Introducing Carrot

We’ve all heard of Apple, but have you heard of Carrot? It’s the latest trending gizmo you shouldn’t wait to own. With Carrot, simply lift and chew. That’s it. Carrot works with yoru body to do all the hard stuff, so you can get back to doing what you love. Check it out below. Carrot is available at your local grocer in the produce section.

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Frozen Fruit

How to Freeze Fruit for Your NutriBlasts

A homemade Blast is a nutritious and cost effective breakfast or snack. I like to use a variety of different fruits, though most of my favorite summer fruits are not locally available year-round. And, sadly, I’m not a huge fan of the tropical fruit widely available from South America during the winter months. So, I decided to freeze! By making good use of your freezer, you’ll always have fruit ready to throw in a Blast. One thing to keep in mind, you [...]

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A Giant Step Toward a Leaner Body

I’ve been battling fat for a long time now. After shedding my first twenty-five pounds, it feels good to finally hit another major milestone as I climb toward the next one ahead. This quest toward fitness has been a real experience. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was not very pleasant at all, but, despite my success thus far, I realize that I’ve only just started. I have a long road ahead and that’s okay! I remember not that long [...]

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Green smoothies are a tough sell in my house. That’s why I love St Patrick’s Day. It gives me an excuse to serve green food and the kids just think I put food coloring in! I served a green food every day leading up to St Patty’s day: Green Eggs and Ham, green turkey meatballs, green hummus (made with spinach), celery with green veggie dip (made with Greek yogurt, arugula and garlic) and a Green Honeydew Shamrock Shake. Two important [...]

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battling the bulge

Trying to lose weight is a humbling experience. It’s something that I’ve struggled with for most of my life and the fact that it’s still an issue for me is not very empowering. However, this time, I feel I have the tools to win the battle for good. I was so tired of looking like the “before” photo; I want to look like the “after” photo and I know I’m on my way. I’m learning more about eating healthy, modifying [...]

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the greenberry

All of my friends and family know how great the NutriBullet experience has been for me, especially in terms of sleep. I immediately realized the benefits when I was springing up in the morning and going strong all day. I started off Blasting to replace breakfast and dinner and lost 7 lbs in the first week. Since then though, I’ve introduced dinners back in most days of the week, but I still have tons of energy and look forward to [...]

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Goitrogenic foods

We get a lot of questions from people with hypothyroidism about the foods they can and can’t eat. It’s important to ask your doctor about which foods specifically increase uncomfortable symptoms, but here are good general rules to abide by if goitrogenic foods are a problem for you.

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NB Fruits and Nuts

My NutriBullet rarely gets a break, and why should it? My benefits in using it on a consistent basis include better immune function, increased energy, weight control and looking and feeling better. If I’m not preparing a NutriBlast for myself, I’m making something tasty and healthy for my husband or for company. I travel with it whenever possible and I even get asked to bring it with me when I am an invited guest to someone’s house. Like so many [...]

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Chicken fingers get a bad rap. They’re considered junk food and are typically served in fast food restaurants, sold in the frozen section or on the greasy kid’s menus. All of this for good reason! They’re historically chicken fillers and biproducts, breaded and fried in hydrogenated oil. While there are some brands whose labels claim “less fat,” “no trans fat,” or “whole grain breading,” we need to be smarter. Did you know that they can claim “no trans fats” as [...]

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My whole life I’ve struggled with my health. I’ve tried all sorts of different diets and supplements and they’ve only kept me on a never-ending rollercoaster where I’d go up and down on the scale. I found it so hard to consistently eat healthy foods. In January of 2013, I hit my rock bottom. Luckily, around that time a series of events took place that would soon change my life forever. I went to the dentist, who told me I [...]

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Summer is pretty much here and that means more sun, less clothes and lighter fare. The heat will bring about loungey poolside days, less time in the kitchen and more time outdoors enjoying the summer fun. But, while Memorial Day is synonymous with grilling and booze, it’s important to nourish your body with the right nutrients, especially if you want to fit into that swimsuit through September! Here are some easy tips to keep you healthy this summer holiday weekend. [...]

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If you’re worried about consuming produce cultivated with the use of pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones, or other unnatural substances, be sure to go organic! Remain aware of what you put into your body by reading the labels on the food you buy – and by learning the difference between what those labels mean!

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cacao  powder

I’m often asked where I get my recipe ideas. Well, I get inspired by recipes from my friends and fellow Nutriblasters, but I think my best source of inspiration comes from the wonderful produce that is available around me. I used to read a lot of books on green juicing, but I found that a lot of the recipes didn’t work for me. Most of them don’t even contain any vegetables. All along, I’ve been looking for tasty veggie-fruit combinations, [...]

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