – Sorry to hear this – please call our customer service department for help troubleshooting. The toll free number is 1-855-346-8874 or you can send a message directly here:

      • Philip says:

        First I’d like to say that the NutriBullet is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It has transformed our health. I am not complaining about the quality of the product or the quality of service at all!
        That said, I am having a similar issue to Sara (above). Liquid has leaked down from around the cup threads into the motor unit. Now the tabs are difficult to push down.
        We use the NutriBullet every day and now I have to go through a routine before I make our drinks – in order to free up the tabs.
        1. I leave the unit unplugged.
        2. I screw the blade unit onto the cup.
        3. I push the cup and blade into the top of the unit as if I was blending. I often have to hit the top of the cup with the heel of my hand to free up the tabs.
        Once the tabs move freely I plug in the unit and continue as normal.
        We purchased the NutriBullet in Dec 2012 and have used it virtually every day since then.
        I believe the problem with the sticking tabs has occurred because we fill the cup two or more times to make our daily drinks (around 40 – 50 oz in total).
        Each time I empty the cup it leaves a residue of the contents on the threads. When I screw the blade unit on again this residue may sometimes squeeze out and run down into the tabs. I’m sure this is what is causing them to stick.
        I now have a paper towel handy and make sure to wipe round where the blade unit and cup meet. This resolves the issue of more seepage but the tabs in the motor unit still stick every time.
        Is there any way to clean them?

  132. Rhea says:

    How do I clean the Nutribullet? I know that when I overfill the cup, or if the blade is not screwed on properly, it will leak. I just run the base under hot water, and then dry it. But even when it doesn’t leak, I sometimes find brown gunky stuff on the base and around the edges, and on the underside of the blade that attaches to the cup. Where does that come from? How do I clean that? I’ve used Q-tips, but is there a better way?

    • Cristy says:

      My first question is, where is everyone else with their help with these questions? Are they still out for the holidays? lol I thought this was a community blog. Or is it just for the NutriBullet people to answer on?

      Rhea, I would call customer service about the brown gunk, cuz that’s not normal. 1-855-356-8874 I found that they were so accommodating and they sent me a new blade and new base unit when my blades tarnished *which they shouldn’t have done* and things leaked into the unit, which does affect the operation of the base itself. It was still under it’s year warranty. BUT cuz I just want to be safe, I bought a 4 year warranty.I love customer service tho, best I have ever dealt with. Good luck.

    • Lindsay says:

      the best way I’ve found to clean my NutriBullet is to immediately rinse the cup and blade under hot water. I place the base and the cups upside down. Since you’ve already been doing that, I’d suggest that you get the base/blade housing replaced. Make sure you also don’t remove the base before the blades stop spinning, as I’m sure that would do damage to the housing.

  133. Richard says:

    I just got my Nutribullet and on the cover of the “pocket nutritionist” and the user guide there is a Nutribullet loaded up with cucumber, carrots, and tomato slices all ready to get whipped together. I didn’t see any mention of these vegetables as part of the “nutriblast.” The booklet breaks down the ingredients required as being fruits, greens, and boosts. Where are the vegetables? Am I missing something?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Richard, a NutriBlast can be anything you want it to be – we recommend 50% greens (including veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, parsley, carrot, etc.) 50% fruits (like tomato or cucumber) a boost and liquid to the max line. Have a look at our various recipes on if you’re having trouble with variety. You can always make an all-veggie Blast, too!

  134. Roy E. Grimm says:

    Hi there. I love my NutriBullet which I’ve had for over a year. Recently, I did notice some dark oily liquid coming from the gear side of the blade assembly. I wiped it away and no more has come out. But it seems like my NutriBullet is running louder than before. :( I’ve always taken great care of the machine. What may have happened? Thank you…

    • Cristy says:

      I sure hope you bought a warranty. To me, no matter how well something is made, it’s still made my man to an extent and therefore susceptible to breaking down. So I bought a 4 yr warranty….just in case. BTW, customer service of NutriBullet is awesome!

  135. Lindsay says:

    I made my first NutriBlast last night, following a recipe listed in the included book: kale, peeled ginger, apple, lemon and water. I was careful not to fill the fruits/veggies above fill line. I let it blend for almost a minute, but when I poured it, there were thick clumps of the fibrous ginger in the mix. I tried blending it again, for about another minute or so, and still the clumps remained. The consistency of these wads-of-matted-hair-like clumps of ginger fiber made me want to gag.

    I’m really disappointed and I don’t believe I did anything wrong as I followed the recipe to the t. Has anyone else had issues with fibrous clumps in their NutriBlasts? Can someone from NutriBullet please address?

    • Cristy says:

      How much ginger did you put in? I only cut off about 1/4 of an inch of my raw ginger for my drinks. ??

      • Lindsay says:

        the recipe calls for 1″ of peeled raw ginger, which is how much I put in.

        • Cristy says:

          oh hmmm okay the most I have ever put in was 1/2″ and it’s been just fine. But something isn’t right cuz those blades usually grind up some of the most hardest thing, like ice and lemon peel….so why not ginger? And you did do the tall cup with the right blades? I am hoping that a rep from NutriBullet answers this one. Sorry.

          • Lindsay says:

            I used the tall cup with the extractor blade. NutriBullet rep, where are you? :)

          • NutriBullet says:

            Hi Lindsay and Cristy! We’re here!

            That is actually very odd – two ideas come to mind. We generate and test most of our recipes, but this might’ve been a case of needing more liquid. Every person’s measurements are different and maybe, for whatever reason, this just needed a splash more water to get things mixing up. Another thought – maybe a faulty blade? Have you had these issues with any other recipe?

            We suggest testing it out one more time. Cut the ginger measurement in half and add your liquid to the max line. If it’s still clumpy after a bit of mixing, unscrew the top and add a bit more liquid in. If you still get clumps with this recipe or any other, we’d call customer service to get your blade replaced. It’s brand new and should mix up your ingredients just fine – kale, ginger, ice, you name it!

            If you do continue to have issues, call our CS dept. at 1-855-356-8874 or send them a message here: and they’ll be happy to help. Keep us updated!

  136. agnes says:

    i got my NutriBullet 6 month ago,i haven’t use it lately but now my NutriBullet doesn’t work,

  137. Jennifer says:

    I have used my nutribullet everyday since June and I love it. But it has started leaking and there is gunk left under the motor. What can I do? I bought it at BBB.

  138. Lisa says:

    can you grind coffee beans with it and still use it for juicing?

    • NutriBullet says:

      You sure can, Lisa! Use the milling blade to grind your coffee beans and the extractor blade to make your NutriBlasts.

  139. Cheryl says:


    I am interested in the receipe for GERD and Inflammation. How often should I drink those to be effective?

  140. Angel Entwistle says:

    Can I use my NutriBullet to blend my almond milk and protein powder?

  141. Steve says:

    I reside in Australia and recently purchased NutriBullet Pro 900 Series. There is no mention on any of the instruction manuals or packaging it come with on the voltage. Could anyone please confirm the voltage required to function as I may need to purchase an adaptor/transformer?? 240v is generally the usage for household kitchen appliances.

    • Rosie says:

      I am also in Australia and have a 900 Pro.
      I got an all-purpose adapter from Bunnings which fit the cord,
      However when I tuned it on it had some trouble staring and had a burning smell- so I haven’t used it again.
      I have used this adapter for other American products without a problem.
      I guess my question is whether the funny smell is normal for the first blend or if I require a different kind of adapter or something?
      Thank you, Rosie.

      • David says:

        Remember that the motor takes 900W – which is more than many converters can supply without burning out. I have also read of instances of the nutribullet motor burning out – not sure what caused that. Either way I think it is worth seeking the advice of an appliance repair electrician (before you need one for real!).

  142. Gloria Scott says:

    Where can I get a new blade? There is brown stuff coming out of mine. This it’s very disappointing.

    • Cristy says:

      Call Customer Service Monday through Sunday from 9am to 8pm, Eastern Time by phone at 1-855-34-NUTRI (1-855-346-8874). They are very helpful and amazing. My blades started tarnishing and even without overfilling it, the tall cup leaked off into the motor and they sent me a new blade and new base unit!!! My goodness I was shocked. Also, what I did was purchase a warranty after that, only because any man made item will fail in some way eventually. So better safe than sorry. ;-)

      • Cheryl says:

        My nutribullet has leaked from the very first time I used it.. I got it as a Christmas present.. so I dont know if I can do anything about requesting new parts.. I just try to wipe it out ASAP .. it is also hard to “lock in” most of the time.. ugh.. but when it does finally work.. I am so happy..I love making my own smoothies!

    • RJ says:

      Have you tried going directly to the blades and cups are $9.95. I also discovered I could use the milling blade to blend my Nutriblast. Happy about that option.

  143. andy Chirco says:

    Do not fall for the free Energy superfood give away. It is a scam. it is something they Charge you double the price.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi, Andy!
      A scam? Not at all. We’re real people here excited about our superfoods. We never even ask for credit card information during our giveaways. Just a shipping address. Let us know if we can help you with anything, since it sounds like you must’ve been incorrectly charged for something.

  144. Cristy says:

    I just bought mustard greens and collard greens because I remember seeing them in recipes. Now I don’t remember where I saw the recipes and I want to know what the benefits are of these two greens? Thanks.

    • Lindsay says:

      I just found the answer to this in my Natural Healing Foods book from NutriBullet– collard and mustard greens are used in NutriBlasts for better sleep!

  145. Lisa says:

    I have the nutribullet 600 and love it. I just purchased the 900 series one for specifically t grind grains to make my own gluten free flours. What I would like to know is if I can interchange the milling blade from the 600 and use it in my 900 to make rice flour, quinoa flour, etc? A regular blender does not do a good job when trying to get a fine flour.



  146. Laurel says:

    So this may be a silly question, but I am going to ask it anyway! Assuming that the small cups are 1 serving, how many servings of blasts are made in the Tall cup if you fill to the Max line– should I be drinking the entire recipe for a meal replacement (based off of suggested recipes from the book included)? PS– Got my NB yesterday and made smoothies for the kids breakfasts this morning– the 4 year old thought I was crazy for putting lettuce in mine and had NO IDEA that it was also in his! So looking forward to creating more!

    • Cristy says:

      I ALWAYS drink the entire cup and it’s a bit thick so that it’s filling. I love using it as a replacement for breakfast or lunch. Because of the expense, I only do one a day, but if I could it would be twice. Full tall cups each time. And they may not advertise for weight loss but I am losing weight without realizing it and I am not even really exercising. lol

      • Sylvia says:

        Hi Christy

        What are the veggies and fruits that you use to mix your drink, that’s helped you
        Lose weight! I’ve try everything but nothing seems to work.

        Thank you kindly, Sylvia

        • Cristy says:

          Sylvia, it’s not just the drinking my one Blast a day, it’s changing over to eating lean meats *(yes I am a meat eater and always will be ;-) ) turkey burgers, salads, going to natural foods and snacks and watching calories for the first time in my life!!!! I used to be thin and what people called a hard body cuz I exercised with power bands and was solid and toned and then got heavy from getting hurt on the job, thus couldn’t exercise anymore…. then much later, got into a car accident leaving me in a wheelchair.

          Going healthy and natural, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste or starving oneself. I get the Snapeas to snack on or the Somersaults. I did away with bread and substituted if for no white flour tortillas or the thin buns or the no white flour flatbreads and make sure my natural chicken or turkey burgers or my lean pork is with a big salad with my fave veggies. I also love a French Vanilla Yoplait each day with walnuts and frozen fruit that I just let thaw at fridge temp.
          Listen, cuz I cut back on my caloric intake per day, I am able to treat myself at night to a Blue Bunny Cadbury Double Chocolate Snack Size Ice Cream Bar; 150 calories!!!! Marvelous!

          The other day I had to get new jeans for a rock concert and I thought I was at Size 16 and when I tried them on, they were too big!!!! Soooo, I went from an 18 in September to Size 14 now!! And not much exercise cuz being in a wheelchair makes it a bit hard. Altho I am exercising more with power bands; that is a must! Don’t ask me how or why since I haven’t been successful losing weight in several years!! But it took getting this NutriBullet to change my whole way of thinking in my approach to eating. It’s a mindset to change your daily diet to not be a DIET at all. It truly is a lifestyle.

          As for my Blasts? It’s just a hodgepodge of greens (kale, collard, mustard, spinach, chard, etc), seeds, nuts, and fruits. Whatever appeals to me that day. But I do stick to adding ingredients that target my issues; inflammation and bone structure and anti-aging such as ginger, dark cherries, turmeric, etc. I try the different recipes I see on here and the website, but sometimes those are NOT for everybody. lol Today, I had a Bosc pear, a frozen chunk of beet, watercress, kale, spinach, some grapes, dark cherries, hemp heart, Goji berries, walnuts, and milled flax seed. LOVED IT!! .
          I hope I helped and I sure hope you have the same success as I have. By the way, I am far from done losing weight! ;-)

  147. Anthony says:

    I am an early riser. Is it ok to prepare my NutriBlast the night before and refridgerate it until morning. Don’t think the wife would enjoy the sound of a blender that early in the morning.

  148. Cali says:

    Are the NutriBullet blades and baby bullet blades interchangeable?

  149. Rita says:

    Why is there a warning about using the Nutribullet recepies if one takes blood pressure medication or cholesterol medication?
    Please let me know. Thanks

    • elise says:

      I am by no means an expert, but I do believe that warning is because grapefruit juice interferes with many of these medications – I’m not sure about other interactions but it would be a good idea to check with your doctor or pharmacist.

  150. Bev says:

    I was wondering if anyone has a recipe for a v8 type blast?

  151. Samantha says:

    I’ve had the Nutribullet for a few weeks now, I was using it every day for a week. I was about to use it again for the first time in a week and the blade with the cup attached will not fit onto the system. When I used it before the blade would fall into place and I would press down and turn and it would work fine. Now when I try to put the cup and blade onto the system, it will simply not fall into place in order for me to press down and turn… Why is this happening, am I doing something wrong?

    • Ada says:

      That was happening to me periodically and it seemed if I made sure I was pressing down with even pressure it worked, but I think my blade was actually on the way out. My machine was getting louder and louder, and eventually the blade leaked some gross brown stuff. I called Nutribullet and they sent me a new blade. Customer service was excellent.

    • Whitney says:

      Are you taking the rubber part out to clean it? You’re not supposed to or it will stop fitting and leak. Also remember that the blades are NOT dishwasher safe. These things will cause your symptoms…

  152. Stacy says:

    I just purchased my Nutribullet Pro 900 Series today from BBB “online only” for $129.00 after my 20% discount. Orig price is $149.99 Looking forward to using it!

