Help With Stress, Sleep and Psoriasis


My work hours are very long and often can extend to 20 hours per day. My stress level is high. I belong to a great gym here in Chicago, but my food intake was very arbitrary and my sleep and exercise regiment pretty uneven.

Fari H. bought a NutriBullet and it helped clear his head and his Psoriasis symptoms.

Bottom line:  I got severe psoriasis on my elbows and back.

I went through fairly extensive prescriptions: shampoos that cost over $400 per bottle, cream that cost $180 per tube, tanning salon treatments, and so on. Then I tried oriental medicine prescriptions: Himalayan Salt baths, special multi-vitamins, foot ion detox baths, and so on and so on.

Then about six weeks ago, I saw the NutriBullet on CNBC during a weekend – I bought it instantly.

Since then, my energy is up, my skin is clearing, and my head is SUPER CLEAR. No more morning headaches. And now I sleep like a baby, no matter how much trading I do.

By the way, I have bought 6 NutriBullets as gifts for friends and family. I think most likely I’ll need another dozen.

-Fari H.