Fill ‘Er Up with Protein

One of the most frequently asked questions about NutriBlasting is, “Will I still be hungry afterward?” If our plates aren’t overloaded with food (most often a high-protein meat), we feel somewhat deprived and fear that we’ll leave the table unsatiated. My answer to this question is to step outside of your comfort zone, get out of your head, and take a test drive in the NutriBullet bandwagon! You will be surprised at how light, yet satisfied you feel. How is […]

Top 3 Reasons to Rotate Your Greens

Congratulations! You’ve got your NutriBlast routine down. Kale, spinach, with banana, some chia seeds and a splash of almond milk. That’s it, right? Of course not! Obviously there’s a lot more to NutriBlasts than just one simple Blast (we’ve got a whole book written on it!), but the first thing you should do is mix up your greens. Venturing out can seem time-consuming, but it’s quite fun and very beneficial: 1.)  Different Greens Have Different Tastes The same old foods […]

Ultimate Seed Showdown!

Chia vs. Flax SeedsBoth Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds are incredible boosts to a NutriBlast, but when it comes down to nutrient content, which seed is the reigning champ? Which seed are you rooting for? Debate Chia Seed (1oz/28g) Flaxseed (1oz/28g) To grind or not to grind Omega-3s and phytonutrients are available without grinding. Must be ground to release nutrients for absorption. Omega-3 Contains a balanced ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. 3x more than 3 oz […]

Blasting for Blood Sugar Control

The media often leads us to believe that consuming sugar is the worst thing you can do to your body, but what they fail to mention is that sugar alone isn’t the enemy; the enemy is the added sugar in processed foods and refined carbohydrates that can wreck havoc on our bodies. Fruits, for instance, contain natural vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemcials that slow down the release of its sugar into the blood. This steadier stream of energy reduces huge […]

Dehydrating, Fermenting, Soaking and Sprouting…Oh My!

Health is going mainstream. Not a day goes by without hearing about some new, exotic, “it” superfood, a gadget, or a preparation process that can make our current food choice even that much healthier. When I first set out into the field of nutrition, the main goal was to make sure the veggies and fruits made it into your grocery cart. Today, more and more of us are curious, “How can we kick it up a notch?”  Welcome to level […]