  153. joelle says:

    I can easily do almond milk in nutribullet, but was wondering if I can do coconut milk, since I should use hot water.
    Can I add hot water in the NB, has anyone did coconut milk using NB.

    • Annette says:

      I use coconut milk in my blasts every morning. I’m not sure what you are referring to with the hot water. I use the coconut milk that comes in a half gallon carton (like regular milk does). Coconut milk makes the blasts taste delicious!

  154. Elizabeth says:

    I just started blasting. The texture is very grainy, which I have a hard time getting used to. Am I doing something wrong? or is it always grainy like that?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Try running the NutriBullet for a few more seconds. It sounds like you’re not running it long enough. Also, try ingredients that may lend a creamier texture to your Blasts, like almond milk, bananas, papaya, or mango. These may help!

    • Cristy says:

      30 – 45 seconds is a good amount of time. ;-)

  155. Susana says:

    I was just wondering why the Bullet Express was discontinued, I would like to be able to purchase one.
    I received one as a gift but while I was on vacation my storage unit was broken into and it was stolen along with everything else. Please help I really liked it.

  156. Lori Morgan says:

    My Nutri Bullet has had a greasy like substance come out from the rubber part of the grinder. Not the part that touches the food, but the other side. Why is it doing this? I wash it well each time I use it.

  157. Yogini Patel says:

    Can you blend apples and pears?

  158. Tom says:

    Am I able to mix hot liquids in the bullet without it cracking? For example, I enjoy blending things in my coffee but haven’t tried this in my bullet.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hey Tom! We’d recommend you let the liquids cool a bit before putting in your NutriBullet. The cyclonic action creates pressure that, when created with hot liquid, could cause the vessel to burst.

  159. Leslea says:


    Here is the 1st Video I watched by David Wolfe on how to use the NutriBullet right out of the box –

    NutriBullet has it’s own YOUTUBE channel with 66 Videos –

    Sign up for –
    NutriBullet’s health site. Really excellent !

  160. Leslea says:


    Watch this video to see how much of each fruit & vegetable David Wolfe puts in the NutriBullet jar.

    It is far less than the recipes state, and there is a difference in the Volume of Fresh verses Frozen.

    I only fill the jar with all the ingredients up to the – MAX LINE – that way there is no leaking.

    Thin the smoothies with more liquid ( water ). Some fruits and vegetables because of their fiber create more thickness in the the drink. It is all trial & error to learn how to make the shakes. Practice makes perfect.

  161. Jerona says:

    I am curious about how to prepare the fruits to fit in the bullet because I just did my first blast and the recipe said to add a pear, apple, banana cup of pineapple and spinich. I could only fit about a fourth of each fruit in it with the spinich before it hit the max line so I was wondering if i did something wrong. it came out super thick as well.

  162. Lizzy T says:

    I have High Blood Pressure and I’m over weight, what kind a NutriBlast is good for me?

    I want detox blast, and others to lose weight……….
    Please let me know………….. Thank you

  163. peter pro says:

    whats the longest you can leave the nutrabullet on? a couple of minutes? would it overheat if on for say 10 minutes

  164. peter pro says:

    whats the longest you can leave the nutrabullet on before it overheats?
    a couple of minutes?

    • Cristy says:

      No, the longest is less than a minute. The recipes are mostly for around 30-45 seconds. That’s all it takes, no more or it will overheat.

  165. N says:

    If you add frozen fruits or veggies are you getting the same nutrients as fresh fruits and veggies? For instance, I buy fresh Kale and then freeze it so it doesn’t spoil. Also if I buy frozen berries because I can’t find them fresh. Am I still getting all the same nutrients as fresh? I do combine it with fresh fruit or veggies. Thanks!

    • DB says:

      Frozen fruits are good they will make your drink more like a smoothie just read the package some add sugar get the ones with no sugar added you can freeze your fruits too to make thicker smoothies

  166. Jeanine says:

    Can plain greek yogurt be used in any of the recipes in the NutriBlast?

    • Rosie says:

      I use plain Greek yogurt in my nutribullet all the time with fruit, veggies etc. gives you a good balance of protein and carbs :)

      • Carol says:

        Thanks for this info. I recently started drinking kefir on my doctor’s suggestion. I thought it would be a great idea to make smoothies with them. Bought a Nitribullet today and was concerned when I saw that all the recipes called for water. But if you’ve using yoghurt successfully, then there should be no problem with kefir. Many thanks!

  167. LaDonna Travis says:

    I just started on the nutria blast 4 days ago. I get sick to my stomach every time I drink a blast. Is this common when you first start?

    • Lori Lomas says:

      I stopped using mine because I got sick a couple of times. I would love to hear an answer on this!

    • Twyla says:

      It may be that your body is not used to the extra fiber from the veggies and fruits. Try drinking one small cup blast and build up from there.

    • Lindsay says:

      I’m employed by a medical clinic and just spoke to one of the Internal Medicine doctors here, who also happens to be a vegetarian. Yes, extra fiber has something to do with it, but you also may find it helpful to buy “plant enzyme” capsules at your local vitamin/health food store. He states that it helps him feel less bloated and have less abdominal pain when the occasional situation arises. I’m going to try this out, as I’ve been having stomach pains too.

  168. Raul P. says:

    hi i just got my nutribullet and i hav question about it. Is my drink suppose to be warm not hot but warm when drinkin it? Because when touching the container it was warm. Why is that ?

    • CJ says:

      It depends on the temperature of the water or liquid you add. If you add cold water, ice or other cold beverages or if your fruit is cold then your nutri shake will be cold. If your food ingredients and beverages of choice are room temperature then your nutri shake will be warm. I had this problem too, I just add cold water or juice and or ice. Good Luck Raul! PS also be sure not to over stuff your blending cup that will cause the motor to work harder and decrease the life of the nutribullet appliance and it also cause additional warming of the appliance.

  169. Antonio P. Peralta says:

    I had my nutribullet for 2 mos. (purchased it Aug 03,2013)and it has totally stopped working. I am trying to contact customer service to have it replaced and frankly I am having a hard time trying to get a live person to help me out.I purchased a 4 year warranty and I really need somebody from Nutribullet to help me out since me & my wife need to drink our green juice daily.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hey Antonio!
      Sorry to hear this! Calling our customer service department during regular business hours (Monday through Sunday from 9am to 8pm, Eastern Time) is your best bet. They will give you a call back so you are not waiting in the queue. 1-855-346-8874 or send them a message here:
      But we’ll alert them to your message here!

  170. Charles Corbett says:

    I bought my NutriBullet about 4 months ago and have blasted every day since. The question I have is, is it better to mill the boost ingredients before adding them to the Blast?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Charles, this is up to you! There’s no need to mill them before hand, the regular extractor blade should be able to handle all nuts, seeds, even ice. However, some people prefer to mill their seeds before adding them in due to the texture it provides.

      • Catherine says:

        I have to mill all nuts seeds and grains before adding them to my Nutriblasts to ensure they are completely smooth. If I do not, I end up with tiny chewy bits, even when the only other ingredients are fruit juice and powdered spirulina. I have had to do this from the first time I used it. If this is not normal, should I ask for the extractor blade to be replaced? I am in Australia.

  171. Marla says:

    Can I put wheatgrass in the nutribullet?

  172. Paul says:

    In one of the recipes for banana ice cream ,it says to chop then freeze banana with peel on . Do you actually blend the peel . Thought peel would taste yuk.

    • Melissa says:

      Hi Paul,

      You actually freeze the banana WITHOUT the peel. Banana frozen in its peel turns black and over-ripe. Without the peel, and frozen in an airtight storage bag or container with as much air as possible removed, it stays very usable.

      And the ice cream recipe turns out delicious!

  173. Esther says:

    I am using Frozen veggies and Frozen fruit . It is very convenient!

    • glenn says:

      i buy organic kale and chard, chop it up and freeze it.Keeps very well and saves money. Also do the same with melons, just cube them (nutriblast size) and freeze.Buying fruits and veges in season and freezing properly has saved me tons of money. Best, Glenn

  174. My cups have become cloudy. I thought I saw someone post a way to clean them but can’t find it. I hand wash them with warm water and a little dish detergent.

  175. RoxO says:

    I see that Beets are suggested as a great addition. I recently made a juice of Beets, carrots, apple, ginger and it was so fibrous, thick and impossible to drink. Any idea what I may have done wrong?

  176. Leslea says:

    Nonnycakes –

    This is referring to Gwen Not Me .

    Nonnycakes commented on Frequently Asked Questions.

    in response to Gwen:

    We purchased our NB last November. Is it normal for it to be so noisy? If we use if for more than a couple of minutes we feel we need ear protection? Is this normal? Gwen

  177. Ken says:

    I’ve been using my nutribullet 2 times a day for the last few months, but lately have noticed that the skins of my peppers aren’t getting pulverized?

    I cut up and freeze most of the ingredients, like 4 types of bell peppers, carrots, celery, strawberries, blueberries, grapes, blackberries…is this not good for the life of the motor?


  178. crystal says:

    Will magic bullet cups fit on the nutribullet or do you sell replacement/spare cups?

  179. NanMac says:

    We have been using our Nutribullet for three months and love it. We use it 2-4 times every day. It has recently begun to cut itself off while in operation. I remove the cup and replace it and it resumes working. Is this an indication that I need to return it while it is still under warranty, or is this something that typically happens?

  180. Paul says:

    The Immunity Blast is in the book that comes with the Nutribullet. Found this video too-

    • I just purchased the Nutribullet and it is a fab little machine.
      I would like the receipe for a Nutriblast for a hot flashes as this was the reason that I bought it.
      Thank you very much.
      Yolanda :)

      • Judy Cousart says:

        This is from the Nutribullet Website. I made this last week and it tastes very good! Here’s hoping it works!
        1/4 small raw beet
        10 red seedless grapes
        2 small broccoli florets
        10 raspberries
        1 Tbl goji berries
        1/2 small avocado
        1 tsp olive oil
        Fill to the Max Line with Spring Water or Coconut Water

        Extract and Enjoy!

    • Jason says:

      Was wondering how many Tomatoes to use for making a V8 juice .Any one know?

  181. joe duke says:

    should grape stems and seeds go into the nutribullet ?

  182. Gloria says:

    is it ok to leave to leave my allready prepared smoothie in the fridge at work for aprox 4 hours and have it for lunch?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Yes! Four hours should be fine. Just make sure it is sealed tightly and the fridge is cold enough.

      • coco says:

        i just purchased the nutribullet and would like to find out the bext time to take the nutribullet?

        also there are some blasts for insomnia…do i take the nutrablast before i go to bed?

        if you want to work on a certain area of health/issues…are you supposed to take the 1 nutrablast a day consecutively for a certain amount of days? or can i take 2 different ones depending on the main issues i want to focus on?. i.e. if i want to detox? how many days do i take the detox blasts? but i also need more energy i take an energy booster as well?

        this is not to clear in the book..

        thank you

        • Tammy says:

          I wouldn’t drink it before bed unless you don’t want to sleep . I can’t even have them late afternoon because they give me such a surge of energy. I have mine for breakfast or at least before 3 pm. And for the first time in years I am sleeping through the night. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind I make as long as its half greens and half fruit. Hope that helps.

  183. Gloria says:

    I would like to make a smoothie around 7am and take it to work for lunch. I can store it in the fridge at work but I need to blend it before I leave home. Will it be ok to drink at noon?

  184. Kathy S says:

    How long do I blend? My drinks come out so airy and frothy.

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Blend time and consistency depends on what ingredients you are using. Most Blasts take around 30-60 seconds. Be sure not to exceed 60 seconds…if you need more time – stop the motor, allow it to rest for 30 seconds and then you can do another round.

    • Pattie says:

      Kathy – did you ever find out the reason your drinks come out airy and frothy?

      I am having the same issue and my co-workers is not having this issue.
      Her drinks never some out airy and/ or frothy.
      We are mixing the same ingredients:(

    • Lori Strong says:

      I found making smoothies in other smoothie makers that bananas tend to make a very airy, frothy smoothie. Since then, I always use my bananas frozen and have never had that issue.

  185. Steve G says:

    Someone needs to correct the error on this FAQ site. You can blend up apricot seeds and other seeds with amygdalin. Although these seeds will produce a form of cyanide in the body it only in the presence of cancerous cells. Amygdalin is also known as B-17 and many people have defeated cancer using B-17 therapy. Biochemist Ernst t Krebbs developed a synthetic form of Amygdalin in the 1950’s and several people were cured using it. It is a vitamin and you can do your own research. The best film that documents the wonderful benefits of B-17 is a “World Without Cancer”.

    • Jolene says:

      Hi Steve, I am busy hunting a blender that will blend apricot seeds for the B17 – I am goint to try this as i have skin cancer and batteling with it for a while. Do you know if this NutriBullet is strong enough to handle? Tx.

      • Steve G says:

        Hi Jolene. Apricot seeds are a little bit smaller than an almond. If you take the pit of an apricot you must break that hard external shell with a walnut cracker or something like that to get to the seed itself. You can purchase apricot seeds on amazon. There is a brand that I have bought called Apricot Power. The NutriBullet will have no problem grinding these seeds up. Check out Sandi Rog on Youtube. She has a powerful testimony on how she beat cancer with B17. Also to let you know there is a couple of other therapies that have tremendous results in beating skin cancers and that is the Gerson Therapy and the Hoxsey Therapy. The Gerson Therapy has a MUCH higher success rate in curing melanoma than conventional therapies. Be well!

      • SB says:

        Jolene: Apricot seeds minus the hard shell are available at Trader Joe’s, they taste very good. Good luck.

  186. Lori says:

    i have diverticulitis and I’m not supposed to eat seeds or fruit/veggies with seeds, or nuts. I just purchased the Nutribullet and wanted to know if it will liquify the nuts & seeds where I can drink them, I haven’t had nuts, strawberrys, kiwis, in a long time.

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      The NutriBullet can pulverize seeds and nuts. The only ones that are a bit tough are blackberry and raspberry seeds. For things like flax seeds, you may wish to mill them into a powder before adding to your Blast.

  187. lynn says:

    I have a question. Do you know a great recipe for healthier stronger hair. I love my nutri bullet but i want a recipe specific to hair issues. Thanks so much in advance. Lynn.

  188. Leslea says:


    Here is the full manual PDF ( 83 pages ) with the recipes and diet program –

  189. Gayle says:

    Love it but but lost the booklet that came with it I would like to do the 6 week challenge

  190. Leslea says:

    Chuck –

    Which video is the Vit C drink you are referring to ? What is the Title of David’s video ?

    David generally puts in Kale or Spinach besides the fruits. I looked on both sites to see for the drink. I can find versions BUT not the exact ingredients you have typed.

