My New Topic of Conversation


Last month, when I dropped off my car for an oil change, the manager was very curious about what I was drinking. In fact, he stopped what he was doing and asked me about my NutriBlast.

When I told him what it was and what was in there, he frowned. He stiffened up and didn’t seem convinced that it could actually taste good. One of his employees, familiar with NutriBullet and the benefits of fruit and veggie intake, walked in and echoed my comments, but the manager still looked doubtful. He was curious, and I was definitely glad about that, even though he didn’t seem quite ready to take the next step.

I can talk to anyone about what it’s like to drink fresh produce in a cool, smooth delicious drink. The fear factor is definitely gone and I like to encourage people to try it for themselves. Now, when people come up to me to ask about my green drink, I’m overjoyed!


Recently, a co-worker approached me about the NutriBullet. For the past couple of years, he’s been calling my scrumptious breakfasts “green goo” and he just couldn’t understand why I would happily drink them every morning. When he joked about my “pond scum,” I laughed and offered to bring him a sample the next day. I knew that I was drinking something beneficial to my body and his humor only fueled me more.

Well, a few weeks ago, this same gentleman walked up and asked me more details about my NutriBlasts. I told him that I have been drinking them for two years now and still love drinking them every single morning. I’m just as excited as I was the first day I started Blasting and I don’t suffer as much from the skin and respiratory allergies that used to plague me. I think that impressed him the most. He said he might buy a NutriBullet for himself.

It can be hard trying to convince others about the health benefits  of green drinks, but once I finished drinking my very first Blast, I knew I had stumbled on something that I could keep up on a long-term basis. I’m excited that more people are finally on the healthy eating (and drinking!) bandwagon and I’m glad I can help them discover the benefits that NutriBlasting can have on their health.

-Delores McCarter