Energy Boosting Blast

It’s Monday morning and my alarm clock goes off. I hit the snooze button and go back to sleep for nine minutes. I feel like I have no energy and may be in need of a giant cup of coffee to start my day. I know that’s not the answer. Despite the instant energy boost, consuming copious amounts of caffeine can ultimately sap me to exhaustion. I need more than caffeine to get me going through my busy day. I [...]

My Nib-tastic Chocolate Blast

I have a big sweet tooth and so does my family. Every evening after a healthy dinner, the first question is, “What’s for dessert?” I have to admit, I love to bake, especially anything with chocolate! I usually bake a sweet treat twice a week. I have tried the store-bought, low-fat versions, but seriously – WHY BOTHER?! They taste like over processed cardboard. Plus, if I’m going to consume calories and fat, I need to feel the love for whatever [...]

Oat Flour Brownie

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when hear the word “oats”? Is it breakfast oatmeal? Or a healthier version of flour to bake yummy treats? Usually, oatmeal is the first thing that comes to mind. Well, after this recipe, it won’t be! Oat flour is just a fancy name for ground oats. The health benefits of eating oats are very well known; not only do they stabilize blood sugar, they promote weight loss and can help lower cholesterol. [...]

Raw Chocolate Pie – Perfect for Summer!

Summer is synonymous with light fare – but thatt doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some sweet treats! This raw, vegan chocolate pie is heavenly and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours to make it! Crust 1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut  1/2 cup almonds  1/2 cup walnuts  8 pre-soaked pitted dates  1 teaspoon vanilla extract  1/4 teaspoon salt  1 tablespoon agave nectar  3 tablespoon cocoa   Place all raw pie crust ingredients [...]

Evening Cocktail Replacement

Longevity and nutrition expert David Wolfe brings you an excellent evening cocktail replacement drink. This one is warm, soothing, and chocolately – perfect for the coming holiday season!