    Have you joined – yet ?

  191. Chuck says:

    I watched the video on nutri-blast for inflammation which is basically a vitamin-C drink. It calls for: Apple, Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Flex-seed, Tumeric. What he does not tell you is how much of these ingredients to add, such as 1/4 cup etc. I cannot find this in the book. Your help is greatly appreciated. A drink for high blood pressure would be nice as well.

    Thanks ChuckE

  192. Tony Andraqde says:

    Hi, I want to about a blast for high blood plesured

  193. Gloria says:

    Just purchased the nutria bullet and want to know why I have to consult my Dr before using. Didn’t know about this until I started reading the booklet. I’m on all the meds it list. Worried.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I wouldn’t worrie I was on 17 different meds last sept I am now only on 3 my nutri bullet is the best purchase I ever made . Good luck and don’t worry

      • Gloria says:

        Thank you for the reply. I won’t worry now. Hope it works for me the same. Would love to get off all my medication.;

        • Kayla says:

          They are correct in consulting your doctor first. Some foods react with certain medications. Example: patients who are on coumadin/warfarin should not consume leafy greens (which contain high amounts of vitamin K). Vitamin K inhibits this medication from working properly. Lots of psych medications are inhibited if you consume grape fruit juice. So the advice, “don’t worry” is incorrect. There are warning labels for a reason.

    • Joe says:

      Certain foods can alter how medications interact with your body. If I remember right it is either grapefruit or cranberry juice that will keep your liver busy so any meds that interact with it will have a longer lasting effect. I knew someone once who had constant pain and he used that to make his pain killers last longer. I would ask my pharmacist or doctor about food interactions if I were you.

      • Gloria says:

        Thank you for the reply. I asked my Dr about grapefruit and oranges. Said it would not interact with my meds. I will check with the pharmacist also. My husband made us a drink with fruit and greens, didn’t seem to bother me. Was really delicious.

        • Cristy says:

          I love this place, I told my friend, who bought a NB cuz of my suggestion, to come here for answers. I am glad you were told the reason for checking with your Doc first. I am on many meds as well and I forgot to check with mine. But he knows about my Blasting and he loves that I am, so… lol.

    • Cornflake says:

      Main question you need to ask yourself is:

      if i eat this as a whole will it do me harm?
      If the answer is a resounding “yes” then don’t add it in.
      “use an alternative in its place”.

      It is required by the FDA any company selling anything related to food, excersise, Etc.
      “to suggested to consult with your Dr. first”.
      1) It’s an insurance thing to protect them from you doing harm to yourself.
      “like if you were to deliberately to place rotten spoiled foods into the nutribullet”.
      the Company could not be held responsible for you or your actions,
      At which you did without the concent of your Dr. or the manual that comes with the machine.

      Too many fraudulent people in this world, Companies have to look out for #1 which would be them selves.
      Hope this helps take a little of the worry off of you. But it is best to consult with your Dr. alway good to know your health is getting good or Bad so you know how and what you can and can not do to change things around.

  194. Leslea says:

    Erica C –

    All ingredients you put in the container ( fruits, vegetables, liquid ) have to be BELOW the LINE ! Always……………………

    • DB says:

      I add as many different things as possible to the cup above the line then add water up to the line if your suggestion were correct the only thing that would fit is a hadfull of spinich
      I can fit a whole banana , a handful of leafy greens, 2 tbs chia seeds , 3-4 baby carrots , and half an apple it fills the cup then the water to the line I marked the line with a marker because you cant see the original one when its stuffed with ingrediance

  195. Hagit says:

    I am doing the nutribullet for couple of months and I notice that I gain weight and hip size , can it be from the drink?
    I am skinny and never had this problem before.
    I usually put spinach, banana, flaxseed, apple, carrot, strawberry, peach/plum and vanilla almond milk.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    • Rene says:

      Is this a breakfast addition? Meal replacement? Perhaps the mixture, depending upon what else you are eating along with the drink is too high on the glycemic scale. More greens, less fruit and perhaps some protein powder would balance this out for you. Is almond milk something you always drink? What else have you changed that would result in weight gain?

    • Hana says:

      I’d like to understand the answer to this question too, I am having the same reaction my belly is getting bigger I was 120 lb now I’m 125!! I’m a vegetarian and add spirulina protein mix to my shake every morning plus flax, pumpkin, almond, and/or hemp seeds. I drink 3 blasts a day. Maybe I am taking in iI much protein or too much fruit sugar? My protein mix is under 200 calories. I count my calories everyday with an app and I usually struggle to meet my daily limit but I am still gaining weight.

      • Cornflake says:

        the best figures for intake are:
        30 Grams protein
        30 Grams Fiber
        30 Grams Fiberous Carb “fruits”
        30 Grams of Omega-3 fatty acid or “fats”

        I eat on avg. 5 times a day so I try my best to saty around 6 grams of each in every meal.
        “can be very difficult at times”

        Protein “promotes weight loss”.

        Fiber “Promotes a healthy digestion”.
        I find if i over do fiber it seems to take longer to use the restroom. I know probably TMI.

        Fruits “Promotes Natural energy” But yes once digested they also become sugars so the more fruits you consiume the more sugar is in your digestive track so it is possible to gain weight from fruits.

        Omega-3 “fats” “Promotes the heart function”
        without healthy fats cleaning out our arteries, Veins
        and helping cheresterol plaque find it’s way out we end up with:
        heart attacks, strokes, heart malfunctions, etc.
        “Extremely important to add fats to our diets”.

        when people say their on a diet. “I like to laugh”.
        If you eat you are already on a diet.
        your diet is what you consume.
        Cows normal diet is eating grass and drinking water.
        When man takes a cow he changes their diet into grains, adds in hormones, and steroids for the cow to produce more milk gain more muscle tissue so when the cow fails to produce they will have more meat to place on the market.

        Go organic you really don’t know what you are putting in your mouth when you buy store bought meats and and dairy products. I’m not advertising it’s your place to choose. I have chosen to stay away from store bought meats and dairy because I have came to learn of what they do to the live stock before they place it on the shelves.

        And anything that has a long shelf life if you look forward to having cancer eat all you want. all i will say.

      • jenna says:

        I have the same problem. My belly keeps getting fatter. I was always thin so it’s the smoothie. Mine are 70% kale or collards with a few blueberries, a 1 inch square of pineapple and a half of wedge of melon with a tbls of either flax or chia. I think drinking our food has it absorb too fast and creates more belly fat.

        • Mat says:

          Anyone who is having weight problems, are you only drinking smoothies for every meal?

          Green smoothies are not going to automatically make you lose weight. You need to change all parts of bad behavior.

          Are you eating meat still? Are you eating any animal products? Are you eating junk food at all?

          If you are eating any very fatty foods, you are going to gain fat. Green smoothies do not eliminate the bad choices you make, they simply serve as a good choice in place of a bad one you once made.

          For example, if you used to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning, you were probably unhappy with your weight. Replacing that breakfast of eggs and bacon with a green smoothie is good because you are NO LONG eating bacon and eggs.

          The issue is not eating good food, it is to stop eating bad food.

          Finally, nobody should be consuming green smoothies for every meal. This may turn into a dangerous thing to do. I recommend people drink green smoothies if they want to, but I think eating rice, potatoes, and beans as the majority of your calories is a far better choice.

          • Rene says:

            If you are gaining weight with the smoothies, stop drinking them for a few days and see if your weight decreases. Then you know the smoothie is the culprit. At this point I would take Cornflake’s advise about balanced eating/portion control and create a smoothie that will act as a part of a balanced meal. Try this and if you still gain weight, you know that your body is not reacting well to whatever you are feeding it. Eliminate the culprit and try again until you find something that works. Try only vegetables as a liquid salad and see how this reacts.

            If your goal is to eat better foods then you have to figure out how to incorporate them into your routine without adding too much imbalance. Mat’s comment about eating bacon and eggs every day is not necessarily true when it comes to weight loss–many people have eaten a steady diet of pure protein and have lost plenty of weight. Wanting to eat better foods is key, but “rice, potatoes and beans” doesn’t mean balance for everyone.

  196. Paul says:

    Maybe the extraction prep chart says to peel lemons & limes, but the Immunity blast says rind & all (including the orange too) I can testify that the immunity blast stopped a bad sore throat in its tracks! I did a follow up of the same the next day just to keep whatever was attacking at bay and/or aliviated.

    • Sharon says:

      I have a low white blood cell count and am trying the citrus system recipe from the book. I called Customer Service and was told to peel the lemon, limes and orange. I am obviously confused. Where did you find the info that says peels and all? Also perhaps you can help with another question. the recipes in the books… they are all for the large cup – I asked customer service if the result was one or two servings? They said the large cup was two servings. Do you agree? If I make the recipe in the smaller cup I need to cut ingredients in half?

  197. Cheri says:

    I have gained weight using the recipes in phase 1. Why ?

  198. Julie312 says:

    The extraction chart says to peel lemons and limes… I have to do to preserve the integrity of the machine? Or is this a “taste” bias/situation? Is there something in lemon/lime peels that are unhealthy?

    One other thing….I bought my system last night and read everything in the box (all manuals/pamphlets/etc). I would like to suggest that the authors consider adding more thorough instructions particularly in the recipe sections. It’s too vague. Like when a beet is used…it should state washed, cut into 1 inch cubes. Personally this would help ME a lot to know these things.

    One other question….why must I steam/cook a sweet potato and only wash/cut up a beet? Are they really that different in the extraction process?


  199. Erica C says:

    I have a new NutriBullet. It overflows and the liquid gets into the base housing. I am careful not to fill liquids above the “max”. Do I have to limit the fruit/greens to below the line, too? Or is this a defect?

  200. alfredo says:

    in the program ..question? between break fast and breakfast snack how long we suppose to take and after lunch and lunch snack n dinner ? whats the time between each>?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      It depends on your hunger. It might be about 3 hours, but some folks get hungry 2 hours after breakfast depending on what you had to eat. If you are not hungry, then no need to have a snack. I”d suggest not going longer than 4-5 hours without eating so your blood sugar doesn’t get too low and cause you to overeat at the next meal or get that energy slump we often experience toward the end of the afternoon. This plan is just a guide so feel free to modify it as needed.

  201. Leslea says:

    Greg –

    Check out this link for SUPER BOOST –

  202. Leslea says:


    Loud Noise isn’t normal ! You have a 1 year warranty. Phone customer service and complain. I have replaced my machine 3 X within 3 months. I am glad I bought my machine at a store with a 90 day return policy.

  203. Gwen says:

    We purchased our NB last November. Is it normal for it to be so noisy? If we use if for more than a couple of minutes we feel we need ear protection? Is this normal?

    • Nonnycakes says:

      Leslea, you should not be running the Nutribullet longer than one minute for each drink. Most of the time, it only takes about 15-20 seconds to blend up my drinks, and that includes drinks with ice. I think you could definitely ruin the motor if you try to blend longer than a minute at a time.

  204. Carrie Todd says:

    Can I use my magic bullet cups, with the nutribullet??

  205. Greg says:

    Hi, can you tell me what is in the Super Boost?

  206. Leslea says:

    Shawna –

    I buy the NutriBullet at Canadian Tire, Toronto because of their 90 Day Return Policy.

    I have already returned 3 different machines since Dec 2012 due to mechanical problems. All purchased at Canadian Tire.

  207. Leslea says:

    Elizabeth –

    I looked at the picture again. You get for $ 19.98 – extractor blade, tall cup, small cup, 2 lip rings that go on the cups. NO LIDS !

    I guess you will have to email or call customer service. I don’t know how you buy LIDS ONLY ?

    I bought from a Canadian retail store, so what’s in the box is what I have to work with.

    • Shawna says:

      I bought mine at Canadian Tire on May 31…it came with lids. I’d check the box to see what it was supposed to have in it, and return it for a new one. They have a really good return policy.

  208. Kim says:

    Thank you for the information. I will try it tomorrow!!! I also think maybe my oil was expired so I will leave it out altogether. :)

  209. Jen says:

    I already saw that picture. The items do not fit into the bg.

  210. Leslea says:

    Jen –

    Better picture of how to use the bag on the accessories section of the website –

  211. Kim says:

    I LOVE my Nutri Bullet. I’ve been using it daily faithfully since January 1st. In the past 2 weeks or so, I now get a crampy stomach ache before I’m even done drinking my nutri blast. I use mixed fruit, kale, spinach, oil, peanut butter, and various seeds (flaxseed, chia, sunflower). I fill with milk to the fill line. I LOVE the taste, but lately it’s
    upsetting my stomach. What is happening lately???

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Kim, there seems to be a lot going on in your Blast. I’d suggest trying a more simple recipe with fewer ingredients – maybe just some leafy greens, some berries, a few nuts, 1/2 banana and some coconut water.

      A few things your body may be reacting to are the fats (oils and nut butter), the bulk from both chia and flaxseeds (these actually absorb water to bulk up and may cause stomach distress in some people if too much is used), Also if using cow’s milk, you may want to switch it up to a more easily digestible liquid (filtered water, coconut water, a chilled green tea, or even almond milk). Dairy is hard for a lot of people to digest.
      Let us know how it goes from there.

  212. Robin H. says:

    I LOVE my Nutribullet. I am planning on using fresh Tumeric. Just bought some fresh at the market. How much do I use? An inch? An ounce?

  213. JEN says:

    I bought the bag to carry the nutribullet and I would like to know how to fit these items into the bag. They do not fit.

  214. Elizabeth says:

    Do you sell any extra lids? I saw you said above that we could store the ingredients and then mix it later, but the set only comes with 2 lids and the extension pack has 0. I have more than1 person in my household, so it might be useful to get those lids. Where can I buy them?

  215. wendy says:

    I love my nutribullet and want to get one for my uncle who suffers from gout. He’s on a pretty strict diet as a result. Which ingredients would make a good blast for gout sufferers?


  216. Leslea says:

    Punjayne –

    should it be removable or has the company changed the design?

    Design of the machine has changed !

