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The Freezer: My Blast Haven

The freezer is a great way to keep produce; it adds a nice chill to your NutriBlast and keeps much longer than storing it in the refrigerator. When I go to the grocery store, I already have a good idea of what I’m putting in the freezer the minute I get home! For instance, I know exactly what I have to do when I buy beets. Wash, peel, cut (into chunks), and freeze. I like the taste of pineapple and after […]

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12 Days of Bullet Giveaways!

Happy holidays! Didn’t this year seem to fly by? It’s a good thing it did, too, because the end of the year brings back our annual 12 Days of Bullet Giveaways! Starting December 13, 2014 all the way through Christmas day, we’ll be choosing one winner each day – they’ll win their choice of either a Magic Bullet, NutriBullet, Baby Bullet, or Dessert Bullet! Which would you choose? Let us know! Follow the directions below to enter; the more entries, […]

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Tips and Tricks for Easy Blasting

I’m always learning new ways to make my NutriBlast lifestyle a little easier. Blasting is a quick and easy way to have a nutritious breakfast, but we all know that every second counts, so here are a few of the tips and tricks I’ve racked up over the years to help you save time (and money) when it comes to one of my favorite hobbies! One of the great tips I learned early on was to use frozen fruit instead of ice. […]

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produce basket

Hello, I’m back from surgery! Back from writer’s block, too. Diagnosed with breast cancer that wasn’t really  breast cancer (loads of stage zero, go figure!), I was lucky enough to have kind, talkative surgeons, wonderful, giving nurses and great support from my family and friends. Although the diagnosis necessitated a mastectomy, my surgery was complicated by non-health threatening issues and I’m scheduled for more surgical fun in the future. For now though, I’m pretty much as cancer-free as anyone can […]

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lori t

NutriBullet user Lori T. had an incredibly difficult diagnosis to deal with. It compromised her health and kept her from eating right. She tried the NutriBullet and was finally able to ingest the nutrients from fruits and vegetables that she hadn’t been able to for so long. A huge thank you to Lori for sharing her story and here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

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healthy prank

What would happen if you tried to give a bunch of kids fruits and vegetables from an ice cream truck instead of ice cream? The word angry comes to mind, and that’s just what some people got when prankster Roman Atwood pulled up to their neighborhoods with ice cream truck music playing and handed them broccoli on a stick. But even so, some reactions might surprise you. How would you respond if an ice cream man gave you a free […]

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Salad Dressing

I used to eat a lot of salad with a lot of salad dressing. I started buying salad dressing in bulk just to make sure I never ran out of it. I didn’t even realize that I had so many bottles until recently;  there were bottles in the fridge, in the kitchen cabinets, on the pantry shelves, and even in the fridge at work and in my desk drawer at the office. Did I really need this much salad dressing? […]

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Oat flour brownies

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when hear the word “oats”? Is it breakfast oatmeal? Or a healthier version of flour to bake yummy treats? Usually, oatmeal is the first thing that comes to mind. Well, after this recipe, it won’t be! Oat flour is just a fancy name for ground oats. The health benefits of eating oats are very well known; not only do they stabilize blood sugar, they promote weight loss and can help lower cholesterol. […]

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You don’t need us to tell you that the NutriBullet isn’t a juicer – you know what it can do! Extracting nutrients from your food without discarding precious and healthful fiber, it does more than your typical and more expensive juicer. Now we’re challenging you to use some of the fruits and veggies you’ve reserved just for juicing in your NutriBullet! BuzzFeed published a list of the Top 10 Best Things You Can Squish Into a Juicer and we think […]

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apple chips

Raw’kin Snack of the WeekThis delicious recipe from the Queen of Quinoa is absolutely simple to make and easy to carry around – meaning you have a healthy, raw, vegan snack to carry around with you everywhere you go. You’ll need a dehydrator; an essential tool in any vegan’s repertoire. Don’t have one? Try our Apple and Blueberry Spiced Pie NutriBlast recipe here. According to Alyssa, Queen of Quinoa herself, these chips are sweet, cinnamony and totally delicious, so make […]

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It’s about that time of year to break out the grills and coolers and unravel those flags to display proudly! But amid the fireworks and food, partying on the 4th of July tends to be a bit harmful to the planet while celebrating our country. Want to add a little green to your red, white and blue this year? Here’s how! Plan ahead on where you will be spending the 4th and see if you can carpool with friends. Check […]

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This year, I challenged myself to participate in a five-mile walk for heart disease awareness. I’ve done this walk several times, but I’ve had some obstacles to overcome since then. I just didn’t realize that I would have to overcome some of my own negative thoughts. When I participated in 2011, I wasn’t in good shape. In fact, I was the very last person that finished that walk. I saw the police officers rolling up the tape and removing the […]

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chocolate pie

Summer is synonymous with light fare – but thatt doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sweet treats! This raw, vegan chocolate pie is heavenly and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours to make it! Crust 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut  1/2 cup almonds  1/2 cup walnuts  8 pre-soaked pitted dates  1 teaspoon vanilla extract  1/4 teaspoon salt  1 tablespoon agave nectar  3 tablespoon cocoa   Place all raw pie crust ingredients […]

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