Raw Sweet Kale Cheesecake

Raw’kin Snack of the WeekThis “cheesecake” is a sweet, delicious treat that is totally raw, vegan and absolutely good for you! Just whip up a few ingredients in your NutriBullet, poor out the mixture in a pan and set in the freezer to chill. What could be easier? Its vibrant green color is lovely and you won’t even know you’re eating healthy. Thanks to The Rawtarian Laura-Jane for this recipe! Click here for full recipe details!

Mango Lime Kale Blast

NutriBlasts are the perfect morning breakfast replacement. I especially enjoy them after a hard morning workout. It helps clear your body of metabolic waste, cleanse the colon and gives you an energy boost to start the day. Here’s a terrific combination: mango lime and kale. Mangos are super fruits rich in beta-carotene, limes are loaded with vitamin C and kale is rich in vitamin A, as well as calcium. This mixture is a refreshing combination bursting full of vitamins and […]

Chocolate Kale Chips

Raw’kin Snack of the Week!You’re going to need a dehydrator for this one, but if you don’t have a dehydrator, think about getting one! Excellent for making snacks like kale chips, eggplant bacon, and more, a dehydrator will help add some healthy snack variety in your life. It’s also a staple in raw cuisine! Now, how about some kale chips? We got this recipe from The Healthy Voyager and it includes delicious cacao powder, raw agave, cashew butter, lemon juice, and […]

A NutriBullet Showdown

Kale vs. SpinachAre you on Team Spinach or Team Kale?

How Green Can You Go?

Here’s a fun game I’ve been playing — see how green you can make your smoothie while still liking the taste of it. Getting it green isn’t hard. The grocery store and farmer’s market is full of green veggies and lettuces to get your smoothie green-a-fied. But getting it to also taste good? Well, that’s a taller order. Here’s the secret: a frozen banana. Sweet and creamy, it balances out just about any of the greens’ bitter taste, and doesn’t […]