  217. punjayne says:

    we have a nutribullet at work that is older than the one I just got. I notice that the rubber gasket on the older one seems to be removable while the new one I have at home does not come out of the blade assembly base.
    should it be removable or has the company changed the design?
    please comment back..thanks

  218. jackie says:

    than u nutribullet! for your quick and wonderful response! i wrote back a bit and it said i was repeating my message so it looks like it didnt get sent, so i am shortening this one, to thank you. i will have to try to buy organic, which is expensive, and cut smaller. just one orange fills the bullet! so it is hard. i use almost any general fruit u can think of. i have used spinach but this is like a fruit gone bad taste, like when it sits out too long. i use watermelon, pineapple, orange, apple, pear, banana, the berries, and banana. thanks.jackie way

  219. jackie says:

    hi i have a question or complaint. it says to not fill more than the max line, yet to use so many fruits and vegies. therefore, how on earth does anyone fit it all in? i always have a bowl left over with all the extra fruits . there is NO way i can fit all that the recipes ask for. they talking mini sized fruits? this is quite frustrating. then when i do make it, it comes out sooooooooooooooooo thick i cant even pour it never mind drink it!!! as u can only fill enough water to reach the max line. sure doesnt seem hardly enough! ugh…..
    and does anyone know what fruit would be the one causing a sour tarty taste, a taste like the fruit has gone bad? maybe somone here can tell me which fruit does not work well! and gives it a pure yuck taste. thank you! jackie way

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Jackie! The reason this happens is because fruit and veggies come in different sizes. Organic fruit is often smaller than conventionally grown fruit and size varies from state to state and store to store. It also depends on how big or small you chop up your ingredients. Sorry for the frustration! If you find that your ingredients are not fitting properly into your cup, half the recipe and go from there. Good luck!
      As for the sour taste, we’re not sure! Which fruits or veggies are you using? You may be tasting greens if you’re using a lot of them and aren’t used to the flavor, though that would cause more of a bitter taste than sour.

      • jackie says:

        thank you nutribullet for your response. i want u to know, i appreciate your time! and quick response. i will try to buy more ogranic, although so expensive, and will try to chop smaller. it says simply one orange for eg, but that just about fills my cup! lol..our oranges are huge! so i guess will have to try cutting in half. i just wanted to get the most of the nutrients. i am trying to lose weight, but so far nothing. i want the sugars from eg, strawberries, as it is natural, casue it makes it bearable to drink! i still want to lose weight. i wish it wasnt so hard! anyway, the fruits i use, are the general, i have used, watermelon at one point, pear, apple, orange, pineapple, orange, banana, and have put spinach in it too, but i can tell the ‘sour ‘ tang comes from a fruit, maybe going bad? i dunno. but that is what it tastes like,like that taste if it sits out too long. so not sure which fruit would cause this. i also have used blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. thanks alot!! jackie way

  220. jacqueline says:

    I am drinking the blast for my immune system, i am using the one with 50%
    spinach, but the spinach cause my skin to be so dark especially my face,
    whatever i eat always shows especially on my face. Can i use less spinach
    and use carrots instead,will it still build my immune system.

  221. Lori Lomas says:

    Pulse mode and lick mode? I just got my nutribullet yesterday, but I didn’t see any “mode” switch. Please help!

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Pulse mode is when you press down the cup and it turns on then you release it shortly after (for a short chopping mechanism) without twisting it and securing it to run on its own. When you twist and lock it, that is lick mode. Sorry for the confusion!

  222. Leslea says:

    Anne Marie –

    NO Batters !

    Just Fresh fruits and vegetables along with cold water, milk, almond milk etc.

    Watch the Video ( Jan 14 ) provided by David Wolfe on the blog site to explain how to use the NutriBullet. Along with reading the FAQ list ( No 1-14 ) on the blog site.

  223. Anne Marie says:

    Can you do other foods with this, like batters etc? I am wondering if I can get rid of my Blendtec if this is as good as it is supposed to be.

  224. Leslea says:

    How many times has that been said !!

    Everybody hopefully reads the instructions, reads the colour diagram and watches David Wolfe’s VIDEO dated Jan 14th on how to use the machine.

  225. Leslea says:

    Kodiak_Coastie –

    There are lots of good videos on different health issues and articles to read on the

    Here are the names of the 2 dietitians that are on the blog and can answer your health questions –

    Krista L. Haynes, R.D. is a Registered Dietitian / Sarah Lefkowitz, R.D. is a Registered Dietitian

    Watch David Wolfe’s video ( dated Jan 14th ) on how to first use the NutriBullet machine. Look at the top of the blog for – FAQ, RECIPES, VIDEOS.

    The other excellent website is – This is NutriBUllet’s new site. You join by putting in the serial number of your machine which you find at the bottom of the machine. Lots of information.

    Join the FREE newsletter so you get the latest information on health along with recipes.

    Make sure you talk to your doctor about using the NutriBullet for your health issues.

    Hope this all helps.

  226. Leslea says:

    Lorie –

    I am on my 3rd NutriBullet. When they break I take them back to the store. I buy from stores that have a 90 day return policy. It always happens in the first 3 months. I live in Canada so I am not going to order the NutriBullet online in the USA. Too expensive to return.

    Leaking can be from putting in tooo much fruit, vegetables + liquid. You can’t go over the MAX LINE ! It will leak if you do. You can watch David Wolfe’s video on how to use the machine. It is on the blog site.

  227. Lorie says:

    I just got a nutribullet and my first, second, and third use the top part leaks. I am so frustrated with the machine. I have tried putting the lid on tighter but still no luck. Any suggestions?

  228. I need some help from the experts. I recently purchased ny nutribullet and I need to learn would help me out the most. I am a 52 Yr Truck Driver, that recently ended up in the hospital with a possible heart attack. It scared the hell out of me. I have High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and I weigh 250 @ 5’9″ I get very little exercise.

    Can someone please help me !!! I am a bad situation and I need help from an experinced person.

    Please Help

    Please Help

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Kodiak! Have you visited our member site ?? There we have plenty of information and tips on lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, you name it! Just search for an ailment and gather all the information we have on each topic from our numerous health experts. All you need is your NutriBullet serial number to sign up. :)

  229. Leslea says:

    Joanne –

    You need to use the Milling Blade to grind your flax seeds.

    Drink the Berry Seeds, they don’t need to be ground up.

    I have never seen dried prunes used in smoothies. It is best to use Fresh Fruits Not Fruits that have been Dried ie raisins, prunes etc… Use a Fresh PLUM Or Prunes minus the stone.

    3. Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

    Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. I’d also avoid avocado pits, due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    Nutritious seeds include:

    blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)
    cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
    grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
    kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
    lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)
    orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
    strawberry (fiber)
    watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

    Use this chart to prepare your fruits and vegetables –

    • Kat says:

      @ Leslea: dried fruits are great with blended drinks, especially out of season, used as a sweetener with e.g. kefir. Prunes are great for slow metabolism.

  230. Mohamed says:

    Hi my name is Mohamed and I served my country for 8 years, so I was in the Navy. know I am a civilian and my weight has gain a lot and I was wondering if I use the nutribullet can I make something extra on the side?
    example: I am starting off with stage 1 of the nutribullet which consist of breakfast which I have orange, ginger, salt, honey, lime, lemon and spinach for breakfast. Then I have a snake for breakfast which is the hummus. know comes lunch i have the soup which is watermelon soup and then lunch snake. later i have dinner which is chicken and salad. know just using this example is that all I get to have all day or can I mix eggs with my breakfast juice or bread or hash browns?

  231. Leslea says:

    Diane –

    Have you put in the Product Serial Number of your machine in the information when you Sign Up with the ?

  232. Angela says:

    Is it alright to use hot / warm water when using my Nutri Bullet? I am concerned that it may compromise the enzymes. I like to drink it the warmer the better, but if its not good, id like to know and change to cold. Ive asked this same question so many times over, but never seem get an answer, im hoping someone will respond, Plz???? :-) Thank you so much,

    • Beva says:

      And temperature of water or liquid over 140 degrees F will destroy enzymes in fresh food such as raw vegetables and fruit that is in contact with it.

    • Nutribullet101 says:

      I believe that if the water is warm- but NOT too hot than it will be fine. (Raw foodists use the finger rule: if the liquid is too hot to comfortably dip a finger into than it will cook the enzymes)

    • Delores McCarter says:

      Angela: I just noticed this post.

      Please note: The Nutribullet DOES NOT like hot temperatures. Please use either cold or cool water when blasting.

  233. Jeff says:

    Hi, is it a good idea to have a blast before a workout. If so what would I have after workout? Before and after are within a couple hours of each other. Thank you

  234. PaleoDentist says:

    How long to I run the Nutriblast for to extract all the nutrients???? I find that the black berry seeds never get pulverized. maybe I am running it too short. but I do not wan to run it too long.

    • Delores McCarter says:

      No, those blackberry seeds do not get pulverized. If they are too annoying, you can use a mesh strainer to capture them.

    • Daina says:

      I have been able to pulverize the berrie seeds. I just put in the berries and by themselves pulsing the Nutribulett for 1 minute and then resting it for 30 seconds. I do this until the berries are super tiny! Then I add everything else and blend for 30 – 60 seconds.

  235. Leslea says:

    Ina –

    You can grind coffee. Use the Milling Blade.

  236. Ina says:

    Can i grind coffee?

  237. Dianne says:

    My Husband and I purchased the Nutibullet to be healthy. I have trouble with Arthritis and we both take Cholestrol meds and have been good with our numbers for a while.( we are both in our 40″s)
    We thought drinking Fruits every morning for breakfast to replace our coffee would be a good way to start and we also purchase the Super Food package.
    We have been enjoying our “blasts” and doing well …..until….. we just got our bloodwork back and it says our “sugar/glucose levels” are high and triglycerides are also ????
    Are we drinking too may fruits & sugar ?? We use about 3 fruits, water & a small amount of unsweetened almond milk ???
    Can this drink once a day cause these levels to go up ??? Should we do something different ??
    Thanks !

    • Angela says:

      I myself dont use much fruit at all for that same reason. I use mostly vegetables, spinach,kale, escarole as an example, or whatever I have in the house at that time. I only use a small amount of fruit , maybe a few berries, or a small piece of orange/ apple. Maybe you might want to try to use less fruit and more veggies, for a few weeks and see if there is a difference. I also love almond milk, the unsweetened , but I do not use that in my blasts. I use water. I just got my blood work back as well and my BG was up a tiny bit more then the last time, but not in the pre diabetic range, Good luck. I hope it works out for u..

    • jenna says:

      Most of the smoothie should be greens otherwise it will affect your blood sugar. Also always add 1-2 tbs of either flax or chia for healthy fats and to slow down absorption.

  238. Leslea says:

    Rene –

    I am not talking about grams of food. I am speaking of the sugar content in a food and why it tastes sweet.

    The Glycemic Index (GI) food list below shows the Glycemic Index score for many different fruits and vegetables. The GI score for each food will dictate the speed at which the sugar will be absorbed. A low Glycemic index means the sugar will be absorbed slowly. The higher the GI score the quicker the sugar is absorbed into the blood. For reduced sugar craving and help with weight loss the lower the GI score the better.

    All foods on our GI tables are based on 100g (3.5 oz) of product. The portion size doesn’t change the Glycemic Index value, but it does count towards the quantity of sugar (carbs) for the item; the bigger the portion the more sugar you would be consuming.

    Carrots rate at a 70 out of 100. They are very HIGH in sugar !

    • Rene says:

      I think you should read about glycemic load. Adding a half a carrot to a drink is not going to spike your sugar if you are adding other green veggies. Just don’t add all sorts of other fruits that would add more sugar.

  239. Leslea says:

    Shirley –

    Very High in sugar on the Glycemic Index for fruits and vegetables. That’s why people like them because of how sweet they taste.

    You want to stay below the 50 index rating for fruits and vegetables.

    Carrots = 70 Glycemic Index rating.

    • Rene says:

      To get the 50 grams used in a test dose to determine Glycemic Index (GI), you would have to eat about 5 cups of carrots or 1 ½ pounds at a serving. You are certainly not going to put all that in a bullet!

  240. Shirley says:

    I love my Bullet! I was wondering why carrots are not mentioned in the recipes. I was out of greens this morning but wanted vegetables and fruit in my morning shake. I tossed in 2 cut up carrots—-the shake was delicious.

  241. Joseph says:

    I am looking to loose weight and am replacing breakfast and lunch with a nutri blast. A friend told me I should be adding whey protein to these drinks and that I need 25 grams per meal. A typical blast for me consists of spinach or kale, apple, cucumber, banana or orange/kiwi. I also throw in some almonds or flax at lunch time. Will the Whey hinder my weight loss? Is it even needed? Thank you

    • Joe says:

      When I was using nutriblasts as a meal replacement, I found protein to be important for satiety. Without the protein, I would be downing a nutriblast every hour or two. When I added proteib , the smoothies kept me satisfied for about twice as long. I didn’t use a supplement for protein though. I used a kind of flour I made with the milling blade out of flax seeds, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds…sometimes I will also grind up quinoa as well. Also the chobani brand plain Greek yogurt is packed with protein and I have a couple spoons with my smoothies.

  242. Valerie says:

    Would it be alright if I add a little honey in with the fruit and vegies for children? My Child has problems with constipation and it is hard t get him to drink anything that does not have a little sweetness in it.

  243. Carmen says:

    I need to know how it would affect a nutriblast if I add some vitamins I have to take because I am now in a chemotherapy treatment.

  244. Joanne says:

    I live in SW Florida ( Fort Myers) and can not find a local retailer selling Goji beries. Does anyone know where I can buy them? Or even it the plant can be purchased locally?

  245. Ang DeM says:

    I would try low fat plain yogurt, I will also add body

  246. Leslea says:


    Watch David Wolfe’s video below to get started with the NutriBullet. Follow the steps….

    Use this chart to prepare your fruits and vegetables –

    3. Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

    Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. I’d also avoid avocado pits, due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    Nutritious seeds include:

    blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)
    cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
    grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
    kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
    lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)
    orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
    strawberry (fiber)
    watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

  247. Leslea says:


    Get in touch with NutriBullet directly to discuss your various problems. I am sure they can help you! I have never used prunes ? I use the milling blade for my seeds and nuts.

  248. valori says:

    Deb , thanks so much for the feed back on the kidney stone advice . we will certainly give it a try :)

  249. Leslea says:


    Are you using the Milling Blade for your seeds ? – Chart to prepare your fruits & vegetables

    3. Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

    Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. I’d also avoid avocado pits, due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    Nutritious seeds include:

    blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)
    cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
    grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
    kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
    lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)
    orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
    strawberry (fiber)
    watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

    • Joanne says:

      The chart indicates to to extract flax seeds as is, no mention of the milling blade for that. I haven’t tried that blade yet. The chart doesn’t include prunes. I am surprised the blades didn’t cut through and blend prunes. Should I contact the warranty dept?

  250. Joanne says:

    I am wondering if the blades in my NB are dull already. I’ve only had the unit for about 6 weeks & use it once a day. It doesn’t pulverize berry seeds or flax seeds too well. This morning I added 2 small prunes to the shake and it didn’t break them up. There were good size chunks remaining. I don’t like to have the unit on for more than a minute. I read somewhere that you shoudn’t. Any advice on this? Should I have the unit replaced for a new once under warranty? Otherwise, I am loving the NB! Thanks.

