The Importance of a Good Post-Workout NutriBlast

I work out about five days a week. I do a little CrossFit-type training, weight lifting, walking and yoga in a typical week. I also like to run a little — getting in a couple two to three-mile runs each week. But lately, I’ve been running more and more, as I’m training for a 10K in Brooklyn. I’m super excited for the race, but the added workouts and mileage have really upped my hunger level and reminded me just how […]

A Dream Board Dream Come True

Here’s a funny story. Every year around my birthday in late January, I make a dream board. I cut out photos and saying that inspire me from all kinds of magazines and then pin them on a corkboard into a collage-like arrangement that I then hang in my office to keep my goals top of mind. Well, this past year, I put a rather odd image on my dream board. It’s a big clear glass bottle that’s full of exotic […]

Orange You Glad You Discovered Citrus?

The last time I blogged, I was obsessed with Persian cucumbers. This time? It’s all about the citrus fruits, baby! In my time  getting to know and love my Nutribullet, I’ve had a blast (Get it? Nutri-Blast? Ah, how I love puns!) trying all sorts of ingredients. For some strange reason, I’ve never really tried citrus fruits in my smoothies. Oranges always seemed like too big of a pain to peel and I just assumed the sour fruits like lemon […]

Hot and Cold Equals Delicious

I’m lucky in the tastebud department. In fact, I can’t think of a single fruit or vegetable that I don’t like. Maybe papayas, although I like them blended up with other tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. For years, I didn’t like beets, but just recently became enamored with them. So, like I said, I’m a produce lover! And I’m always looking for new goodies to try. Which is how a package of Persian cucumbers ended up in my shopping […]

I Have a Nutribullet in My Healthy Hands

It might as well have been a national holiday the day my Nutribullet arrived on my doorstep. After reading so much about  it and perusing all of the delicious-sounding recipes on the website, I was pumped — no psyched — to try it. As soon as the mail guy dropped it off, I immediately Instagrammed a photo out, sharing with the world my latest healthy living tool. Yippee! So, suffice it to say that the Nutribullet had big shoes to fill […]