Thank You to Our Fans!

A few days ago, we surpassed a huge milestone here at NutriBullet headquarters: 200,000 Facebook likes! That means we have over 200,000 loyal fans spanning the country and, yes, even the globe – fans that are bettering their health one Blast at a time! Well, we wanted to show you our appreciation by offering a few special offers and giveaways. We’ve expanded our limited time offer of $10 off the NutriBullet, including our Natural Healing Foods book absolutely free, for [...]

Social Networking with the NutriBullet

When I began the Nutribullet program, I never imagined that at this stage in my life I would make new friends. My goal was to feel better and get healthy. This goal was met with an added bonus: a great network of people with a similar goal and a mutual appreciation for the NutriBullet. I was fortunate enough to share my amazing results and experiences with NutriBullet in their infomercial. What really impressed me initially is that the people whom [...]

Clear Head, Clear Skin

I wish NutriBullet had existed when I was a kid. My mother would’ve had more hair since she pulled hers out trying to get me to eat right. My kitchen NEVER had produce in it of any kind, not even a banana! We might have had one can of peas and carrots, but really that was pushing it. I simply could not choke produce down. I lived on vitamins and supplement shakes to survive and they tasted awful. I’m (well, [...]