  251. Emily says:

    Can I grind wheat berries in my Nutriblast?

  252. Ang DeM says:

    I dont want to lose weight, I just want to build up my immune system. How ofter should I use the Nutribullet?

  253. valori says:

    is there a nutriblast for kidney stone suffers ???

    • Deb says:

      Chanca piedra tea breaks up kidney stones. (google it). You can add it to a juice with cranberries, lemon and whatever else you want to add

  254. Leslea says:


    Print out the NutriBlast Extraction Prep Chart that is on the FAQ Blog

    It tells you how to prepare all your fruits and vegetables for your drinks.

    3. Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

    Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. I’d also avoid avocado pits, due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    Nutritious seeds include:

    blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)
    cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
    grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
    kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
    lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)
    orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
    strawberry (fiber)
    watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

  255. joe says:

    do you have to peel oranges , lemons or lemons

  256. Bert says:

    The medication i take in the morning warns me not to take it (the medicine) within one hour of eating foods high in fiber. Should i postpone the drinking of nutribullet drinks…? If yes, will the nutriblast be as effective if i prepare it in the morning before work and consume it about 4 – 5 hours later for lunch…. ? Thanks…

  257. Veronica says:

    I just got my Nutribullet and I’m excited to get started! There are some fantastic sounding recipes in the book that came with the Nutribullet. However, I can’t eat bananas. What can I use in these recipes instead of bananas?

  258. Daen Graves says:

    should i still be eating regularly or what?

  259. Daen Graves says:

    I want to get my sugars down ,pls tell me what i need to do? I have lowered it a little in 5 days. Thanks

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Daen! Please consult with your doctor about how to get your numbers down! Continue to include low-glycemic fruits and mainly leafy greens and vegetables in your Blasts for best results.

  260. AJ says:

    I am totally confused with the NB recipes. I want to strenghten my immune system because I am always getting colds and upper respiratory system infections. I CANNOT afford to lose any weight so is blasting once a day enough? Also which is the best blast for improving immune system.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi AJ! Check out – we have an entire searchable recipe section there with all the information you need. Many people use Blasts as meal replacements when they’re looking to lose weight; if you want to avoid that, be sure to eat regularly and use Blasts as an addition to your daily diet. Consult with your doctor before making any dietary changes.

      Hope this helps!

      • diane says:

        i have tried to register at nutriliving using a few different emails and i never get the conformation to finish registering?? can you help

  261. Leslea says:


    How much pesticide is on the grapes ? Part of the ” Dirty 12 Fruits ” that are coated with pesticides. May have to wash the grapes better and longer. Have you tried organic ?

  262. Leslea says:

    Julia –

    You can’t use the Magic Bullet blades in the NutirBullet.

    2 Different Machines !

  263. Cam Collins says:

    My wife and I use our NutriBullet daily and its been great. However we’ve noticed that the “blender” adapter has been getting louder and louder over time. Almost like it needs to be lubricated or something. We rarely use the grinder but I ran it and then the blender to compare the noise levels. The grinder was very quiet — just like the blender attachment was when we first got it.

    Anyone have maintenance tips for this so I can get it back to a point that it doesn’t sound like being in the front row of a Megadeath concert?


    • NutriBullet says:

      Hey Cam! Not sure why this is happening; you might want to speak with customer service. Send them an email here and they will help you troubleshoot or send replacement parts. :)


        The same happened to me too I had to go into the next room…I say “had” because we stopped using it since it started smelling burnt. Now we are not doing anything :( CS wants a receipt and we don’t have one since it was a gift.

  264. Julia Oliver says:

    If purchase the nutribullet can i use the magic bullet blades on it? i would like the nutribullet for nutriblasts but would like to be able to make fresh salsa without pulverizing my veggies. Wasnt sure if i had to purchase both nutribullet and magic bullet? Thank you in advance!

    • Pat Brophy says:

      I plan on buying the Nutri Bullet this afternoon. I am reading recipes to get acquainted. I am thin and need to add protein powder and high caloric foods. I need some suggestions. I also have arthritis , and have high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I want to get more vegetables and fruits in my diet.

  265. Bruce says:

    My new NB is not completely shredding green seedless grape skins. I don’t fill past the MAX line. I try pulsing a few times and then let it run for a minute. The NB does fine with other skins and peels, breaking them down smoothly. The problem is only with these normal green table grapes. Please advise.

  266. Leslea says:

    Bee –

    Depending where you bought your NB, whether at a store that gives a 90 day return or online with NutriBullet website you still have a 1 year Manufacturer’s warranty.

    If you registered with NB online ( register ) you then get an additional 3 months extended warranty service + your 1yr. So you are covered for manufacturer issues. Now you have to get in touch with NB customer service and go the route for repair or replacement ?

  267. Leslea says:

    Bee –

    Do you have a 1 year warranty, if so send it back and get a replacement. I bought mine at a store and took it back before the warranty because my machine wouldn’t stop running once I turned it on regardless what I did to stop it.

  268. Bee says:

    Hi I had purchase my NB sometime last year in June 2012. this pass several months started later in November i been having problem with the NB machine. Most time it doesn’t want to turn on or it will turn on but stop after 2 seconds. what should i do?

  269. Romeena says:

    I don’t understand the procedure of a toxin cleanse diet:
    Am I suppose to pick one toxin cleansing recipe and that’s all I can consume during the diet?
    How long do I do it for?

  270. sarah says:

    I just bought the nutribullet, but i have a whole bunch of non-organic vegetables in my fridge. Is it okay to use those with the nutribullet? or will my body get loaded with the pesticides, etc bc of the emulsification process?

    • Pete says:

      We also just got our nutribullet & plan on using the veggies in fridge. Two things to consider: 1. Organic is great but expensive.

      2. Many times especially in winter they are hard to find. Also many have spent several days in transit or sitting in the produce section losing nutritional value. Try frozen instead.

      The veggies in the store can be soaked in a solution of white vinegar & water. We then scrub them with a clean sponge, rinse & let dry. Some fruits & veggies are high in pesticides like apples. We peel most fruits & veggies like carrots. Yaeh i know we lose some nutritional value, but sometimes you have to compromise. We Buy organic when we can especially celery& salad greens, shop @ farmers markets & have a small garden.

      Hope this helps.

    • jenna says:

      I would mainly focus on getting the dirty dozen organic .

  271. Leslea says:

    Jen –

    Use this chart to prepare your fruits and vegetables for the drinks.

    For pineapples you just remove the peel. You keep the stem inside.

  272. Ivan says:

    Hola Nutribullet! I just want to start off by saying that I love this machine! Thanks for being convenient and affordable! :) I have a few questions if you don’t mind:
    1. I’m going to start working and I will be lifting a lot of weights. What kind of fruits/veggies/ should I look into to burn fat and gain muscle? I’m 21 years old, 6’2, and weight 180. I’m pretty slim and I ask not to lose weight but to lose stubborn fat and help get some tone. In sorry if this question is super complicated.
    2. Another question I have is what are some fruits/veggies/seeds I can use to balance my hormone levels out? I read the post for females you replied to but didn’t find any for males. Please help?
    Thank you for your help. Please take your time replying!

    • Pete says:

      I’m a 6’3″ male, weigh 200 lbs and @ 66 yrs old have been lifting most of my life. I add a scoop of protein powder to my shakes. One scoop equals 26 grams of protein. I only use whey protein powder which most body builders lifters use. Also be sure to use some lean protein in every meal, along with lots of veggies & watch the carbs.

      As for hormone levels well I wish I had your problem, but I would say enjoy the ride & look @ the section on male hormones in the nutribullet book.

      Also for muscle/weight gain concentrate on exercises that work the major muscles ie: squats, bench press, cleans & jerks& pull ups. At your age I was more interested in doing curls. But trust me the big arms will come along with a well balanced & strong body.

  273. Cvete1 says:

    Do I have to use vegetables in the NutriBullet? Can I use icecream in the NutriBullet?

  274. p says:

    I need to know the nutritional chart and sugar content (and absorption rate) for the drinks in the recipe book. Yes, I know it’s better than jamba juice, etc. However, I am litterally using 2 handfulls fresh spinach, 8-10 blue berries, 2 med strawberries, ground chia seed, coconut oil or ground walnuts and ph bal water. I am crashing afterward like a sugar crash/hypoglycemia. What am I doing wrong and how can I correct it? Thank you.

    • jenna says: ( This Dr. is President Clintons diet doctor)

      Smoothies – How about smoothies? I love them!
      Avoid smoothies. The fiber is so finely pureed that its helpful properties are destroyed. The sugar is stripped from the fruit, bypasses salivary digestion and results in a surge of glucose and the accompanying fructose contributes to inflammation and hypertension.

      Given this explanation I would be careful not to do more than 25% fruits in your smoothie if you experience this crash. Dr. Essleystyn is referring more to those who do fruit smoothies mostly. Again very important to have some nuts, or seeds added to slow down absorption and make smoothies thicker and add the nuts or seeds after to chew the smoothie instead of drinking it quickly. We’re suppose to chew our food. The smoothie controversy you can google online. I still think made with lots of greens it can be part of a healthy diet on occasion.

  275. Nikki says:

    How do I get a thinner, less coarse, consistency? Is it important not to pack leaves down?

    • Leslea says:

      Nikki –

      Don’t pack the leaves or fruit down in the container. See the example of the photo on the Quick Start Guide sheet. Add more water to get a thinner consistency. Certain fruits will bulk up the drinks more than others.

    • Leslea says:

      Nikki –

      This is from the FAQ list of questions on the NutriBullet in regards to your question about thinning the drink.

      2. My NutriBlast always turns out really thick. How can I make it thinner?

      First, be sure to loosely load your ingredients to the MAX LINE and then add liquid to the MAX LINE to ensure you are getting the thinnest outcome. Never fill fruits, vegetables, OR liquids passed the MAX LINE. The types of ingredients used can also affect the thickness of your NutriBlast – flax & chia seeds will give your NutriBlast a bit of a gelatinous texture that will continue to thicken as it sits. Nuts and protein powders will also thicken the consistency of your Blast. But consider this: the thicker your NutriBlast is, the more filling it will be. So if you’re looking for your NutriBlast to satisfy your hunger for a few hours – the thicker the better!

  276. Jen says:

    I would like to get bromelain into my diet, which I understand comes from pineapple stems. Can the Nutribullet extract pineapple stems?

  277. Leslea says:

    Rae Ann –

    An excellent book on balancing your Hormones for women and men is called – ” The Hormone Diet ” by Dr. Natasha Turner. Her website ( ) has all her best selling books along with a show she did on Dr. OZ . She is Canada’s leading doctor on Hormones. You can view a huge list of TV Shows and interviews that Dr. Turner has done ( ).

  278. Eddie says:

    Just received the nutribullet a few hours ago-Curious about using frozen veggies only-will that damage the blades?

    • NutriBullet says:

      No, frozen fruits and veggies work perfectly. If they’re TOO frozen (we’re talking solid chunks of ice) try thawing out a bit. A quick run under warm water should do the trick, but otherwise frozen fruits add a nice chill and thickness to your Blast.

  279. Elizabeth says:

    There is no mention of hot peppers in any recipe? Is there any reason not to use them? I think they would be great in your recipe on page 162 of the book (tomavocado) like a healthy bloody mary.


  280. Alma says:

    I have a question. How long should phases 1, 2, & 3 last?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hey Alma, each phase was designed to last two weeks, for a total of 6 weeks. But this is simply our recommendation – you can absolutely personalize the plan to last as long or as little as you’d like. :)

  281. Edward says:

    Can Nutribullet help my diabetes down as i will be healthy to keep off the medications as well?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Edward – The NutriBullet is a tool meant to help you ingest more plant-based whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, so the NutriBullet can help you as much as you help yourself. A diet rich in these foods and low in processed foods and refined sugars has certainly been shown to help those suffering from diabetes lower or eliminate the number of medications they’re on. Check out an article we recently posted on this very topic here:
      Don’t forget to sign up to NutriLiving if you haven’t already, using the serial number found on the bottom of your NutriBullet. Also, make sure you discuss any dietary changes with your doctor.

  282. Rae Ann says:

    If I am wanting to balance my hormones, how often do I need to have the NurtiBlast that helps this issue?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Rae Ann! We’re leaving this question to our NutriBullet RD… She’s been away on business for the last week, but will be back soon, so sit tight! :)

    • Sheryl says:

      I’m glad you asked that question, Rae Ann, as I have the exact same one!

    • Rae Ann – We have a variety of hormones that all do different things in our body and unfortunately there isn’t an exact answer to this general question. I would need to know more information in order to help you out with specifics. If you are speaking about female hormones and menopause, then here are my thoughts.

      In general, some foods can help with menopausal symptoms… I’d suggest choosing foods rich in phytoestrogens. These include legumes (particularly organic soybeans and unprocessed soy foods), flaxseed, other beans (lima, split peas), and alfalfa sprouts. Also, the herbs black cohosh, chasteberry, ginseng and red clover have also been reported as effective in balancing estrogen during menopause, but you should have the advice of an herbalist or naturopathic doctor before you add this to your diet. For a NutriBlast – Add a few of the phytoestrogen-rich foods in with some leafy greens, banana, avocado, berries, grapes and nuts or seeds (sunflower or pumpkin)!

      Try to avoid/minimize processed, high sugar foods and I’d also recommend avoiding dairy as most of it contains added hormones and antibiotics than can disrupt our own endocrine system. Choose organic when possible to avoid pesticides and never cook/microwave foods in plastic and avoid cans and bottles that contain BPA.

      Overall, pay attention to how different foods make you feel. No two people are alike.

      A book you may wish to consider looking into is “Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life by Dr. Claudia Welch.

      Best of Luck!

      -Krista (NutriBullet RD)

  283. Joanne says:

    I add quite a few fruits to my drinks, this morning I had spinach, apple, pear, tangerine, blueberries, blackberries & strawberries. Should I be concerned I am taking in too much sugar from these fruits?

    I did not start this program to lose weight, but I certainly do not want to gain any.

    • Joe says:

      If you do a Google search for macro nutrients of fruit and vegetables you can find more specific information…although I generally don’t worry about carb content. Fruits and vegetables are mostly water and fiber by weight. Avoid canned fruits whenever possible as they are often packed in syrup.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Joanne!

      Cutting out processed and refined sugars is the best way to avoid gaining weight. We understand your concern though and have plenty of people who ask about sugar content in the fruits they consume in their daily Blasts. You do want to avoid too many sugars in your Blasts, even natural sugars found in fruit, by reducing the glycemic load of your Blasts if you feel it’s necessary (in some cases, we do get reports of people gaining weight because they tend to over do their fruit-to-veggie ratio.)
      Here’s an excellent response by our NutriBullet RD on the topic:
      Sign up with the serial number beneath your NB base if you haven’t already to read the entire thing. :)

      Hope this helps!

