Elixir of Life

Raw’kin Snack of the Week!This incredible recipe will give you that burst of energy you probably need first thing in the morning. Be sure to half the recipe (from the always drool-inducing blog This Rawsome Vegan Life) so it fits in your NutriBullet Tall Cup. Give it a quick twist and soon, you’ll be guzzling this down. Yum. Click here for the full recipe.

To Juice or To Blend?

It seems almost every day I get asked whether it’s better to juice or blend foods. Let’s look at the pros and con’s of each so you can decide which is better for you. I think we all know both processes provide incredible health benefits. Certainly, the NutriBullet takes blending to a whole new level, enhancing the absorption of nutrients. Don’t buy smoothies at a smoothie shop or in a store. They are never as good as what you can […]

How Green Can You Go?

Here’s a fun game I’ve been playing — see how green you can make your smoothie while still liking the taste of it. Getting it green isn’t hard. The grocery store and farmer’s market is full of green veggies and lettuces to get your smoothie green-a-fied. But getting it to also taste good? Well, that’s a taller order. Here’s the secret: a frozen banana. Sweet and creamy, it balances out just about any of the greens’ bitter taste, and doesn’t […]