Valentine’s Day Blast

February 14th is a day of love for romantic couples and families alike. The traditional festive food for this holiday? Chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate – and not just any chocolate, usually a giant red, heart-shaped box full of chocolate. Lets face it, creamy chocolate truffles will make anyone feel warm, fuzzy and loved. However, let’s not get carried away by downing the entire box – not exactly romantic. Here’s my solution to this romantic dilemma:  try pairing up [...]

New Year’s Detox Blast

Happy New Year! I can’t believe another year has gone by. It’s 2014! The holiday parties with friends and family were wonderful, especially the food and drinks. Sadly, I consume more junk from Thanksgiving through to the New Year than I eat the entire year! Thank goodness the holidays are over and it’s time for my annual New Year’s Resolution. This year, I vow to eat healthier and clean up my diet. So, if you’re like me and had too [...]

Creamsicle Dream

Remember when you were a kid and the ice cream truck would drive by your house? Just hearing the crackling music coming from the truck made me run into the house to get money from my piggybank. My treat of choice? The Orange Creamsicle. For years, these icy delicacies always had a place in my freezer – that is, until I discovered the NutriBullet! When I first began Blasting with the NutriBullet, I started to think about what I was [...]

Reunion Tour

Something really interesting happened to me this year: I turned 50. I don’t know how it happened so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting around with my high school girl friends gossiping and, all of a sudden, I’m half a century old! I remember thinking how old my parents were when they turned 50 and now I’m right there with them! Where does the time go? Since this was such a milestone year for me, I felt [...]

Pear Applesauce

When I think of comfort food, applesauce comes to mind. Growing up, applesauce was a staple side dish at our dinner table. However, it was the store-bought variety that was bland and plain. I never knew there were so many varieties and how easy it was to make. Nowadays, I know better. I started making different combinations of applesauce when my daughter was a baby. She hated pre-made jarred baby food. Even as a tot, she was a foodie! So, [...]