  284. Leslea says:

    Kim –

    What fruits and vegetables are you using that creates a ” FOAM ” ? Are you using some kind of Milk product verses Water ? Is there are particular drink recipe you are using ?

  285. Kim says:

    I love this site! I’m having trouble with the foam. It is thick and not appetizing-any thoughts as to how to reduce it? I’ve tried not over stuffing it and compacting-and the opposite of these also. I don’t blend long either. Please help!!!

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Kim!

      Foam is an interesting thing, because it entirely depends on the ingredients you use. We find an increase in separation and foam when we used more water-based fruits and veggies like citrus, celery, tomato, and watermelon along with leafy greens. However – certain ingredients work as emulsifiers that thicken your Blast right up with no foam or separation, like bananas, avocado, protein powders, and kiwis, among others. Try a mixture of these ‘thickening’ ingredients to see if they reduce foam. It’s funny – some of our customers say they’ve never gotten foam and others say they get it all the time!

      Experiment and let us know what you find!


  286. Joanne says:

    I am new to healthy eating and just purchased the Nutri bullet. I have heard there are many benefits from beets. I bought some, they came with long red roots( i think) and leaves. Should I remove these before blasting? Also can I put raw uncooked beets in the machine or do I have to cook them first.

    Thanks for your help

  287. Annika says:

    Are there any noticeable “side effects” from doing the toxic cleansing blast? These ingredients consist of items I normally eat anyway, so why would combining them in shake form make a difference than just eating them all at once? I am just a little hesitant and concerned with starting this. I have previously had my gall bladder removed and since then certain foods I used to love eating like raw broccoli no longer agree with me unless I cook it.

  288. Leslea says:

    Elizabeth Milwee –

    I would like an answer to your coffee question also ?

    Could Krista L. Haynes, R.D. reply to your question.

  289. Elizabeth Milwee says:

    I see you can pulverize may seeds, even hard, rather large ones, I’d like to know if you can use the Nutri Bullet to grind coffee beans.

    • Chris Berry says:

      Yes it will. The grinding blade is just for this purpose. You can chop pretty much any nut/seed you want. I make my own hemp milk using 1 cup hemp seed and 2.5 cups water.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Yup, Chris is right. Use the flat blade and you’ll have fresh ground coffee in seconds. :)

  290. Jessica says:

    Nutribullet –

    Is there a recipe that specifically targets and boosts your libido ? What fruits, veggies, and nuts are included in them? Please and thank you !!

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Jessica, we don’t have a specific recipe, but some ingredients to keep in mind that are great for balancing hormones and upping libido include maca powder, ashwagandha root, raw cacao, and even things like turmeric and onions. (Just be sure your breath is ok before getting to business!)

      Hope this helps!

  291. Lisa Rodriguez says:

    I recently bought some wheat grass for added nutrients for me and my daughter. Is it ok to juice wheat grass in the Nutri Bullet? Thank you.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Lisa, absolutely! The result will not be as potent as a shot of wheat grass juice, but you can toss wheat grass right in with your other ingredients and have your Blast come out silky smooth.

      • I’m growing my own wheatgrass. I’ve been cutting a small pinch and adding it to my morning shake. How much wheatgrass should I add to get a good benefit from it?

        • Tina Marshall says:

          One oz of wheatgrass juice will clear your body of toxins in an hour. I let my wheatgrass grow at lease 4 inches before I start cutting it and I find a 2×2 square makes about an oz in a wheatgrass juicer. The bullet will probably give you more for that cut. Experiment to get an oz because that is the smallest amount you want I drink a couple oz a day.. I can’t wait to get the nutribullet as the wheatgrass juicer, made especially for wheatgrass, leaves some pulp and has a lot of parts to assemble and take apart to clean. If it works I will recommend it to my customers who buy my flats of wheatgrass!!!

          • Sarah says:

            Tina – sounds like you have some experience with juicing wheatgrass and I recently just started and am using my nutribullet. But I have read conflicting information as to whether or not a nutribullet is really extracting the most nutrients vs. the juicers made specially for wheatgrass. Have you found any information supporting that the nutribullet is doing an efficient job? It physically grinds it up and you can strain the pulp off but I’m just wondering if I’m getting maximum nutrients from it.

  292. Etiella says:

    Are there 1 or 2 servings in the recipes listed in the recipe book? It seems like a large amount for one person to consume at one time.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Etiella!
      We encourage everyone to adjust the recipes to their personal preferences. The recipes are meant to be one serving, sometimes used as a meal replacement. A lot of people, like you, find that it may be a lot to consume at once so they either half the recipe and use the short cup, or drink the Blast in two sittings. Do whatever feels right to you – our appetites are never the same, after all!

      Hope this helps!

  293. Leslea says:

    I have been reading about the problems with NB Customer Service I bought my NB at a store with a good discount. I then ordered the book separately online. Both sales cost me less than ordering the machine package from the NB website. Since I live outside USA this has been an easier and better way for me to purchase the NB.

  294. Leslea says:


    Did you see my reply below –

    Leslea says:
    February 21, 2013 at 11:46 am

    Joanne –

    I just received the NB. The tall cup has a sip lid & handle on it. Can I remove it to attached the blender/blade piece to that cup?

    Check the side panel of the NutriBullet box for what comes with the machine.

    You should have 3 cups that are in the box. 2 of the cups don’t have a handle or a lid so you use either for the machine. There are 2 lids for the 24oz glass and 18oz glass. There is one 18oz glass that has a handle attached. There is a separate handle for either of the other 2 other cups.

    I would use the 18oz size cup for a child.

  295. Leslea says:

    Joanne –

    I just received the NB. The tall cup has a sip lid & handle on it. Can I remove it to attached the blender/blade piece to that cup?

    Check the side panel of the NutriBullet box for what comes with the machine.

    You should have 3 cups that are in the box. 2 of the cups don’t have a handle or a lid so you use either for the machine. There are 2 lids for the 24oz glass and 18oz glass. There is one 18oz glass that has a handle attached. There is a separate handle for either of the other 2 other cups.

    I would use the 18oz size cup for a child.

  296. Sandra says:

    Thank you! I just spoke to someone today and if problem not resolved I will exchange at BBB.

  297. Sandra says:

    Thank you!

  298. Leslea says:

    Sandra –

    You need to send it back. I had this problem where my NB wouldn’t turn off without unplugging the machine. There were many times the machine wouldn’t start. Definitely a internal motor problem for my machine.

    I bought my machine at a store so I had a 90 day return policy. I got a replacement. No problems with the new machine. I waited for the store to offer the machine with a good store discount. I purchased my machine for $ 79.00. David Wolfe’s book of course was not included in that price.

    Call customer service if you bought off the website.

  299. Sandra says:

    I never see any info about the use of pomegranates in the NutriBullet. Please advise. Also, my NB is brand new and sometimes does not work until I take the cup out and put it back in.

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Sandra! Just toss the seeds of the pomegranate right in to your Tall Cup. You may have to stop and restart the NutriBullet 1 or 2 times to be sure you pulverize all those pesky seeds.

      Not sure why the machine wouldn’t work; if you continue to have troubles, send our customer service reps an email here: and they’ll give you a call back. :)

  300. Chris Berry says:

    Hi, I have a few questions after a few months of use. First, I love the nutribullet. I use it almost every day. Here are my questions:

    1.) Are there any foods that are better cooked than raw? I know I have heard that some vegetables nutrients are released during the cooking process (be it grilling, steaming, etc). Is this true or a myth? If true are there any in particular I should always cook? My typical drink includes Kale, collard/mustard greens, frozen blueberries, carrots, and banana ( plus hemp seed/flax).

    2.) I once blended pineapple which left a strange, stringy like particle in my shake about 1/4″ long. Is this normal for pineapple? Almost the EXACT same thing happened with fresh/raw ginger. Is this normal for these two items to produce? I’ve not used them since as this ruined my nutriblast.

    Thanks and have a nice day!

  301. Paul says:

    Grapefruit intensifies the strength of cholesterol drugs. (Statins)

  302. melissa says:

    I find it odd that in Answer #22 this would be considered “Alternative treatment”. When did eating healthy become “alternative”?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      The wording may be misleading. “Alternative treatments” is not referring to healthy eating, but more to including medicinal herbs or supplements that might interfere with a current health condition or medication one is taking. Sorry for any confusion.

  303. Valerie says:

    I was reading the FAQ and I actually have a couple of my own.

    1. I base my protein shakes on powdered protein.. Is that okay to put in the nutribullet?

    2. I don’t do a non-dairy milk I actually use skim. Is it okay to put that in also?

    3. Can I make a shake just like I would make it in a full size blender?

    Thank you

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hi Valerie!
      1. You can absolutely put protein powders in your NutriBlasts!
      2. You can also use skim milk – just be sure to avoid any carbonated beverages or liquids hotter than room temperature. Everything else should be fine.
      3. Pretty much – these tend to be individual serving sizes, so as long as you adjust your portion and avoid the previously stated liquids, you should be fine!

  304. TracyN says:

    I am just about to start using my Nutribullet. How long should I do the detox recipe ? I am planning to start it once a day for breakfast. And am I suppose to do 1 recipe per day in Phase 1 or just detox initially. Any suggestions?

    • NutriBullet says:

      You can adjust the phases to your lifestyle – each phase is meant to last 2 weeks (the entire program is 6 weeks) with one Blast every day, but you can adjust to your preferences. They can be as long/short as you want them to be! :)

  305. TracyN says:

    I just got the Nutribullet today and I have read that WARNING if I’m taking meds to lower cholesterol and blood pressure… Now, I’m a little scared of starting any of the recipes.. May I know why?? What are the side effects if I am taking these meds above?? I want to get rid of them eventually that’s why i bought the Nutribullet but I think I will still be taking them until I’m sure my levels are normal. Am I right? Anybody on the same situation? I need some inputs please.

    • Susan says:

      I need this information also, since my husband takes both cholesterol and blood pressure meds. It’s easy to advise “ask your doc” but many docs are not nutrition experts. Can’t Nutribullet give us a hint? Just guessing, but I suspect the warning has to do with additions like flax seed that can interfere with some meds. But if so, why not spell that out? I just don’t see why extracting foods would make them interact with drugs if the foods (fruits.veggies) do not interact otherwise. The only one my husband has been advised not to eat while taking blood pressure med is grapefruit.

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      We recommend discussing any dietary changes, including the introduction of NutriBlasts, with your Dr. if you are taking these prescription medications. When consuming more fruits and vegetables, favorable outcomes such as reduced cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and improved sleep, among others, have been recorded. In this case, medication dosages would need to be adjusted. In addition, some foods may interact with certain medications (most notably grapefruit and citrus fruits) which might increase the potency of the drug and cause negative side effects.

    • jenna says:

      Certain fruits can interfere with the metabolism process that breaks down these medications. Specifically grapefruit. Not all do, so you should check with your doc just to make sure you aren’t overdoing any foods that can interfere with your specific medications. But overall, the NB can still be a healthy addition, just tweak it a little.

  306. Rene says:

    Why not just either add protein powder (one with no flavor would be best) or simply have a small drink which includes the amount of protein powder after or before the NutriBlast? In this way you get the best of both worlds. And you get to drink a lot of fluids, too.

  307. Leslea says:

    NutriBullet RD –

    If you need 15 – 20 grams of protein daily for your breakfast meal which NutriBlast drink recipes do you suggest to get that full protein intake to start your day ?

    Which of the vegetable / fruit combination has the highest amount of protein verses having to add nuts or seeds to the drink ?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Leslea, it would be a challenge to get up to that amount if you are not going to include nuts/seeds. You would probably need to include a concentrated vegetable protein source. There just simply isn’t enough room to put that many plant-based whole foods (barring nuts/seeds) and get up to that amount. Sounds like a fun challenge though. Check out my article comparing different protein powders on (if you are not already registered, just use the serial number on the bottom of your NutriBullet base to log in and explore!)

      Some high protein ingredients if also including nuts/seeds:
      1/2 cup cooked quinoa = 4g
      1/2 avocado = 1.5g
      2 Tbsp almond butter = 5g
      1oz sunflower seeds = 6.5g
      1/2 cup broccoli = 1.5g
      18 cashews = 5.2g
      1 Tbsp dried spirulina ~ 4g

      • NutriBullet RD says:

        Is there a particular reason you are trying to get that much protein in one meal? That number is arbitrary. You can add other protein throughout your day to meet your daily protein requirement.

  308. Leslea says:

    NutriBullet RD –

    Is now the official site for NutriBullet ?

    Are you still keeping the NutriBullet Blog separate ?

    • NutriBullet says:

      NutriLiving is a world of its own! It contains unique health advice and 24/7 support from our beloved NutriBullet experts, including our NutriBullet, R.D. The blog will continue to have unique content as well, for those with more general interests.

  309. Leslea says:

    Tomcoll67 – Read below about your Pear

    It is easier to cut the pear into 4 quarters. Wash. Keep the skin on. Scoop out the core, seeds and stem which are all attached. You end up with the flesh and the skin.

    The Pear seeds needs to be discarded because they contains amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested.

    5. Q: Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

    A: Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. I’d also avoid avocado pits, due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    Nutritious seeds include:

    blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)

    cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)

    grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)

    kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)

    lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)

    orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)

    strawberry (fiber)

    watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

  310. Tomcoll67 says:

    I am new to Nutribullet. FOr prep of the Pear it says to RInse; ut in half; Remove core, seeds, and stem; Leave Skin on

    Which parts do I extract? Would the seeds be good to extract? It is not onlost of bad seeds.
    thank you

  311. Leslea says:

    Holly –

    I would check with Krista L. Haynes, R.D. ( Registered Dietitian ) about specific drink recipes for Diverticulitis. She can answer your question medically about the use of Kale, green vegetables, seeds for people with diverticulitis. Ask the question again so Krista replies.

    The Milling blade is used for grinding down the seeds, nuts, herbs. The extractor blade is used to make the drinks.

    The milling blade –
    The Flat Blade is ideal for milling grains, grinding fresh herbs and chopping nuts. The blade is made of stainless steel and never needs sharpening.

    The extractor blade –
    The unique design of the all-new Extractor Blade, when combined with the Magic Bullet exclusive Cyclonic Action, generates the power to break through tough seeds, thick stems and tough skin to access the hidden nutrition inside. The blade is made of stainless steel and never needs sharpening.

    5. Q: Can I NutriBlast the seeds/pits?

    A: Some seeds supply valuable nutrients while others should be discarded. Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested. I’d also avoid avocado pits, due to their size. Mango pits should be tossed, as well.

