Do You Juice or Do You Blast?

Drinking your fruits and veggies these days is all the rage. These flavorful concoctions are a nutritious way to up your daily intake of produce, helping your body reap the benefits. Preparing freshly made drinks from fruits and veggies is a terrific way to enrich your diet. But which drinks should you choose? Juices, pack a nutrient punch, but smoothies can be more filling. Though there’s a time and place when juicing is the right way to go, I’m here to tell […]

CrazySexy Green Juice Formula

The NutriBullet is not a juicer, it’s a nutrition extractor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fresh juice, too! This amazing infographic from CrazySexy’s Kris Carr shows you how to make the perfect green juice, which you can enjoy as is, use as the base of your NutriBlast, or use as an outline to make your very own CrazySexy Green Blast. Now, that’s sexy!

Top 10 Foods to Juice

You don’t need us to tell you that the NutriBullet isn’t a juicer – you know what it can do! Extracting nutrients from your food without discarding precious and healthful fiber, it does more than your typical and more expensive juicer. Now we’re challenging you to use some of the fruits and veggies you’ve reserved just for juicing in your NutriBullet! BuzzFeed published a list of the Top 10 Best Things You Can Squish Into a Juicer and we think […]

To Juice or To Blend?

It seems almost every day I get asked whether it’s better to juice or blend foods. Let’s look at the pros and con’s of each so you can decide which is better for you. I think we all know both processes provide incredible health benefits. Certainly, the NutriBullet takes blending to a whole new level, enhancing the absorption of nutrients. Don’t buy smoothies at a smoothie shop or in a store. They are never as good as what you can […]

Taking on Osteoarthritis

I am so happy with the NutriBullet. I began a fresh fruit cleanse in Februry 2012 and I was still using the Jack Lalanne juicer faithfully. I didn’t mind the mess with the extracted pulp. I began this cleanse because the doctor took x-rays of both my knees and diagnosed me with osteoarthritis. I was in so much pain and I had a “bakers cyst” on the back of my right knee. The doctor said this was permanent and I […]