Learning to Train My Taste Buds


As long as I have been NutriBlasting, sometimes I run into trouble with my meals.

The biggest issue for me has been letting my taste buds dictate my daily diet. I’m a foodie and sometimes I get caught up, craving rich and fattening food. Sometimes, the food is too heavy and I end up not feeling great after eating it. Although, it doesn’t happen often, it’s something that I am steadily working on overcoming.

Thankfully, whenever I drink my NutriBlasts, I don’t have this problem. My taste buds are in harmony with the rest of my body.  I know I cannot eat the way that I used to, even in moderation and my stomach is grateful.

My body loves it when I make delicious NutriBlasts and I never have to worry about any tummy issues. However, I’m a foodie and I enjoy eating a nice, well-prepared meal.  The objective is clean eating and I’ve discovered that it is not that easy, especially since I live in “Land of the Fried Everything,” where a good majority of food is smothered, covered, and slathered in butter and gravy or dunked in a vat of grease.

Ironically, as I overcome my own culinary issues, I fell into a mission of creating healthy, tasty food that the masses would enjoy. I can prepare clean food that satisfies my taste buds and keeps my tummy happy.

The NutriBullet makes learning about clean eating a fun journey. I enjoy trying out different recipes each week. Being a veteran NutriBlaster, I can whip up a tasty drink in seconds. That experience helps me create delicious meals.

It has taken me a long time to realize that despite the perceived power of taste buds, food only lasts a very short time on the tongue. After that short time chewing and swallowing, food is basically used for energy and waste. That helps put things into a better perspective for me.

Although, I still slip up from time to time, I am determined to keep my taste buds in check and not let them dominate what I eat every day.

-Delores McCarter