Thank You to Our Fans!

A few days ago, we surpassed a huge milestone here at NutriBullet headquarters: 200,000 Facebook likes! That means we have over 200,000 loyal fans spanning the country and, yes, even the globe – fans that are bettering their health one Blast at a time! Well, we wanted to show you our appreciation by offering a few special offers and giveaways. We’ve expanded our limited time offer of $10 off the NutriBullet, including our Natural Healing Foods book absolutely free, for […]

Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Click here to see the winners. Happy Valentine’s Day! Here at NutriBullet, we’re all about love, happiness, and a healthy heart! From mood and libido enhancing boosts to cardiovascular strengthening fruits and vegetables, we want you to have a happy heart – inside and out! So put down the fun-size candy bars and Blast a handful of spinach, some raw cacao, flaxseeds, blueberries and half a cup of oats, our version of a heart-healthy morning […]