Beet & Berry NutriBlast

Making a Blast in my NutriBullet is something I have grown to love. It has been part of my morning routine for the past two years. In the beginning when I first started Blasting, my drinks were fruity and sweet. But now that I’m a seasoned professional, I have tried almost every vegetable in the garden and have come up with some fabulous combinations – and some not-so-great ones. The great ones stick around and get to make a repeat [...]

Beets – A Sweet Treat!

I admit: for years, I had a love-hate relationship with beets. I liked them in a tossed salad, but beyond that, I didn’t eat them much. I tried them in my Blasts a few times and they were hard to drink. Very hard. I didn’t see why people raved about those weird looking things. They tasted way too earthy for me; eating them felt like I was eating dirt. However, I was curious enough to try and figure this thing [...]

Beeting the Competition

Greater endurance with less oxygen? Better BEETlieve it. Beet juice has been shown to help make the body’s energy production significantly more efficient. Check out what Dr. Michael Gregor has to say about beeting the competition!