Helping Prevent Liver Disease and Diabetes


How the NutriBullet helped with NAFLD



The first doctor I talked to about weight loss recommended I join a popular weight loss program. I lost. I gained. I lost. I gained. The second doctor I talked to told me to write everything down. I did—for a week. The third doctor I talked to shrugged her shoulders and told me I wasn’t seriously overweight, despite my 33 BMI. Finally, the fourth doctor I talked to sent me to a nutritionist, who gave me two pieces of advice: stop drinking diet soda, and eat more vegetables.

That fourth doctor had also uncovered the source of some of my other issues. Blood tests revealed that I had early non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition in which fat deposits build up in the liver. It’s not inherently dangerous, but can be a precursor to more advanced liver disease and diabetes.

After talking to a couple of friends who recommended I try green smoothies to address both the soda craving and the veggie issues, I first tried some powdered smoothie mixes that looked and smelled promising, but tasted awful. Then I found a couple of commercial fresh smoothie lines that were OK enough to make me realize it might be a good fit for me, but I found those too tart due to their overreliance on citrus-y fruit, which I don’t much like. I thought, ok, I’ll start making my own; but the blenders my smoothie advocate friends recommended cost on the order of $400-$500, way more than I wanted to pay out for something I just wanted to try.

So once again, I’d been presented with a solution only to find too many barriers between success and me. Enter Nutribullet. I’d never seen one of their infomercials, and only had passing familiarity with the brand. I was wandering down the blender aisle in Target, and it caught my eye. I bought it on impulse, but it sat in my utility room, still in the box, for a week while I debated whether I even wanted to try this.

But I had found that quitting my diet soda habit was in many respects, harder than quitting smoking.  In an absolute fit of wanting something sweet to drink, I unpacked the Nutribullet and pulled out some strawberries I’d frozen.  Then I thought back to the concept of Nutriblasts I’d discovered when doing Internet research on the Nutribullet, and got out some baby spinach. “Here goes nothing,” I thought, as I tossed in a few grapes and blueberries and a dollop of yogurt and set the mixture awhirl in the Nutribullet.

Since that day almost three weeks ago, I’ve dropped about 10 pounds and noticed a marked improvement in my complexion. In a second round of blood tests, my liver enzyme levels had improved. I have not had a single soda, consumed more fruits and vegetables in a week than I usually do in a month and started researching how to incorporate more raw food techniques into my diet overall. I can’t wait to see what else I can make, and my whole family is getting on board.  Thanks, Nutribullet!

-Helen M.