It’s All About Rotation


Every week, we invest a certain amount of money into our grocery shopping. Most of us are on a budget and we don’t want to end up throwing away food. Luckily, NutriBlasting helped me learn how to store, cook and eat food in a way that helped me get the most out of my money.

I learned that proper food rotation allows me to use food with minimal waste while taking full advantage of my pantry, cabinet space, fridge and freezer.

Each week before I start grocery shopping, I check to see what I need to restock for a recipe. I try to limit my purchases to what I need with an occasional splurge. Since I have a very small kitchen, I don’t have a lot of room to waste on bad decision making at the grocery store. I’ve already paid the price for that …literally!

I also learned that I needed to use my freezer more effectively. It wasn’t just a spot to hold my ice cubes, fish, and ice cream sandwich bars. If I planned it out more efficiently, I could store more food in there and make my grocery budget stretch even further.

I examined my freezer and tossed out the food that I was not going to eat. If anything was freezer burned, I tossed it out. Leftovers were scrutinized and rotated down to the fridge for immediate consumption. Then, I made room for my frozen fruit. That was non-negotiable for me.

After I downsized some of the freezer items, I moved down to the fridge. Condiments that were no long being used were tossed out. I had to make sure that I had plenty of room for my fresh produce – especially my beloved kale!

I used to throw away so much produce that it was ridiculous. Now, I’m making better decisions, not only about my food storage, but about my day-t0-day eating habits.

When I’m diligent about rotating my food, from fridge to freezer to stove and back, I find that I make better use of my food, my time and my money!


-Delores McCarter