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Cooking in the Kitchen with My Father

Food is fascinating. I love the art of preparing and eating good food, something I’ve recently embraced as a new hobby. One of the great benefits of cooking is feeling the connection I have with my parents and grandparents. I was raised by my grandmother and my parents and each had a different cooking style. They are no longer living, but I still have those memorable moments and think about them often while I cook. One of my favorite memories […]

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The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Recently, my hair stylist was having a moment. It was well after 12 o’clock noon and she walked over to me after my dryer cut off and asked if it was ok for her to get something to eat. That was fine with me, but it was strange that she even asked. She usually ate something while I was sitting underneath the dryer, but this time, she had other clients and later confessed that she had waited too long to eat. It was […]

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Waiting for My NutriBullet Rx!

I am getting a NutriBullet Rx soon and I am beyond excited about it! I have been making up soup recipes for about a year now and I will absolutely make full use of that machine. I wanted something to help my soup-making process along since I’m just starting this healthy eating and home cooking journey. Yes, in fact, my tomato soup has been a three-time failure. Each recipe has been a bit closer to the delectable soup I’ve been craving […]

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Running shoes on road

Water and water with electrolytes are the best things to consume while exercising as far as hydration goes, but as far as post-exercise hydration is concerned, this is the ideal way to recover after a hard hot summertime workout! Here is my version of an optimal hydration NutriBlast! The ingredients in this Blast will enhance post-exercise hydration and replenish what you lose during an intense workout in the heat. It contains cold water and brings along with it vitamin C […]

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melon soup

My family has always been really big on soup. Any day, any time, offer some, and they will take it. This, however turns into a problem in the summer time.  Living in Southern California, it is very common for temperatures to reach over 95º between the months of July and August.  It is way too hot to have soup, and we usually go without it until fall. This happened every year, until I discovered a whole world of cold soup […]

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I love nuts. I absolutely love them. They are delicious nuggets of protein. I call them my little “energizer bunnies.” When I think back on the way I ate nuts pre-NutriBullet, it was pretty sad. I used to limit my consumption to salted nuts such as peanuts, sunflower seeds and the occasional walnuts and pecans. The peanuts were either roasted or honey roasted and eaten by the bag full, the walnuts were usually chopped and served as the topping on […]

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Raw’kin Snack of the WeekDoesn’t that combination just sound divine? This recipe from is perfect on any day, rain or shine, so bring out your lemonade pitcher and get ready for a fresh glass of lemonade with a strong antioxidant kick! Goji Ginger Lemonade Ingredients 2 Tbsp. goji berries 1 ½ cups water 1 tsp. ginger root, freshly grated ½ lemon, juiced raw honey to taste (optional) Other Super-Antioxidant add-ins: açaí berry powder blueberries vanilla bean raw cacao powder […]

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We always say, it’s not what you eat, it’s what you absorb! Your body should be absorbing the best vitamins and nutrients food has to offer – and we’re here to help! With the NutriBullet, you can rest assured your body is easily absorbing all the essential goodness it needs to be healthy, happy, and strong. So read up a little on the anatomy of your digestive system and on some of the best foods to eat and avoid in order […]

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Cucumber Pear

I really love fresh organic vegetables. However, I hate the high price tag that comes with them. This year, my family and I planted our own vegetable garden. Given the small area we have to work with, we wanted to plant vegetables that were hardy, easy to grow and which would yield a bumper crop. We decided on our favorites: tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers. The cucumbers were the first to grow and what a bushel they grew! Now, what to […]

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Well, I just got my first taste of life without my NutriBullet and, I have to tell you, it was not pleasant! After a year and a half of using the NutriBullet on a daily basis, I couldn’t imagine going a day without it, but recent vacation plans out of the country meant that I had to leave my beloved machine behind and fend for myself. Prior to departure, I convinced myself that I could make it through the following […]

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vegetable smoothie

I learned a few tricks here and there since I started using my NutriBullet several months ago. These tips seemed to take the mystery out of making my daily NutriBlasts, especially during the course of a busy day; they’ve worked for me and I still use them today. First, I learned how to let me taste buds guide me when making my tasty drinks. It was pretty simple:  I just use the ingredients that I already like and combine them. […]

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kim's blast

Congratulations to our ten testimonial winners! Thank you for taking the time to tell us your amazing health stories. You are an inspiration! You will all be receiving our Blast Off Bag – an insulated bag that helps keep your Blast cool where ever you go – for free as a token of our appreciation. Keep Blasting and stay in better health! Keep an eye out for future contests and, if you’ve got a testimonial to share, let us know in […]

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The NutriBullet is not a juicer, it’s a nutrition extractor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh juice, too! This amazing infographic from CrazySexy’s Kris Carr shows you how to make the perfect green juice, which you can enjoy as is, use as the base of your NutriBlast, or use as an outline to make your very own CrazySexy Green Blast. Now, that’s sexy!

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