Banana Nut “Ice Cream”

I am always coming up with new ways to use my NutriBullet. I’m having a lot of fun with this little kitchen “toy” that I purchased back in 2012. So far, I’ve learned how to make candy bars, fruit pops, mock ice cream, pureed soups, applesauce, milkshakes, meat sauces, and a variety of salad dressings. Learning how to make these delicious concoctions has been a culinary pleasure! I look forward to creating more new recipes, unleashing my creative side. One [...]

Banana Mango Soft Serve

It’s summer! And as a mom, I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to increase my kids’ fruit intake. This NutriBlast is a household favorite (not only with my four kids, but with my husband and myself, as well!) because of its soft-serve consistency. I actually call it ice cream and the kids believe me! One of the things I love the most about the NutriBullet is its ability to create different consistencies depending on the ingredients. The NutriBullet [...]


With another holiday season down, it’s time to get back to my New Year’s resolution, “Lose the weight from the holidays and get rid of the excess cookies, cakes, and candies!”  Every year I attempt to do this and, within a week, it’s back again. This year it’s going to be different. I just discovered the NutriBullet makes the terrific sorbet. This is a fancy way of saying “sherbet style fruit dessert.” This type of frozen treat may sound new [...]

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

…Sort of. Raw’kin Snack of the Week! Raw foodies, it’s that time again! Time for our Raw’kin Snack of the Week, brought to you this week by Diana Stobo of Now, this might not technically be real ice cream, but it’s dairy-free, raw, and delicious! Look at that beautiful photo; who could resist this ice cold treat on a hot day? Not us. Click here for the full recipe from A little almond milk, Coconut Bliss, mint leaves, [...]

Fruit NutriPops

Summer is in full gear and as the weather heats up, so does the urge for something cool and refreshing. However, most people reach for something fattening and processed, such as store bought ice cream or frozen fudge pops. Have you ever looked at the ingredients on these items? For example, on my favorite brand of ice cream, there are my four favorite gums- guar, tara, cellulose, and xanthan- not to mention a whole slew of other mystery ingredients I [...]