Getting the Best NutriBullet Bang for Your Buck!

Are you looking for ways to purchase fresh produce while staying on a budget? Many of us are looking for a good variety of fruits and veggies without putting a big dent in our paychecks.  Here are a few tips that I’ve learned along the way. 1.    Weekly sales flyers: I used to toss those flyers straight into the trash can, but now I scan the produce section to find any good deals first in my local grocery store. [...]

Top 10 Foods to Juice

You don’t need us to tell you that the NutriBullet isn’t a juicer – you know what it can do! Extracting nutrients from your food without discarding precious and healthful fiber, it does more than your typical and more expensive juicer. Now we’re challenging you to use some of the fruits and veggies you’ve reserved just for juicing in your NutriBullet! BuzzFeed published a list of the Top 10 Best Things You Can Squish Into a Juicer and we think [...]

Perceptions about How We Eat [Infographic]

We’re all a pretty good judge of how healthy (or unhealthy) some food is, but when it comes to what’s on our own plates, we’re not so savvy. This infographic gives us an idea of just how bad we are at it. Take a look at the numbers… What do you think?

Comparing Apples and Oranges

Is it better to eat an apple and an orange than it is to eat three apples or three oranges? Dr. Michael Greger of answers this question and talks a little about the importance of dietary diversity.

R&R with the NutriBullet

Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation? Everyone enjoys getting away for a little “R&R,” unless you are my digestive track. I want to share with you what a week of what I call going “cold turkey” from my NurtiBlasts was like. The only words I can use are bloated, sluggish, scorching and blah. If you don’t believe me, ask my guts. I spent a week in Costa Rica with my family over spring break. Costa Rica is a beautiful country that [...]