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Cooking in the Kitchen with My Father

Food is fascinating. I love the art of preparing and eating good food, something I’ve recently embraced as a new hobby. One of the great benefits of cooking is feeling the connection I have with my parents and grandparents. I was raised by my grandmother and my parents and each had a different cooking style. They are no longer living, but I still have those memorable moments and think about them often while I cook. One of my favorite memories […]

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The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

Recently, my hair stylist was having a moment. It was well after 12 o’clock noon and she walked over to me after my dryer cut off and asked if it was ok for her to get something to eat. That was fine with me, but it was strange that she even asked. She usually ate something while I was sitting underneath the dryer, but this time, she had other clients and later confessed that she had waited too long to eat. It was […]

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Waiting for My NutriBullet Rx!

I am getting a NutriBullet Rx soon and I am beyond excited about it! I have been making up soup recipes for about a year now and I will absolutely make full use of that machine. I wanted something to help my soup-making process along since I’m just starting this healthy eating and home cooking journey. Yes, in fact, my tomato soup has been a three-time failure. Each recipe has been a bit closer to the delectable soup I’ve been craving […]

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SoNice Organic feat

  The organic industry has grown tremendously in recent years, and with good reason. Check out some of these staggering statistics on the benefits of going organic. Have you made the change yet?

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Easing the symptoms of UC I’m a walking advertisement. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis several years ago. Actually, the doctor was fearful that the Colitis was actually Crohn’s. However, in last week’s exam, the doctor proclaimed the disease is in remission, as all appeared normal with no sign of the disease. With the NutriBullet, my meal combinations are so easy that they are becoming a regular part of my day-to-day life – I’ve lost about 10 pounds in the […]

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  Ah, the NutriBlast: that glorious concoction that fills your belly with extracted vitamins and minerals and nourishes your entire body. As you know by now, NutriBlasts can pack in far more servings of whole fruits and vegetables than we can eat alone, making them excellent additions to any diet. There may, however, be some drawbacks when it comes to drinking down so much produce. Bloating can be an issue for NutriBlasters, especially for digestive systems unaccustomed to the high […]

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  I am not someone who is easily impressed and rarely has anyone or anything exceeded my expectations. After discovering the NutriBullet and the program, I want to share my amazing results, and I am fortunate that the people here have provided me this opportunity. It has been over five months since I began my journey with the NutriBullet program and I am happy to report that this product has not only exceeded my expectations, it has literally changed what […]

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We all know we should eat more fruits and vegetables, but other than greatly improving our general health and well-being, the benefits of fruits and veggies have been somewhat vague. According to a new finding, we now have a little more to work with – and it involves one of our favorite leafy greens: spinach.  The new finding, reported in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, reveals that consuming spinach can reduce the damage caused by carcinogens found in cooked […]

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How the NutriBullet helped with NAFLD    The first doctor I talked to about weight loss recommended I join a popular weight loss program. I lost. I gained. I lost. I gained. The second doctor I talked to told me to write everything down. I did—for a week. The third doctor I talked to shrugged her shoulders and told me I wasn’t seriously overweight, despite my 33 BMI. Finally, the fourth doctor I talked to sent me to a nutritionist, […]

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Mi búsqueda de más energía, un sistema inmune fuerte, y un peso saludable terminó aquí … Siempre pensé que si hacia ejercicio, no comía mucha carne, y tomaba vitaminas, que yo era proactivo acerca de mi salud. El problema era que no me sentía sana. Como muchas personas me envolví en mi estilo de vida: siempre ocupada y pare de prestar atención a la nutrición. El resultado fue un metabolismo lento, una falta de energía y un sistema inmune comprometido. […]

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The NutriBullet unlocks valuable nutrients trapped within the cell walls of fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, and seeds, making them more absorbable and accessible to our body’s cells. When we drink a NutriBlast, we intend to reap the benefits of these nutrients. In order to do this we should allow nothing to stand in the way including those pesky anti-nutrients found in genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Genetically modified crops are engineered to grow bigger, resist insects and tolerate herbicides, among other […]

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A Sip of Soda - InfoGraphic copy

  Soda’s a hard habit to break, but when you stop to think about all the negative health impacts soda has on your body, you might think again before taking another sip. Take a look at the info in this week’s infographic: A Sip of Soda.    

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Don’t underestimate the value of the term “Blast.” A blast can be a highly exciting or pleasurable experience or event, such as a big party.  A blast can also refer to taking off, as a rocket. Both of these definitions refer to extreme measures and such has become my extreme affection for my Nutribullet machine and my Nutriblasts. As you probably know, the Nutriblasts have offered remarkable results in lowering my cholesterol and triglycerides, reducing my gastric acid reflux, and bringing […]

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