Learning to Adjust your NutriBlast


One lesson I learned during cancer treatment was to be more flexible. One day I would wake up feeling okay and with a great appetite and, by the end of the day, I wanted to crawl under the nearest rock. I have to admit that it was tough learning to constantly adjust to changing conditions since, well, I am a Virgo with OCD tendencies. I’m glad that I learned to be more flexible. It’s something that is necessary in all aspects of life in order to get through the day with as little stress as possible, cancer or no cancer.

People tend to be so busy and caught up in the same routine that when circumstances change, we still plug along with what we are used to instead of taking the time to adjust to new conditions. For example, I know I’m not the only one with the tendency to use the same ingredients every day in my NutriBlasts. It actually took me several weeks before I realized that I should adjust my ingredients based upon my needs at the time. This is especially easy to do if you have the NutriBullet guide book that provides recipes for specific symptoms and health concerns.

So now, I have it down and switch my recipes according to how I feel. My spouse, who happens to be the target of every germ in Los Angeles, relies heavily on my super Vitamin C Blast when he starts to feel sick. This helps lesson the duration of his colds and helps prevent the cold from developing into something awful. This recipe usually involves some grapefruit, kiwi, broccoli and a little bit of spinach. It works every time!

After using my NutriBullet to help me detoxify from chemotherapy, I began making NutriBlasts to address fatigue, stress and hot flashes; I now make a mostly green NutriBlast using a variety of colorful vegetables and some blueberries along with maca powder (which is my “must have” ingredient), goji berries, chia seeds and almonds.

Speaking of detoxing, I do focus on some of the best detoxing fruits and veggies by combining broccoli sprouts, celery, beets, cilantro, a little bit of frozen papaya and a couple of sections from a tangerine. This usually is a pleasant way to detox.

The bottom line is that you should be trying out new recipes and learning to break the cycle of using the same ingredients. Not only is it fun to change things up, you will find that combining certain ingredients really does help you address and take control of whatever may be a concern at a time. You will love your new recipes and so will your body!

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Shari Pack