What’s That You’re Drinking…?

Over the years, as my diet has changed and gotten more and more green and less and less processed, I’ve gotten used to the looks of my friends and family who quizzically look at what I’m eating like it’s something totally alien. Okay, so I’ll admit that sometimes I am eating what many would consider “weird stuff” — like chomping on handfuls of raw kale, or rehydrating chia seeds in my coffee or gulping down kefir. But, on the whole, […]

The Importance of a Good Post-Workout NutriBlast

I work out about five days a week. I do a little CrossFit-type training, weight lifting, walking and yoga in a typical week. I also like to run a little — getting in a couple two to three-mile runs each week. But lately, I’ve been running more and more, as I’m training for a 10K in Brooklyn. I’m super excited for the race, but the added workouts and mileage have really upped my hunger level and reminded me just how […]

Food 101

This I Know For SureSome interesting things happened when I became a NutriBullet head: I learned the ins and outs of the fruits and veggies I started collecting. For instance, I had no clue that ginger molds if you leave it in a baggie sitting on the counter top. (Deduct one point from Tish’s score!) I’ve learned that I have to freeze my strawberries and blueberries, otherwise I’ll be throwing away beautiful berries that went bad. It’s not all about […]

A Dream Board Dream Come True

Here’s a funny story. Every year around my birthday in late January, I make a dream board. I cut out photos and saying that inspire me from all kinds of magazines and then pin them on a corkboard into a collage-like arrangement that I then hang in my office to keep my goals top of mind. Well, this past year, I put a rather odd image on my dream board. It’s a big clear glass bottle that’s full of exotic […]

Experimenting with the NutriBullet

Don’t you just love finding out what purposes your foods serve?! I’ve loved getting to know my fruits, veggies and nuts. I’ve become a nut myself; researching what foods help with energy, stamina, digestion, detoxing, immunity. The list goes on and on! The NutriBullet recipes found in the book have been so helpful. They provided a splendid amount of information to get my gears in motion. Now, I find myself tweaking recipes and adding a little of this and a […]