Pineapple Blast

The Last Laugh

When I bought my NutriBullet, I guess you can say I was ahead of the curve. Most people had no idea what it was and I had to explain the concept of NutriBlasting to friends, family and colleagues. Not gonna lie, some folks frowned at it. Some waved it off as a passing fad and some folks laughed in my face. Many months later, those same folks are proud owners of their own NutriBullet! My boss was probably the most [...]

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smoothie copy

A Natural Source of Energy

Sometimes, I like to set my produce on the kitchen counter and look at it for a minute before I make my NutriBlast, especially when everything is beautiful and at its peak of freshness! Honestly, I’m amazed I’m still into this. Years ago, I was one of the folks who frowned at the idea of blending fruits and vegetables together into a drink. I tried juicing and I didn’t like it. I just assumed NutriBlasting was the same until I [...]

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Dog’s Best Friend

Blasting for your PoochAs the owner of a pet who has chronic digestive issues, I spend a lot of time and money (an average of $300 per month) at the vet. Since using the NutriBullet on a daily basis put my Ulcerative Colitis in remission, I wanted to explore the possibility of using it to improve my pet’s health, too. Of course, I am aware that there are many human foods that are toxic to animals, so knowing this, I [...]

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Dan P

I have spent years trying all kinds of diet combinations, exercise and supplements to control my diabetes. I was using 46 units of Lantis insulin every night when I changed to a plant-based, mostly raw and organic diet and my blood sugars started to drop. My doctor never prescribed this or even mentioned that I could control my diabetes this well with nutrition; he just told me to exercise and watch what I ate. The diet changes got me off [...]

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You’ve probably had quinoa on its own or in salad, but did you know it’s great in your NutriBlasts, too? It’s got a myriad of health benefits, so start adding a little cooked quinoa to your Blasts and see if you notice a difference. It goes great with banana, almonds, and a little cacao.

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apple spice

As a recovering sugar-holic, I enjoy trying out healthy dessert style recipes in my NutriBullet. Even though the holidays are over and the winter season is already over, there is no reason why we can’t still enjoy traditional desserts. In this case, they’re not only easy to prepare, they’re low on the guilt scale. Here are two dessert recipes, the NutriBullet way… Apple and Blueberry Spice Pie Ingredients 1 apple-cut up with seeds removed 1 small handful of rinsed blueberries [...]

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So much nutrition in such a tiny little seed! If you aren’t already eating chia seeds, it’s time you start! Packed with omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, protein, antioxidants and more, these little seeds pack quite a healthy punch. They help aid in weight management, contribute to hearth health, and help keep hair and nails strong and healthy. But where do you start? If you’ve never used chia seeds, using them can certainly throw you for a loop. While you can [...]

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It may not be peach season just yet, but frozen peaches are always in season! Peaches are a delicious addition to your fruit intake repertoire. They are packed with powerful beneficial health properties, vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are high in antioxidants and vitamin C, both of which are crucial for a strong immune system. As we know, when we exercise we create a lot of free radical damage to our cells due to the increased intake of oxygen. To [...]

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Feeling down? Is your complexion not where you want it to be? Has neonatal jaundice, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), or cold body temperatures kept you from being the healthiest you can be? Introducing NutriBullet’s newest SUNSHINE Superboost! We’ve captured the sun’s rays and brought them straight to your kitchen! Because who has time to walk outside? With just one scoop of sunlight, you can: Increase your body temperature Define your wrinkles Deepen your pores Lower your hydration levels With 10,000+ [...]

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It’s our 1 year anniversary! The NutriBullet infomercial aired exactly a year ago, so it’s been one whole year of Blasting our way to better health. What a momentous celebration! We hope that in this year, you’ve been eating healthier and living a much healthier lifestyle, incorporating more whole foods and delicious green drinks into your everyday diet. Not only that, but we’re still celebrating hitting the big 2-0-0 likes on Facebook - 200 thousand, that is! So we’re giving away 20 [...]

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Most of us know by now that drinking our delicious Blasts can actually help us feel better. Sure it’s unbelievable before you start doing it, but by now, you probably know it’s true. I have been using my NutriBullet for over a year now and I feel stronger and healthier than I ever did before. Before NuriBullet, I would grab a cup coffee in the morning and eat a huge lunch. By 3:00 in the afternoon, I would be ready [...]

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comfort food

Feed a cold, starve a fever. What advice do you use when you’re not feeling well? When we’re sick, we turn to so many things to help us feel better, but what about when we’re faced with a sickness that soup or over-the-counter medicines can’t help us with? My recent diagnosis of breast cancer has forced me to use that age old form of self medication: comfort food. While I’m doing my best to eat as well as I can [...]

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A few days ago, we surpassed a huge milestone here at NutriBullet headquarters: 200,000 Facebook likes! That means we have over 200,000 loyal fans spanning the country and, yes, even the globe – fans that are bettering their health one Blast at a time! Well, we wanted to show you our appreciation by offering a few special offers and giveaways. We’ve expanded our limited time offer of $10 off the NutriBullet, including our Natural Healing Foods book absolutely free, for [...]

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