Cooking in the Kitchen with My Father

Food is fascinating. I love the art of preparing and eating good food, something I’ve recently embraced as a new hobby. One of the great benefits of cooking is feeling the connection I have with my parents and grandparents. I was raised by my grandmother and my parents and each had a different cooking style. They are no longer living, but I still have those memorable moments and think about them often while I cook. One of my favorite memories […]

Homemade Garlic Cheesy Bread

Holiday season is upon us. We get to partake in fancy parties with extravagant and cozy foods that make the season special. When I get the chance to host a holiday dinner, I love to include decadent spaghetti dishes and different types of lasagnas. Being part Italian, I have a passion for pastas and breads. But those pasta dinners would be lonely without my favorite homemade cheesy garlic bread that just happens to be┬áso easy to make. This recipe is […]

Summer Roasted Vegetables

I love summertime. It gives me an opportunity to check the local stores, farmers markets, and roadside stands for great produce. There is a warm kinship between farmers and foodies and I have received some valuable tips from them both. One of my biggest tips was being introduced to the art of roasting vegetables. Although, I was initially skeptical about roasting veggies, it only took one taste for me to become a true believer. I shudder to think about all […]