    Nutritious seeds include:

    blackberry (omega-3, protein, fiber, antioxidants)
    cantaloupe and honeydew (protein, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A)
    grape (resveratrol, vitamin E, essential fatty acids)
    kiwi (omega 3 and vitamin E)
    lemon and lime (salicylic acid – the ingredient in aspirin that help relieve pain)
    orange (anti-fungal and anti-cancer enzymes)
    strawberry (fiber)
    watermelon (zinc, iron, fiber, protein)

  312. Leslea says:

    NutriNewbie –

    Don’t Skip Breakfast!! Really screws up with your blood sugar. You need protein first thing in the morning. Make a NutriBullet drink and add protein mix to it. I use – VEGA ONE ( ) so that I get at least 15 grams of protein to start my day. I use a Vegan protein since I am allergic to Whey protein.

  313. Leslea says:

    NutriNewbie –

    Just start stupid simple!

    Use the chart that comes with the NutriBullet outlining the simple drinks to make with the 3 stages of the machine. Read the manual that has more suggestions about making a variety of different drinks. I bought my NutirBullet in Canada so my manual wasn’t as complete with the 6 week Diet plan. Here is the link ( download ) to the USA manual. Lots of information to absorb ! 83 pages

  314. Leslea says:

    Holly –

    See below about the chemical in Kale. Difference eating Kale raw verses cooked –

    Green vegetables, especially kale, contain chemicals called goitrogens that may inhibit absorption of dietary iodine. A decrease in iodine in your body can worsen symptoms of hypothyroidism, a condition where your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. The hormones produced by your thyroid gland are essential for regulating your metabolism. Goitrogens are almost completely destroyed during cooking, so avoid eating raw kale in excess with hypothyroidism.

    Goitrogens are chemicals in food such as kale, cruciferous vegetables and soybeans. Many, but not all, green vegetables contain some levels of goitrogens. Even when eaten frequently, foods containing goitrogens will not cause thyroid disease in healthy people. You need only monitor goitrogen intake after you have been diagnosed with thyroid disease. Kale and green vegetables are very healthy foods, rich in nutrients, and do not need to be avoided completely. If you have thyroid disease, continue to eat these foods cooked. Dietary guidelines given by your doctor should take precedence.

  315. Holly says:

    My Mom has diverticulitis and I was wondering if you can confirm that the NutriBullet will in fact emulsify seeds as it says in your FAQ? She can not have any seeds and I wanted to make sure this will emulsify them before I buy one.

  316. Rene says:

    Try the A to Zinc recipe in the book. Or just use a combination of arugula with anything. Its has a peppery taste that is very pleasant. I combine it with turmeric and olive oil. Sort of a blended salad. Yum and good for you.

  317. Rene says:

    According to “The Plan” by Lyn-Genet Recitas, using ground flaxseed increases estrogen ingestion. Perhaps just adding the unground seeds after emulsifying might be best, depending on your needs.

    • Leslea says:

      Rene – NutriBullet RD says:
      January 29, 2013 at 10:55 am

      I like the ground since the tiny flaxseeds sometimes don’t get chopped up enough when I include them whole. To reap the benefits of flax you must break them open. The only thing is, if it is ground, you MUST put it in the fridge so it won’t go rancid if it is not used right away.

  318. NutriNewbie says:

    I recently read that if you have Thyroid issues you need to be careful with Kale. Is that true?

  319. NutriNewbie says:

    WHERE DO I START? I am brand new to Nutribullet/blending/pulverizing. I was using a juicer prior to this but didn’t like throwing away half of the nutrition. I bought my Nutribullet with my Christmas money because I want to eat a more plant based diet. I am 46 y.o., at my ideal weight and BMI. I am active – (play soccer twice/week). Where do I start. Unfortunately I usually skip one meal a day 3 or more times per week.

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      I’d start with filling in that skipped meal with a NutriBlast! Read your User’s Guide and Pocket Nutritionist, stock up on some basic ingredients and either follow along with some of the given recipes or experiment and come up with your own.

      Also, I’d recommend a NutriBlast to help you either fuel up pre or recover post soccer match.

      You can find recipes here on this blog, on our facebook page, or at our new site, Just use your serial number (located on the bottom of the base of your NutriBullet to register).

  320. Leslea says:

    Do you need to put Chia ground in the fridge ? Does it go rancid like Flax seed ground if not refrigerated ? I use Chia verse Flax seed in my NutriBullet smoothie drinks. Less bloating.

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      From what I know…chia seed can be left out if not in direct heat and are in a sealed container. I put mine in the fridge just to be on the safe side. Chia seeds are different in that they do not need to be ground in order to absorb the healthy fats.

  321. Rene says:

    I love the Nutribullet. However, I think to have a totally balanced meal to maintain or lose weight, protein is necessary to add to the mixture. I am thinking a protein powder, either vegetable or whey based. I do not think just eating vegetables or fruits for a meal is conducive for weight loss. What say you?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Rene, we have had several people lose weight by using a NutriBlast as a meal replacement. We address this on our FAQ page.

      The protein component does however contribute to satiety and weight loss, however it is not necessary to add to every NutriBlast.

      While all foods, except most fruits, contain protein…You can add more protein in the form of boosts such as nuts/seeds, nutbutter, protein powder, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and more vegetables to increase the amount in your Blast.

      I do suggest adding foods with protein when using it as a meal replacement.

  322. Leslea says:

    DykHed – Check out Dr. OZ website about green vegetable for fertility etc. He is a huge daily smoothie drinker, especially green vegetables. He has many recipes that can be used in the NutriBullet.

  323. DykHed says:

    Can drinking a Nutriblast a day help in the quality of my semen. My wife and I are trying to have children. And if so what combination of leafy greens, fruits/vegetables and nuts/seeds would you recommend.

  324. Leslea says:

    Tammy – There is a ” Get Started ” Video with David Wolfe which talks about the Max Line. Check the sections on top of the Blog to find the videos. Worth watching all the different videos. Lots of information.

  325. Leslea says:

    You have to use much less of each fruit and vegetable, nuts etc. It also depends whether you cut up the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. The spinach measurement is a handful not a cup. So you have to split the mixture of vegetables and fruit, nuts 50 / 50 below the Max line. Then add liquid to the Max Line. If you go above the Max Line you do get leaking into the machine etc. The brochures and printed material shows a glass jar with a Max Line higher up the jar than what the real jar is.

  326. Tammy says:

    The instructions say not to full the cup beyond the max fill line, but it is impossible to include all of the ingredients listed in the recipes without exceeding the max fill line…. What am I missing?

  327. Andrea Rossi says:

    I am considering purchasing the Nutrabullet and wondering where I can find money saving cupons? I live in Calgary, Canada. Can you send me some electronically?

    • DENISE says:

      If you have a Bed Bath & Beyond you can use the 20% off coupons that are in high print -normally mailed or even in magazines. You may even see if it is available on-line. I love the Nutri-bullet – I feel so healthy eating one for breakfast everyday.

  328. ML says:

    I have been doing the nutribullet drinks every morning for 2 weeks. I have such a bloated tummy. Very uncomfortable most of the time – and gassy. :( . I have always eaten well (loads of veggies) and had the same reaction. I was hoping that because this was liquified, I would not bloat. Any suggestions? I am only using lettuce or spinach as my veggies, not broccoli or cauliflower or fibrous veggies. Any advice to alleviate would be great. Really miserable. But am liking the drinks.

    • Leslea says:

      ML – Start slowly. Cut back on the green vegetables. If you aren’t used to vegetable & fruit fibre in you diet, build up slowly. You may find certain fruits and vegetables may not work well as a combination for your digestive system. You may have food sensitivities and not know it. Gas definitely happens for a period of time as your digestive system, colon adapt etc.

      • Dojo says:

        It is normal to feel bloated and tired after drinking fruit its part of the detox symptoms the feeling will subside after a week the more toxins in your body the the more symptoms

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Leslea has some great insight!

      Also, check out this blog I wrote here for some more ideas :)

  329. Leslea says:

    How much ( measurement ) protein powder can you use when making a fruit smoothie, especially if you are trying to get 15 grams of protein as your breakfast ( drink ) ?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Each protein powder is different. You will need to look at the nutrition facts label to see how big of a serving for that particular powder will give you 15g of protein.

  330. B_girl88 says:

    Can I add flaxseed meal (grounded) in my nutriblast or is it best to use the the flaxseed not yet grounded?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Either one will work!

      I like the ground since the tiny flaxseeds sometimes don’t get chopped up enough when I include them whole. To reap the benefits of flax you must break them open. The only thing is, if it is ground, you MUST put it in the fridge so it won’t go rancid if it is not used right away.

  331. Joe says:

    I have a somewhat crazy scheme for the nutribullet and I am curious if anyone has any input on this. What I would like to do is blend up a nutriblast, then pour it into a food dehydrator like I am going to make fruit leather. After I get it real dry and brittle, then I would grind it into a powder that I would later reconstitute with water. I am somewhat curious if that would mess with the nutrition value enough that it wouldn’t be worth it to do. Thoughts?

    • Nikki says:

      Joe I too was wondering about the same thing! Because it does sound like a great idea! I’m gonna try and do some research online and see if anything comes up! In the mean time I’ll check back to see if anyone has any idea. Also if I find anything I will share it with you:)

  332. Elsie Reid says:

    i was wondering about ALOMONDS NUTS, Can I GRIND them in my NUTRIBULLET?

    Thank You

    • Daina says:

      Yes you can grind any seed and nuts using the milling blade that came with the Nutribulett. I grind about a 1/4 of a cup at a time. If you put too many in at once it take too long to grind them and then you some of the nuts will turn to a clumpy contsitancy instead of granuals or almost powder. If it takes longer then 60 seconds you should stop milling and rest the motor for 30 seconds. Or put in less nuts at one time.

  333. Elsie Reid says:

    Almonds is a large nut.

    Can I grind them in my nutribullet?

    and make almond flour and almond Butter?

    Thank you
    Elsie Reid

  334. Judy says:

    I haven’t noticed if you use any of the harder vegetables in this system.. like carrots .. beets.. celery.. cauliflour.. are these ok to use??

  335. Michael says:

    I just bought the NutriBullet what fruits & vegetables can I mix together & how much of each ingredient. Twice a day I plan to use it, breakfast & lunch so I can get the proper nutrition daily. Do you all have recipe & where can I get them from?

  336. Nathalie says:

    Thank you so much for all the good advices.
    I just got my Nutribullet 2 days ago, and I do feel better I have only one ” green juice” in the morning. Vegetables and Fruits are the best for us specially if they are organic, they can change our life!

    I use to live in the Island 4 months a year and just by eating “Organic fruits & Vegetables” I never got sick even when I was going back to Paris for the other 8 months…that work for years.

    I moved to New York and I couldn’t find and eat organic produces the same way, I started to get sick and now I’m having chronic migraine for the past 3 years. I realize I lost control of my health and life even if I tried to eat in the best places ect..ect..
    New York has great restaurant but with GMO, MSG or Gluten ect… you never know what you gonna eat even if your body try to handle it to the time you gonna get really sick!
    I had a food intoxication just by eating a salad with leaves, basil & tomatoes in a nice New York restaurant.

    I decided to buy the Nutribullet to reconnect with the good things of Nature and to get enough energy, with my busy New York life.
    By making my own juices with vegetables and fruits I know I’m gonna be able have all nutrients, vitamins ect.. I need everyday and I’llbe able to take the juice with me everyday for my lunch and snack ect…
    It’s 2013 and time to take control of my life and feel better !
    Nathalie 46 years old
    Small business owner

  337. Pati says:

    What is the best combination of vegies, fruit and boots “Nutriblast” to lower cholesterol and triglycerides?

  338. Katie says:

    I notice a lot of the Nutriblast recipes contain banana, which is delicious. However, banana is one of the very few foods I should avoid based on the food sensitivity pnael I did with my dr. What ideas do you have for yummy banana substitutes for flavor/texture?

    • Michelle says:

      You can use avocados if you’re looking for that creamier texture, but I don’t add them every time. I can only handle so much avocado, but that’s just me :) I’ve been using a lot of cantelope lately, and that seems to make a good texture too. Also, instead of adding all water, I add a bit of soy milk, and that seems to make the nutriblast a bit more fluffy and smooth. Just experiment :)

  339. Lisa says:

    When asked about liquids other than water you specifically mention nondairy beverages. Is there a reason you don’t include dairy milk or yogurt?

    • NutriBullet says:

      Hey Lisa!
      Dairy is a controversial food, and many people have dairy allergies, so we don’t recommend using it in your NutriBlasts. There are a number of dairy alternatives, including almond, coconut, rice, and hemp milks if you’re looking for a creamier liquid without the negatives of regular milk!
      Here’s a good resource if you want more information!

  340. Bob says:

    Is Arugula a good green to use for the Nutriblasts? I haven’t seen any recipes that call for arugula…..a lot of spinach recipes, or kale, both of which I like, but I also enjoy arugula. Any suggestions or recommendations?

    • NutriBullet RD says:

      Bob, you don’t see arugula because it tends to create an awkward tasting NutriBlast. Feel free to try it, but most people I know wish they had used another green. It is very nutritious…however, I will leave it to use in my salads!

  341. sharon says:

    looking for the receipe to help with diabetes

    • NutriBullet says:

      Not sure which you’re talking about, Sharon.
      Check out our NutriLiving website for more info on Diabetes!
      and sign up if you haven’t already!

    • Joe says:

      berries-they are lower in sugar and my sweet tooth is all but gone since I started using the nutribullet. I also read somewhere that cinnamon helps with blood sugar levels so I put about 1 tsp of that into every nutriblast I have. I ran myself out of test strips experimenting, but if I am good, then I only have to take about 1/3 of the medication my doctor prescribed me for my type II diabetes.

  342. Evan says:

    I bought the nutribullet because I use raspberries a lot when making smoothies and I didn’t want to deal with the seeds. The commercials said all of the seeds would be pulverized on a “cellular level”, but I still encounter many seeds in my smoothies. Am I doing something wrong here? Is anyone that uses raspberries or blackberries in their smoothies able to completely blend the seeds? I also encounter problems when I put nuts into my smoothies too. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Mike b says:

      I usually put my nuts in last and pulse a few times to crunch them up. Then i hit it on for about 30 seconds. I use mixed berried and i also get small seeds in my smoothies but they are very very small. Its gets everything i put into it into liquid form so i cant complain about a few tiny seeds..

    • Chris Berry says:

      I don’t think you can pulverize 100% of the seeds especially when they are as small as raspberry seeds. Here is my tip after months of use: Your first blend should have only as much liquid as is needed to keep the fruit/veggie concoction moist. So, if your total amount of water when it’s all said and done is 1 cup (this is just a random figure) then you’ll want to use 1/4 cup for your first blend. What this will do is keep the fruit/veggies nice and compact in a “sludge” like state. This helps to grind up all the little bits and pieces.

      Second, I ALWAYS use the grinding blade (the one with two flat blades that you can use to make nut butters and milks) with every drink I make. This blade actually does a good job finishing up on the smaller bits and seeds. Here is my routine:

      1.) Fill up nutriblast cup with fruits and veggies. Fill with about 1/4 the amount of liquid I will use.
      2.) Blend with extractor blade. Add additional fruit/veggies as usually this reduces the volume significantly.
      3.) Blend again with extractor blade.
      4.) Add grinding blade and blend (still with only 1/4 amount of liquid).
      5.) Add all of the liquid you are going to use and blend once more with grinding blade.

      I find this is the most efficient way to break down the smallest seeds etc.

  343. Mike b says:

    Are there any fruits or vegetables that cannot go into the nutribullet? And can i add a raw egg or 2 to my blasts?

  344. Jeremiah says:

    I think the Nutribullet is a great machine. I have been using it for two weeks now, and I can definitely see a difference in my mood each day, sleeping behaviors, energy levels and so much more. I use to use a regular juicer, and I would feel the difference and I would lose weight like I wanted to, but during my detoxification process with a regular juicer I would feel sick all the time and have headaches. With the Nutribullet I do not experience any of that. Great product.

  345. Tara says:

    I was wondering if this would work for someone like me. I have ulcerative colitis and shouldn’t eat fiber at all but, I can drink V8. I used to be a very healthy eater; now I can’t eat salad or whole grains. I can only eat canned veggies with as little fiber as possible. So, that means greenbeans,carrots, meat and potatoes. I have been sick for 4 years now and even had a full colectomy. With the 4 inches of colon I have left, I still have active colitis. I would love to have an option to get the vitamins I need. I have been considering juicing and seen the end of the infomercial. I am intrigued.

    • Chris Berry says:

      This is just my opinion, but, I would avoid the nutrilbullet in this case. It leaves intact all of the fiber. If you cannot have fiber you would be doing yourself a disservice. If you want a similar effect buy a juicer. You still get many nutrients without as much fiber. I don’t know anything about this condition but do know that juicing will make you go to the bathroom a lot. If this is another concern then I would avoid juicing too.

  346. miranda says:

    I need someone to please tell me an easier way to make almond butter with the Nutri Bullet. It took me 20 min. and still it was very dry. I ran out of time, and patience! I had to stop it every 30 min. to scrape it down. Is there anyone out there who knows an easier way?
    Thanks, Miranda

  347. Ray says:

    I use frozen blueberries in all ‘fruit’ concoctions.
    BTW – Living in PA, I buy a 20 lb box of NJ grown blueberries every July (available only one week a year at a local Amish store), wash and dry them, store in gallon freezer bags ( about 3 full bags) – and keep a pint blueberry container in the fridge for day-to-day use.

  348. Stephanie Rampersad says:

    Can I use frozen fruits in the nutribullet?

  349. Steven Randolph says:

    why don’t you have more print outs of these recipes that are printable ?

  350. Ruth says:

    The two things we have tried is morning glory and immune booster and I was wondering how do you get all that below the max line?

    • Ruth, those should fit. A problem I sometimes find is that our produce seems to be getting bigger and bigger. My suggestion is to use the recipe as a guide for proportions of ingredients. Fit what you can in there without packing it tightly – this reduces the space for liquids and may cause leaking.

  351. Jerri-Lynn says:

    Is it necessary to take additional vitamin supplements if blasting a couple times a day? With all the chemicals and gmo crops destroying our produce are we really getting all the nutrients we need?

    • Joanne says:

      Using as much organic produce as possible helps with nutrient value. Can not really answer if additional supplements are needed. Depends on what the rest of your diet is like. Are you eating healthy in addition to nutriblast or eating processed, low fat, diet foods that deplete your nutrients even more? Do you take medicine that robs your body of vital nutrients? Never one answer for all as we are not one size fits all :).

  352. Joanne says:

    Another thing…when you eat the whole food you get the synergistic effect which is a good thing! Yes, the kernels contain cyanide but also have another component when eaten as a whole food makes it a healthy choice. Example – ascorbic acid is a part of vitamin C but you would actually benefit more from eating an actual orange and getting all of the vitamin C – not just a part of it. Make sense? Same with kernels.

  353. Joanne says:

    FAQ #5 – “Those that you should avoid include apple, pear, apricot, cherry, peach, and plum because they contain amygdalin, a molecule that produces cyanide once ingested.”

    The above is not a true statement. There are many benefits to eating seeds from the above fruit – the #1 being the amygdalin is a cancer preventative (or cure). I encourage you to research this further and remove this answer from the FAQ page (questions #5). The book World Without Cancer and/or the website have amazing information about apricot seeds (as well as apple, peach, etc). I am not affiliated with either of the above mentioned sources. Just great info we all need to be aware of.

    • Alex says:

      I just read your post and I am wondering how one would “eat” apricot, cherry, peach, and plum seeds anyway due to their stone like nature? Not eating them males perfect sense to me.

      • Melissa says:

        With a nut cracker you can get to the pit of the apricot…like a walnut..
        To get into a cherry pit is more diffficult. I have done it with a wire cutting tool. Difficult still.
        I think it is something eaten fresh..when the fruit is eaten.

  354. Linda says:

    I am experiencing headaches and a sluggish sick like feeling. Starting 4 days ago I have a nutriblast in the morning. a healthy lunch with protein and veggie, then a nutriblast for dinner. Snacking on nuts in between. I am overweight and wanting to do this for weight loss and to get in better health. Am I experiencing detox symptoms and how long does it last for most people?

    Thank you,

    • Julia says:

      Yes, that is a very common symptom when you start a totally different diet and you are eating fewer calories than what your body is used to. This will get better. Be sure to get some exercise and that you are eating enough proteins as well. Good luck!!

  355. Paul says:

    I am currently a type 2 diabetic, and suffer from depression and mood swings. What would be the best recipes for me to start with? I also need to loose a considerable amount to weight-

  356. Josh says:

    Do you know if the NutriBullet works with the Magic Bullet cups? I have been scouring the internet and I cannot find any info on this. I think that the larger and more diverse cups from the magic bullet mixed with the blade system and more powerful base of the NutriBullet would be a great combo.

  357. Donna says:

    My dad has the early signs of demintia and I was readings online about Glutathione (natural of course). I have only been using the nutribullet for one week and love it. My dad is 82 years young and his dad past from Parkerson’s my worried that it might be genetic. I was wondering what fruit or veggie might help put natural glutathione in my system.

    • I love that you are focused on natural sources vs, pills; way to go!!

      Some food sources and dietary supplements that help boost glutathione levels naturally include:

      Milk Thistle – shown to prevent depletion of glutathione in the liver

      Asparagus is an excellent source of glutathione. In addition broccoli, avocado and spinach are also known to boost glutathione levels.

      Curcumin (Turmeric)

      Selenium – one Brazil nut contains the recommended daily intake for this antioxidant mineral

      These will all work well in a NutriBlast :)

      In Good Health,

      NutriBullet RD

  358. Lynn says:

    When should I transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 then to Phase 3?

  359. asheyash says:

    I am currently pregnant.. is it safe for me to be drinking these shakes? My husband usually just throws a bunch of random veggies and fruits and they taste great I just fey worried for the baby..

    • It is absolutely safe for mommy and baby! There is a lot of research showing that when pregnant mothers consume healthy fruits and veggies that the growing baby also reaps its benefits. I’d also suggest choosing organic to avoid any pesticides. Just be sure to discuss with your Dr. if there are any foods that he/she recommends you avoid due to potential allergies or intolerance.

  360. Tiffany says:

    Since I have been using the nutribullet im getting headaches everyday ! What can I do ??

    • Headaches may be a symptom of detoxification. In this case, I suggest waiting it out while doing something to help eliminate any built-up toxins such as a light sweat (exercise, sauna, steam room, sunning!), deep breathing, or yoga. Check out some ingredients from Q number 22 above.

  361. Barb says:

    We are in week two and my husband I love it. My question is when using as a breakfast meal replacement, is our dividing one blast made in the large container enough for us both? Typical blast contains: 50% kale, chard, spinach; then peach, berries, banana, flax seed, almonds, maca. I then divide into the two smaller cups which are filled 3/4 of the way.

    • Nutrient and caloric requirements vary per individual and more than likely your husband will need more than you. For a meal replacement, I’d suggest that each of you have your own tall cup, but add a few more of the higher calorie foods in his. For example his would have a whole banana, yours a half…his would have 12 almonds, yours would have maybe 8.

  362. Ray says:

    Green beans aren’t mentioned in either the Extraction Prep Chart nor, that I could find, in any of the recipes. Is there a reason or is it just a simple omission. If an omission would they be treated the same as green peas in the chart?

  363. Sophia says:

    Hi there… I saw that question 13 addresses the “killing the enzymes” issue by stating that heat, air, and light kill enzymes. What about the centrifugal spinning and oxidation?

    “When the grinding wheel rotates against a resistance with insufficient access of air, positive electricity is produced and induces negative electricity on the surrounding wall. The exchange of positive and negative ions kills the oxidizing enzymes and renders the juice deficient.” – Dr. Max Gerson, MD

    I am finding out that using a juice extractor as a grinder and a separate juice press is the best way to keep the enzymes alive. But the NutriBullet is such an attractive proposition! Can you explain why is the NutriBullet better, as far as the content of the juice–not cleaning, time-saving, etc.? Also… with the proposed solution of a juice extractor and the presser, I juice a lot more quantities than with the NutriBullet, right? So am I getting more nutrients based on these larger quantities? Thank you kindly.

    • M says:

      I am also concerned about oxidation and would really like NutriBullet RD to respond. This is the primary thing keeping me from buying one.

    • Sophia – there is a difference between juicing and blending when it comes to oxidation. This exact question is addressed in Victoria Boutenko’s book, Green Smoothie Revolution (she is THE Green Smoothie know-it-all and author of Green for Life). Some experts, including a chemistry professor and a chemical engineer, note that the reason that smoothies (or NutriBlast) nutrients are not rendered deficient after time is that when produce is blended vs. juiced, the cells are broken down more which releases more antioxidants that prevent rapid oxidation. In addition, the fiber contained in the final product may help reduce the oxygen saturation in the solution. They did an experiment with a potato. One was juiced and the other blended with water. After a few days, the blended drink did not have as much browning (the sign of oxidation) as the juice.

      You also asked about the quantity of nutrients from juicing vs. NutriBlasting and if you think about it, when you use the NutriBullet, you retain all of the components on the food (fiber and all!). Juice extractors remove the fiber and along w/ it, some valuable nutrients. Juices compact the sugars which can cause blood sugar spikes more rapidly than the effects from a NutriBlast (the fiber slows the release into the bloodstream).

      Hopefully that helps!

      -NutriBullet RD

  364. Tonya says:

    Are there any specific modifications that should be used when blasting for children and if so do you have any recipe ideas that would be great for kids? I have a 3 year old at home and she does not like her veggies very much. I can only get her to eat salads with nothing but leafy greens and dressing.

    • The recipes are all kid-friendly as well. The NutriBullet is actually a great tool to help kids get in more fruits and veggies. When you blend it into a NutriBlast, you can hardly taste the bitterness of the greens (depending on what you include in your blast of course). For the kiddos, I’d stick to the whole foods vs some of the superfood powders (maca and other such powders would not be appropriate). Since you say your daughter likes leafy greens, then fill the cup 50% with those (kale, spinach, Romaine, collards, etc.) then have her pick out some more veggies or fruits to add to it! Lemon, citrus, and bananas help reduce the bitterness of the greens and the banana, especially when frozen, gives it a creamy texture. Then top it with some nuts or nut butter (if no allergies of course), seeds (chia and ground flax are fine for kids), or some raw cacao powder to make it like a chocolate shake! The best part is that they can be a part of the process of making it which gets them more excited to try new recipes (i.e. new healthy foods!).

    • Joanne says:

      I just received the NB. The tall cup has a sip lid & handle on it. Can I remove it to attached the blender/blade piece to that cup?

  365. debbie says:

    Can I freeze greens(kale,swiss chard, spinach,etc). I end up buying too much and do not want them to go bad. Would it be ok to freeze some of the greens. and how do I do it. Should I blanch them and then freeze them or just wash them and freeze?

    • Debbie, greens actually don’t hold up well when frozen raw so I too have only seen directions on blanching them first, then putting them in airtight bags to store in the freezer. You can, however buy pre-frozen packages of spinach and kale at the store. I’m not sure the process they follow, but I believe these have also been heated prior to packaging. If you do experiment with freezing raw greens, let us know how it goes!

      • Ollie says:

        I am new to nutrablasting, and like to put fresh herbs in each one. I use dill, cilantro, parsley, mint and water cress. After a couple of weeks of throwing out half of them, I decided to nutrablast them with about 1/2 the water, and freeze the liquid in ice cube trays. As they are used up within a couple of weeks, so far it has been O.K. I have also done this with kale. Am I losing out on nutrients by doing this?

      • Cristy says:

        You say greens don’t hold up well in the freezer? Why? Cuz I have lost far too much of my greens down the garbage disposal and I cannot afford that on my disability check…the government has yet to pay well. LOL Anyway, so I have gone to freezing everything in freezer bags. ??? So what is happening to them when I do that then? And which is worse, freezing them or not freezing them and losing most of it? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Joe says:

      I have frozen kale before and it appears to have worked out alright. I was instructed to wash the kale and then to take the leaves off of the thicker stems. I froze it in a freezer bag. It made blending it very easy because it froze in a clump and I would just break some off. I only had it frozen for two weeks however. So I don’t know how long it will hold up.

  366. James and Margaret…Check out Questions 7, 8 and 12 above for your answers :)

  367. Margaret A says:

    How does this system work to lose weight?

  368. James says:

    how do i know what fruits & veggies need to be pealed, cored & which ones dont ?

    • Yolanda says:

      Read #12 in FAQ – there is an “Extraction Prep Chart” which tell you how to prepare fruits and veggies. I found it very helpful. You can also download and print it.

  369. Leslea says:

    Just to update. When I go onto the page for the Extraction Preparation Chart it says –

    Not Found, Error 404

    The page you are looking for no longer exists.

  370. NutriBullet says:

    Here’s the link to the extraction prep chart – seems to be working fine! :)

  371. Lázaro Jesús Hernandez Baños says:

    yo tengo mi equipo lo compre hace como dos meses y no se como utilizarlo.
    tengo problemas con el estres y precion alta

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